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Weathering The Storm: Justin Bieber’s ‘Bad Day’

justin-bieber-bad-dayBy now fans know what to expect on Justin Bieber’s #MusicMondays, and the pop star delivers another R&B ballad as promised. This week, Bieber doesn’t do much to help people get over the Monday blues as he drops the new song “Bad Day.”

According to

“Justin Bieber is on a mission show us his musical evolution. For his latest #MusicMondays release, the Biebs transforms Ice Cube’s classic single, ‘Today Was a Good Day’ into a love ballad. The 19-year-old crooner flips the script and sings above a love gone bad.”

Bad Day” is fifth installment of Justin’s #MusicMondays series, and all the songs so far appear to deal with his break up from singer-actress Selena Gomez.

As reported by

“Justin clearly had Selena, 21, on the brain when he was in the studio recording all of his new songs. ‘Heartbreaker,’ as Justin explained in his own words, was about going through the heartbreak of losing her; ‘All That Matters’ was about loving her so much that he’d do anything for her; ‘Hold Tight,’ was about intimacy and never letting go of love; and ‘Recovery’ was Justin’s plea for Selena to return to him.

“It seems ‘Bad Day’  was about how he felt when Selena left his life, since he sings, ‘And that moment was so hard for me to breathe, ‘cause you took away the biggest part of me.'”

Justin Bieber is currently on tour in Brazil and his life may be mimicking his art as he’s not having a good day. It is being reported that Bieber was spotted leaving a brothel in Brazil, and some pictures have surfaced on the web.

Check out the new Justin Bieber track “Bad Day” below.

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