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Mom Defends Son’s KKK Costume

A Virginia mom is attempting to defend herself after drawing heavy criticism over her 7-year-old son’s Halloween costume. Jackson Black dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan for Halloween. His mother, Jessica Black, told WHSV-TV she allowed her son to wear the controversial outfit because it’s something of a family tradition, as her brother, Jackson’s uncle, wore a similar costume when he was a kid.

Black said she warned her son that the KKK costume would upset people, but Jackson chose it on his own anyway. When asked why he wanted to wear such an offensive costume, the young boy replied, “Because it was cool.” Neighbors were horrified, but Jessica Black said she sees nothing wrong with the costume or the KKK itself, which she says still exists in their hometown of Craigsville. She said she’s received threats via Facebook after a photo of her son in the white robes was posted to the news station’s page.

Watch the video above to hear Ms. Black’s explanation for allowing her son to dress up as a Klan member.

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