Black Renaissance: 20 Game Changers Under 30


abs list abramsWho: TJ Abrams, 30

TJ Abrams leads planning and implementation of Coca-Cola brand growth strategies, national system programs (including Olympics, NASCAR, summer 2013 and 2014 World Cup), and key partner and package innovation launches.

According to Coke’s website, prior to joining the brand team, Abrams spent two years as the associate brand manager on Coke Zero, helping propel the soft drink to 21 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth.

abs list kelliWho: Kelli Coleman, 28

Kelli Coleman’s father, Don Coleman, founded a successful full-service marketing communications agency GlobalHue with the hope that his daughter would join the family business. Coleman initially planned to attend law school after graduating from Spelman College, however a conversation with her father in her senior year convinced her to a trial run for a year. The rest, as they say, is history.

Coleman currently serves as vice president of business development, but began in an entry-level position as an account executive with the GlobalHue Walmart account.

Prior to her position as EVP and CEO of GlobalHue and GH Ventures respectively, Coleman was vice president of business development for GlobalHue.

Kelli makes time to sit on the founding board for Bronx Success Academy under the Success Charter Network in New York.

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