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Very Funny: Andre Iguodala Leaves Two Fans Hanging on High-Fives

Andre Iguodala made the game winning shot in the final seconds to give the Golden State Warriors a 116-115 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night. During his big shot celebration, Iguodala walked the court and encouraged some fans to partake in the glory with him. While Iguodala slapped high-fives with a couple of fans, two dudes were left hanging in the most hilarious way as he was grabbed by his teammate.

It was pure excitement on their faces when Iguodala approached these two fans, and even though they never got a high-five from Iguodala, they followed through with it like they did.

Check out their faces in the gif  and also watch the action realtime in the video player. This stuff never gets old.


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