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Chief’s Linebacker Tamba Hali Leaves Generous $1,000 Tip at Restaurant

Tamba HaliThe Kansas City Chiefs are doing everything right on the field, and it shows with their perfect record of 7-0. Now it appears that one player is doing the same off the field.

Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali went out to celebrate with 15 friends and family members for their latest win over the Houston Texans on Sunday at Fogo de Chao. Hali and his party found the restaurant empty and proceeded to eat like kings. Needless to say, the party racked up a bill to the tune of $1,800 with an additional $296.69 for the automatic gratuity. Hali took it one step further to show his appreciation to the wait staff for their efforts, adding $1,000 to the bill for good measure—bringing the total bill to $2827.09. Hali generously left an approximately 71 percent tip.

Hali must be banking on the saying, ‘What goes around comes around,’ in hopes to continue the amazing run in the season so far. The Chiefs are the only team in the NFL that has not been beaten this season.

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