Pierre Garcon: If We Suck At Passing, We Suck At Passing

pierre-garcon-robert-griffin-iiiPoor play-calling and terrible chemistry between Robert Griffin III and his receivers may well be the reason the Washington Redskins are such a bad team this year. After their 21-45 loss on Sunday to the Denver Broncos, Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon pointed to the same reason.

“We’ve had trouble passing all year to tell you the truth. What do you think?” Garcon said after the game, turning the question around to reporters. “…. I can only run the routes, try to make separation. That’s the only thing I really can do.”

Garcon went on to say, “Doesn’t matter (who you’re playing),” he said, referring to the entire offense. If you suck at passing, you suck at passing … We’ve just got to figure it out.”

Concerns about whether quarterback Griffin III is fit to play, given his previous knee injury, are beginning to mount. He only went for 15-of-30 in Sunday’s game, he is now 52-of-98  total in three games. That’s a 53 percent completion rate and not enough to get it done in the NFL.

During the game, Griffin did leave to get his knee checked by doctors and returned to the game, quickly throwing an interception.

The Redskins are third in the NFC and go up against the Chargers Sunday, November 3.




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