Kenya Moore Turned Down a ‘Humble’ Kanye West Before He Met Kim Kardashian


Kanye West turned down by Real HousewifeLooks like Kanye West has a thing for the stallion booty.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore claimed that rapper Kanye West showed a lot of interest in the former beauty queen, but Moore apparently turned him down for another man.

She may not have Kim Kardashian curves, but Kenya still managed to catch Kanye’s attention back in the day. Sad thing is, she wasn’t feeling Mr. West and could possibly have delivered a major blow to his ego.

Despite turning him down, Kenya insisted that Kanye was really sweet and even humble, but she was already dating another man at the time he approached her.

“He was really sweet when I met him,” she told Access Hollywood. “He seemed very humble. I thought he was a great guy. He walked over, he was very humble. He spoke to me. He was super nice. Of course, we didn’t date because I was with someone. He was a very charming guy, I can say that.”

Of course, after Kenya’s fake boyfriend stunt she pulled on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, it isn’t clear whether anyone will believe her story or not.

Either way, she claimed that she’s happy for Kanye and Kim now.

“I’m very happy that he’s found love and that him and Kim are having a good relationship,” she added.

Although Kenya may not be down for dating other men when she already has a boo, she doesn’t seem to have a problem flirting with men who already have wives.

In a recent interview, the reality star actually defended her decision to text Housewives costar Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida.

Kenya Moore texting Phaedra's husband apollo “I am like an open book,” she explained. “I don’t try to hide things so if I was texting in response to him texting me first, I don’t see how that’s a problem, especially when they were not inappropriate texts.”

Another Housewives costar, Cynthia Bailey, doesn’t necessarily agree with that.

According to Bailey, the problem is that Kenya and Phaedra don’t get along and because of that she certainly shouldn’t be texting her husband.

“If you don’t have that kind of relationship with the wife, I think it’s completely inappropriate to have a text relationship with someone’s husband,” Bailey told ABC News Radio.

Bailey also seemed to suggest that Kenya was texting Apollo simply out of spite, to get under Phaedra’s skin.

“I don’t think that Kenya would text [my husband] Peter [Bailey] inappropriately for any reason,” she added. “I think that she respects me and I think she respects him and I don’t think that she would do that.”

Cynthia might not want to speak on that too soon.

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