Ginuwine Blames Bizarre Twitter Rant on Ambien; Twitter Reacts

Ginuwine sparks more drug rumors Ginuwine went on a truly bizarre Twitter rant yesterday that was full of gramatically incorrect sentences and quite a few horrible misspellings. The R&B star later blamed the rant on having taken the sleep aid Ambien, but it was too late as Twitter had unleashed its wrath.

As far as sentence structure and spelling, it was like the strange Gucci Mane Twitter rant all over again. Only good news is that Ginuwine wasn’t making outrageous claims about his sex life.

It seems as if the rant was supposed to be a candid dialogue between the “So Anxious” singer and his fans as he asked them about their love lives, but it didn’t exactly go as planned.

“Fellas when you talk to her do you In Her eyees or look down,” he tweeted early in the strange rant.

Unfortunately, this tweet was actually the closest he came to a normal tweet.

“Ladies to kiss hi befor he goes or hug him or u just hear the door shut and realize he gone and u ain’t even try and make breakfast,” another tweet read.

The strange tweets went on and on:

“Fellas do her friends hit in you and she don’t know.”

“Ladies when u talk do u talk aggressor can he get in a word EVER”

“Fella do u take for granted Tht if u keep bulls****ing u gonna wake up and she is gone (dexter saint jock) gonna take her for a stroll.”

The tweets went on for quite some time, but when the singer woke up the next morning to the onslaught of criticism, he quickly deleted all of the strange messages.

“Blessings this Monday shouts 2 my angels shouts 2 all who support last night ws hilarious gotta say excuse my tweets I gook ambien n wow lol,” he tweeted.

Needless to say, it was already too late to avoid a Twitter backlash.

Some of his followers began tweeting his song lyrics the way he may have spelled them had he tweeted them out that night.

“Iz dere ne moore rum four mi in does jenes?” one user tweeted.

Another Twitter user said that the misspelled words should come as no surprise.

“Y’all expect ginuwine to know how to spell when he spelled genuine wrong,” another user questioned.

As the Twitter jokes continued to flood the timeline, Ginuwine did his best to behave as though he actually liked the attention.

“Anyway lov y’all thanks for all te attention I love it more please more lolol back to 2k 14 ima beast,” he tweeted a few minutes before his apology tweet.

He also admitted that his management asked him if he had been drunk when he send out the tweets. According to Ginuwine, he doesn’t need drinks to send out strange tweets… all he wants is attention.

“But if I knew I would get this much attention I would always just text and not proof read loll great speaking with my folks,” he said.

Another tweet he sent out just a few minutes later read, “Anyways thnks 2 all who shouted somthn out tht’s wht it’s for, I gta say much respect to you,next time I will be worse I love the attention.”

The Twitter rant comes in the midst of rumors that Ginuwine was going through some sort of drug problems considering his bizarre performance with Tyrese and Tank over the summer.

In addition to appearing to miss his own parts on the song, his movements seem incredibly awkward and there are even times when he moves his lips to sing but never actually does so.

So is this to blame on Ambien again or is it something more?

You can check out the video for yourself below:

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