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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 4, Episode 3: ‘Lez B Honest’

Coming up next on ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 4 Episode 3 “Lez B Honest,” after Rich and Erica both met up with Nya Lee on last week’s “Love & Hip Hop,” they came away from their meetings feeling a certain type of way about the opinionated stripper-turned-rapper.

In this week’s episode, the two meet to discuss Nya, and neither of them has a favorable opinion at this point. “Chicks and big heads don’t mix, so like, she needs to calm down,” Erica says. “The only dollars you pick up is every night at the strip club.”

Once they move past Nya, Erica reveals to Rich two more surprising details of her life:  One, she wants to work with him again. And two, she has a new girlfriend. “HMMMM,” is all Rich can think to say when he hears that.

Meet Erica’s new boo this Monday on Vh-1 at 8PM ET/PT on the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop.”

When people think of the hip hop life, they think of the players – the men who shape the music and the blinged-out lifestyle that comes with success. The fact is the hip hop life is different for the women involved: the spouses, girlfriends or artists trying to define themselves in a world where men are still calling the shots. VH1’s new, 8-part docu-soap series “Love & Hip Hop” follows four dynamic women who are connected to the world of hip hop, whether it’s through the men they love, or their struggle to be heard as an artist. “Love & Hip Hop” provides a dramatic, funny and sometimes heartbreaking look into the female side of the New York hip hop life as these four women try to claim their own place in it.

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