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10 Amazing Facts About Jamaica


With a population of 2.7 million people, Jamaica is the largest English speaking country in the Caribbean and the third largest in the Western Hemisphere excluding the U.S. and Canada.

Bob MarleyMusic Industry

Jamaica’s music industry is one of the most influential in the world. Popular dancehall artists like Beenie Man and Sean Paul constantly top charts across the world and sell out stadiums all over Europe and Asia.

Music legends such as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh are ranked among the most influential artists of the last century. Their socially conscious music serves as the soundtrack to various sociopolitical movements in Jamaica and the broader world.  The most famous of which was the fight against apartheid in South Africa.

What is also unknown to many people is that rap and hip-hop music was started by Kool Herc, a Jamaican who was deeply influenced by dancehall culture.

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28 thoughts on “10 Amazing Facts About Jamaica

  1. I hope it will make a difference for the people of Jamaica.

  2. Cislyn Blackwood says:

    We are a well kept secret, that is just becoming known to the masses. The international trade hub will provide employment and bring back a strong middle class.

  3. Howard Radykaluniverse Bowley says:



  5. Farntella Graham says:

    why did this article fail to mention the world-class boxers: Hall of Fame Boxer Mike, "the Body Snatcher" McCallum and Trevor Berbick?

  6. Omar Wilson says:

    Michael Beckford Jamaican are against it BUGGERER because its their culture. there are no documented reason why they are against it. Maybe in time they will accept gays but for now it is not their thing…….

  7. Annissa NewSound Whyte says:

    Omar Wilson Actually, that's not true. Culture flows from history. The very fact that there is a law against it means there is a factual reason.

  8. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Annissa NewSound Whyte It is the same since they were a colony of England. That law can also be nullified. Then you will not have the DL men.

  9. Louie Lynch says:

    Proud to be who I am.

  10. Dawn K Hanson says:

    I thought this had a link to slavery?

  11. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Dawn K Hanson No.

  12. We have the potential exceed in the massive Global Logistics Hub

  13. Keisha McKenzie says:

    It is not homophobia to not accept what is unnatural and certainly wrong. Phobia means fear of, very few fear persons who engage inthis lifestyle what they do not do is accept that is right and nothing is shameful about that! You should be the one that is ashamed to think that having sex with same sex and anal at that is clean and natural. Do not feel sorry for Jamaicans who do fall into what everyone is forcing us to do when it is clearly wrong!

  14. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Keisha McKenzie Children out of wedlock men that think it is cool to have children by multiple women and not support them, people that think it is ok to kill gays all in the name of Christianity, a religion which was not native to the Africans that were bought there. Jamaica needs to look at way to promote SAFE tourism as a way to boost jobs. and stop looking into the bedrooms of others to presume what is right and wrong. However if you are so preoccupied in looking into the bedrooms of others, be fair and ask all those men and women if they can provide for their multiple offspring.

  15. Keisha McKenzie says:

    While what you are saying is morally wrong In terms of multiple children etc. .you cannot be saying that as long as men have children outside of wedlock that makes it acceptable. I say no it does not whether in bedrooms away from eyesight or in your face men having sex with men is unnatural on all levels, so too women with women and anal sex regardless of sex. Unhygienic unatural and no one must force us to accept otherwise. So you can try to find all the excuse you want. If we follow your premise anything that happens in bedrooms should be left alone e.g. men / women with children, mothers/fathers with daughters and sons etc. . So don't come to me with crap about get out of bedrooms .. has nothing to do with religion .. its unnatural and downright NASTY!

  16. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Keisha McKenzie Yet your country has way too many children out of wedlock and you choose to see what YOU believe to be nasty. Your country is backward in terms of social culture. You spend way too much time concentrating on what goes on between 2 consenting adults. Of course people such as yourselves will use pathetic examples of incest to bolster your argument. However it fails miserably when you consider such arguments were used to prevent interracial marriages. How about you stop bigotry learn English correctly, and bother your self about the disastrous plight of unemployment violence and corrupt officials in your country. On a side note my entire family is from Jamaica.

  17. Keisha McKenzie says:

    Alexander Sinclair … Black and white (or any other race) marrying is not unnatural it was/is just bigotry that stopped that. I cannot prevent myself from being black, white etc BUT I can CERTAINLY prevent myself from engaging in dirty unnatural acts such as the one that you are defending, likely because you too are also engaged in it. Two consenting adults could be a mother and son, and father and daughter or forbid mother and daughter and father and son… so what is your point about as long as it is consenting adults it is OKAY.. get real. When you can prove to me that having sex between men and men and women and women is perfectly natural and hygienic then you can talk. FACT IS IT IS NOT.. and you can spin it anyway you want to, and come with the race card if you will.. DIRTY, UNNATURAL and NASTY acts anyway you PUT IT!
    Typical, the person who is losing an argument always turns to ridiculing … I know my English is much better than yours, and who cares if your entire family is from Jamaica…?? I don't .. this does not help your argument one bit. Whether unemployment, violence or corruption, we do not need to add that other dirty deed to that!

  18. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Keisha McKenzie Dirty or unnatural acts determined by who you? So you have anointed yourself judge and jury? I am sure if you understand English as you claim then you must understand what consenting adults mean. On your note of hygiene could you please tell me where the wealth of venereal diseases came from? Your argument is is becoming hysterical based upon your archaic belief in what is 'nasty'.

  19. Chris Floyd says:

    Don't forget Liberation Cricket…. Holding, Dujon, Walsh, and too many others to name…

  20. I am proud. To be a jamaican

  21. Rasta Movement was started by Leonard Percival Howell , Garvey gave some strength to the movement, but Garvey was never a Rasta, otherwise a wonderful tribute to my country

  22. Michelle Graham Day says:

    How did they mention Butch Stewart and forget Heinz Simonitsch and his Half Moon concept?

  23. Don't be a spoil sport. Homophobic is the norm though it seems bad to you. In a wholesome negro society, homosexual is the strange thing, the thing to be ashamed of.

  24. Don't be a spoil sport. Homophobic is the norm though it seems bad to you. In a wholesome negro society, homosexual is the strange thing, the thing to be ashamed of.

  25. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Frederick Ambe I if that is what makes you sleep at night.

  26. Muma Ouch says:

    proud jamaican even when things are bad not just when usain bolt is running or showing bob marley, i am a yadi 100% all day everyday..good or bad.str888t…….one love.. <3..

  27. We Jamaicans Are The Best!

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