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Kobe Bryant To Cash $24 Million Paycheck

Kobe Bryant To Cash A $24 Million Dollar Paycheck Everybody loves Friday because it’s pay day. But not many people will get paid like Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant. The organization is set to pay their star player a whopping $24 million lump sum per his contract.

The L.A. Times reported, as part of his specific contract, Bryant will receive a balloon payment of $24,363,044 from the Lakers. Bryant’s salary for the entire season is $30,453,805 — the remaining $6.1 million will be paid out over the course of the year.

Balloon payments are limited to 80 percent of the contract, or $30.5 million, which is where Bryant stands contractually.

The next time he will play is unknown, as Bryant is still recovering from his surgery on a torn Achilles.

It is a good day to be Kobe Bryant.

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