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Jamaicans Dream Big With Plans For Global Logistics Hub

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce Sharon Ffolkes Abrahams says the government is fully committed to the establishment and development of the global logistics hub.

She said the hub holds strong prospects of becoming a facilitator of small business development and enhancing the job creation potential of the transportation and logistics industry.

“Jamaica, like other countries in the region, sees tremendous opportunities within the global logistics and transportation industry. We recognize the significant strategic and economic advantages that can be derived from the building of a global logistics hub. We know the industry is very competitive but we are confident that Jamaica will prevail, owing to our competitive advantages,” Ffolkes Abrahams said while delivering the main address at the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Expo Seminar and panel discussion, held at the Montego Bay Convention Center in St. James yesterday.

The theme of the expo was  “Exploring opportunities from the Global Logistics Hub.”

FFolkes Abrahams indicated that one of the country’s competitive advantages is its geo-strategic location, with Jamaica offering a north-south-east-west option for supply or value chains within the western hemisphere.

“No other country has such an advantageous location. We offer a pull of ships coming from the Pacific side of the Panama Canal, mostly from China, and as such we can act as a value added, warehousing and distribution center, or what is called nearshoring. Our geographic comparative advantage also applies in the area of aviation. Other advantages include deep water ports, with several located in the south of the country. Kingston has the seventh largest natural harbour in the world,” the state minister said.



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4 thoughts on “Jamaicans Dream Big With Plans For Global Logistics Hub

  1. That is the Right Perspective on self reliance. Give thanks.

  2. No where else in the world has such a strategically advantageous location. That and Jamaica's natural deep water port facilities, the widening of the Panama Canal, expansion of East -West trade volumes all add up to one thing. Jamaica is ideally placed to be the next big global logistics hub. With Chinese investment and favourable terms/conditions this is a win/win situation.

  3. Reece Boxer says:

    For this to work there needs to be more exporting done as well as importing I found Jamaica to be importing way too much when I was over there

  4. True Reece, we import more than we export so farmers suffer because they import cheap stuff and flood the market with it and obviously people gonna buy the cheap things and dont support the local farmers. Its sad.

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