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Cleared For Takeoff: FAA Approves Electronic Devices During All Phases Of Flight


One of the most annoying rules of air travel is the mandatory powering down of all electronics devices during takeoff and landing, even if you’re only reading a book on a tablet, or listening to music on an iPod. Those days are officially coming to an end, as the FAA has approved the use of electronic device during take off and landing. According to

“Airline passengers can use electronic devices to listen to music, read and play games in “all phases of flight,” the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday, but using a cellphone to talk and text will still be banned.

“Passengers will still be prohibited from browsing the Web and checking e-mail once the plane’s doors have been closed and until its Wi-Fi network has been turned on, usually above 10,000 feet. Rules for cellphone use are set by the Federal Communications Commission and are unlikely to change soon.”

The change will come as a relief to both passengers and flight attendants, as passengers will be able to enjoy their devices and attendants will not have to consistently hassle customers to power off their electronic devices.

The FAA change is likely to take effect by the end of this year, but it will not be uniform across all airlines, as it will still be at the discretion of the air carrier.

Check out the video below of the announcement from the FAA explaining the change.

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