Alternative Model for Mental Health System That May Work


The mental health system in America is an embarrassing failure. Here is an outline of principles upon which a new one might be based:

1. Regulated by the people, not government

Who determined that government was an effective regulator of mental health? It was a triad of sorts, a collusion of pharmaceutical giants, the American Psychiatric Association and the FDA.

The entire process is documented in the history of psychiatry by well-known psychiatric reformer Peter Breggin, M.D., and concerned activist organizations.

The point here is, government “regulation” has wreaked havoc on the nation’s mental health, sponsoring the mass drugging of American citizens (including children), and psych-ward torture chambers in which patients have been electronically shocked into oblivion, sometimes erasing decades of memory.

In addition, incarceration in mental hospitals leaves some hapless victims open to kidnapping and medical experiments. No one can advocate for these lost souls and the government has been known to take advantage of that.

People – real, caring people – need to regulate mental health in America; people who want to make a career out of helping others and can use their resources and connections to find a way to do so. This would most likely take place on a small scale, through local organizations. Read more under point No. 10.

2. Decisions by people, not accountants.

Do you think your agency mental health counselor is calling the shots in how he or she determines to treat you? Wrong. The vast majority of mental health professional sheep in America determine both the quantity and type of treatment you are allowed to receive, in conjunction with your insurance company.

How many sessions do you get? What kind of therapy can be used? Should you have a medication evaluation? (Yes, of course). The bean counters are the decision-makers. I lived in this nightmare scenario as a young mental health counselor, until I figured out what was going on.

A skilled counselor or other compassionate helpers should decide the type and length of treatment you get – along with you.

3. Therapy by skilled, caring people.

Mental health counselors, psychiatrists and social workers these days are largely products of the sheep herding system. After getting an education, they are indoctrinated during an internship and required to pass state-sponsored exams to make sure they fall in line.

The college education and state exams have nothing to do with real, therapeutic skill. You can get an M.A. or Ph.D. – passing with flying colors – and still have no skills to help people.

People with skills – regardless of where those expertise came from – should be allowed to intervene on behalf of patients who are suffering mentally or emotionally. We all know this intuitively. The current system has shunned all sense of reality.

4. Biochemistry by nutritionists and fitness trainers, not psychiatrists

Biochemistry should be regulated by diet and activity, not pharmaceuticals. Nutritionists and fitness experts should oversee the physical aspects of mental health. Get rid of the junk food and couch potato lifestyle. This works wonders on its own.

Begin to take supplements that regulate brain chemistry naturally. Get back in touch with nature. Exercise. Check your vitamin D level! A skilled functional nutritionist works healing miracles. Psychiatry doesn’t. Psychiatry doesn’t heal anything at all. Isn’t this a clue?

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