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Soulful and Spiritual: ‘Queen of The Field’ by Alicia Keys


The movie 12 Years A Slave has been getting rave reviews from critics, but the accompanying soundtrack also packs star power – like Alicia Keys. Keys just released a new song from the movie’s soundtrack called “Queen Of The Field.”

According to

“Alicia Keys sings mournfully about slavery on the highly emotional ‘Queen Of The Field.’ The soulful piano ballad appears on the 12 Years A Slave soundtrack and effortlessly evokes the struggle of Black women in pre-Civil War United States.

“’Queen of the field, born among cotton,’ croons Alicia over her trusty piano and traditional instruments from the era. ‘Just a little girl, little girl forgotten.’ As expected from the ever-great R&B diva, it’s extremely powerful and heartfelt.”

Check out the Alicia Keys “Queen Of The Field” below.

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