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10 Arguments That Prove Ancient Egyptians Were Black

Even today, a significant number of mainstream Egyptologists, anthropologists, historians and Hollywood moviemakers continue to deny African people’s role in humankind’s first and greatest civilization. This whitewashing of history negatively impacts Black people and our image in the world. There remains a vital need to correct the misinformation of Africans’ achievements in antiquity.

Senegalese scholar Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop (1923-1986) dedicated his life to scientifically challenging Eurocentric and Arab-centric views of precolonial African culture, specifically those that suggested the ancient civilization of Egypt did not have its origins in Black Africa.

Since some people continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence that indicates ancient Egypt was built, ruled, and populated by dark-skinned African people, Atlanta Blackstar will highlight 10 of the ways Diop proved the ancient Egyptians were Black.


Egyptian mummy with negroid hair

Physical Anthropology Evidence
Based on his review of scientific literature, Diop concluded that most of the skeletons and skulls of the ancient Egyptians clearly indicate they were Negroid people with features very similar to those of modern Black Nubians and other people of the Upper Nile and East Africa. He called attention to studies that included examinations of skulls from the predynastic period (6000 B.C.) that showed a greater percentage of Black characteristics than any other type.

From this information, Diop reasoned that a Black race existed in Egypt at that time and did not migrate at a later stage as some previous theories had suggested.

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  1. Lisa Anderson Simon says:

    They'd rather believe space aliens came to earth and built everything. They rather write history so that Black people didn't come into the world until we were stolen from Africa. They know nothing of the fact that most of them come from us. We share the same ancestors.

  2. Graceful Hopeful says:

    Egypt was known as Kemet….The Arabs invaded Egypt in 610AD..come on, what Arab was named Nebhepetre Mentuhotep

  3. John Paul says:

    the whole world were black before white people cam and then started breeding with the black and produce all these brown races

  4. Ajani Thomas says:

    Is this news to people?

  5. Deacon Earl says:

    Unfortunately, yes.

  6. Khandi Harris says:

    It's sad that this is still unknown knowledge to the masses.

  7. Pierre Jeanpaul says:

    thank u my Queen.

  8. Rassan Abdull says:

    Where's the DNA evidence? That's the only evidence that is conclusive. Melanin is a skin pigment not specific only to subsaharan Africans but is a skin adaptation to protect from damaging ultraviolet rays. Melanin skin tests can only tell you a person was darkly pigmented. The ancient Egyptians were not black but of mixed European and Near Eastern descent. There are plenty Black civilizations to be proud of. Ancient Egypt just isn't one of them.

  9. thanks for posting this information on our Brazilian group 🙂

  10. egypt is Ethiopia' s oldest daughter. Same people, same geographical lication. Just invisible divide by conquerors. The offspring of the root will forever be connected. European and the near easter influence is just another word for integration. The islands of Jamaica, cuba, haiti, Trinidad etc. just naming a few populations were significantly native Americans. These days, the presence of native Americans in some of these islands are absent. Heavily melanated beings ruled ancient Egypt.

  11. All too often Egypt is associated with the middle east, by not acknowledging that it is a child of the motherland the Blackness is removed!

  12. I just find it quite difficult to properly understand the mischief, malice, and extent of unnecessary racism and hatred of black people by other races — especially the Anglo-Saxon Caucasian race— unless, perhaps, there is actually ingrained, congenital, covert (apart from overt) sub-conscious jealousy and envy of the black race by them?

  13. Whether or not anybody wants to believe it, the fact is that our "commonest" ancestors were ADAM and EVE; and when God created the two of them, they must have been black, or at least a colour closer to black than any other colour.

    Because according to both Islamic and Christian Accounts, God created Adam from clay — and Eve, from Adam's ribs — and clay s closer to black colour than any other colour!

  14. Pasha Golliday says:

    We are Adam and Eve so you have to realize that many of the ancient invaders were black too; and that all groups came from us. They are not aliens either just distant relatives that somehow forgot they were actually related and justify their misdeed by being separatist. Do not become like them. We now know the truth and hopefully they will embrace it too. We must seek just for the authorities that our cousins have bestowed upon us and educate them if that's possible.:)

  15. We are Adam and Eve so you have to realize that many of the ancient invaders were black too; and all groups came from us. They are not aliens just distant relatives that somehow forgot they were actually related and justify their misdeeds by being separatist. Do not become like them. We now know the truth and hopefully they will embrace it too. We must seek justice for the atrocities our cousins have bestowed upon us and educate them; if that's possible.:)

  16. Ibrahim I don't understand why u find it difficult to understand ,its simple as a rm full of babies if 2 babies have toys and one baby bangs his and destroys it and the other baby analizes his and figures out its purpose watch the baby that destroyed his come and take the toy from the baby that was iguring out his toys purpose and if the analytical baby resist then the destructive baby will resort to force, the the analogy of what happened to ancient egypt

  17. Ibrahim I don't understand why u find it difficult to understand ,its simple as a rm full of babies if 2 babies have toys and one baby bangs his and destroys it and the other baby analizes his and figures out its purpose watch the baby that destroyed his come and take the toy from the baby that was iguring out his toys purpose and if the analytical baby resist then the destructive baby will resort to force, the the analogy of what happened to ancient egypt

  18. Dez Morgan says:

    Ibrahim Hamid Prove that Adam and Eve existed without using the bible the Quran or the torah as a reference. If you can do that ill cosign

  19. rassan u r definitely wrong ancient Egypt was the whole of northern Africa which was originally the whole of Ethiopia,if u were to read a little more u would know that the 1st dynasties of Ethiopia/Egypt did not let Persians or arabs intermingle or own land and were relegated to living outside of the walls of he cities, u my friend and your predecessors were allowed to trade but not to own anything within the Egyptian/Ethiopian empire . it was after 400 yrs that this law as it were at the time ws relaxed during the second dynasty of Egypt/Ethiopia that allowed ownership and mingling of Egyptian /Ethiopian property thereby causing the destruction of upper Egypt,and forcing the empire to try to rebuild in l;ower Egypt .but 4 whatever reasons the arabs as they became known would not let this be and the civilization of pure Egyptians were scattered again ,that is why u have pyramids and structures of Egyptian descent in the middle of Africa and also that is why u have ruins in Ethiopia today that predate the empire that once was egypt

  20. the history of Egypt/Ethiopia lies in what is now left of Ethiopia which it and its people r the true decendants of upper Egypt from the beginning till now, but through centuries of miscegenation, Egypt is what u see today but the history of the 1st dynasty of Egypt lasted 4 well over 300 yrs. it was not until the ancients allowed the persions and anglos to own property and mix with the Ethiopian/Egyptian people that u have the people there today in Egypt but if truth be told there is history in Ethiopia of cities and civilization that predates even the great pyramids of Egypt which at that time centuries ago was all of Ethiopia called Egypt today

  21. Theodora Anagor says:

    Egyptians were black, the Caucasians lineage is on 6,000 years ls African civilization is over 200,000 years old, in that time we migrated across the globe , so those other black people you are talking about are of African origin. The middle East is East Africa. If you knew what you were talking about what you stated would not have been written.

  22. Steve Webb says:

    For more history on Kemet please take these steps: " google " (The people of Kemet) click-on (what were the people of Kemet called) then click-on (blackkemet-Tripod). It will lead to: (were the people of ancient Egypt Black). This is powerful !!!

  23. Rassan Abdull, OBVIOUSLY DID NOT READ the article in its entirety because it SPECIFICALLY CONCLUDES WITH DEFINITIVE DNA analysis….
    People ALWAYS want to speak with only a portion of Knowledge without concluding full research ultimately defeated their own attempts at being perceived as scholarly- rendering them an @$$

  24. There's a reply for you in the comments brother…hopefully,, you'll awaken from your imposed european superiority colonial mindset

  25. I don't see why mainstream Egyptology cannot accept the reality that Ancient Egyptian diversity is the same as the shades of 'blackness' in Africa and its diaspora. Well I know why – it's just extremely frustrating. However, some Egyptologists are not prejudiced and have no problem admitting it. The issue is – those ones are a minority.

  26. I already know blacks were first.There a several points known. When Moses' sister argued with him God turned her white meaning Moses was black. 11Kings 5: , if you remembered Jesus' hair was like Lambs wool and his feet were bronze.etc…

  27. Hector Mayers says:

    Read the entire article, you'll find the DNA evidence on page 6.

  28. Syeda Isra Raza what you are doing is spamming up the people page,,who cares what you work for or if your work or what you do..#NOBODYHAVETIMEFORTHAT#

  29. Still can't understand how the pyramids were built . . .

  30. Princess Tiny Neferua , yeah grill tell her the reality, we seek the truth: we do not seek Babilonia Isme proclamation.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Sad part is it 2013 and Blacks still looking for an identity, dam religions fucked everyone over…

  32. Is quite stupid to say blacks are not ancient egyptians!the drawings on the wall show it clearly!the mummies themselves also reveals

  33. thank page AtlantaBlackstar and Brother Jason More importantly it sends this information to our group Negros in Brazil

  34. Tom Larson says:

    While mainstream egyptology as a whole usually admit cultural connection with Africa (headrest, divine kingship, southern origin, etc) and Ancient Egypt. Some also admit close physical/biological linkage. Here's a quote for The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, Volume 3. Oxford University Press. p. 27-28:

    "Physical anthropologists are increasingly concluding that racial definitions are the culturally defined product of selective perception and should be replaced in biological terms by the study of populations and clines. Consequently, any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depend on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study. Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as 'blacks' while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans ." Source:The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, Volume 3. Oxford University Press. p. 27-28

  35. Tamika Tsp says:

    geographically, Egypt is part of to believe that Egyptians are not Africans, is just NOT logically, no matter how they want to ignore that fact.

  36. Tom Larson says:

    While mainstream egyptology as a whole usually admit cultural connection with Africa (headrest, divine kingship, southern origin, etc) and Ancient Egypt. Some also admit close physical/biological linkage. Here's a quote for The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, Volume 3. Oxford University Press. p. 27-28:

    "Physical anthropologists are increasingly concluding that racial definitions are the culturally defined product of selective perception and should be replaced in biological terms by the study of populations and clines. Consequently, any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depend on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study. Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as 'blacks' while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans ." Source:The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, Volume 3. Oxford University Press. p. 27-28

  37. About time we done know anywayz

  38. Duron Lynch says:

    Genesis 1:26 reads let us make man in our image and likeness. The question remains, who is the US??! It's obvious here we are way beyond that Adam and Eve story

  39. Leslie Gacsályi says:

    White people HAVE to stop white washing history. This is the white mans way of taking away beauty, power and culture from others in order to imperialize, colonize and replace existing cultures with their

  40. Leslie Gacsályi says:

    Their own*

  41. Will Prodigy says:

    Of course they were all Black Africans and always will be Kings & Queens of Kemet! Quit lying about our culture! Wake up Black people! Don't let others take our divine history from us!

  42. Will Prodigy says:

    exactly! also King Menes, King Ahmose I, Queen Tiye, Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Hatshepsut and many more were all clearly black names given to black egyptians Kemites and ruled the kingdom of Kush!

  43. Lig Heelal says:

    Ibrahim, mythology and history don't mix. Talking of Adam and Eve here is like talking about Poseidon

  44. Ralpheal Dela-Ghetto says:


  45. Latasha Mcglory says:

    Jewish people have wooly hair as well. A more correct depiction would be the egyptian slave abraham slept with to create ismael. She was apart of the lineage of Jesus.

  46. So your saying Europeans built civilization in Africa first instead of europe i can see if blacks were saying the Viking civilization was black but egypt is in africa right next to Ethiopia and Sudan and you want to say that they had no african blood or influence come on now look at the walls in the tombs those are brown people and black statues just like you have many different shades of African-Americans from light to dark they are all considered black .. Arabs got there melanin from Africans

  47. Here's a quote for The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, Volume 3. Oxford University Press. p. 27-28: "Physical anthropologists are increasingly concluding that racial definitions are the culturally defined product of selective perception and should be replaced in biological terms by the study of populations and clines. Consequently, any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depend on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study. Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as 'blacks' while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans ." Source:The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, Volume 3. Oxford University Press. p. 27-28

  48. Ralpheal Dela-Ghetto says:


  49. Terry Mendez says:

    This is so until we wake up as a people and attain our glory with our God and Creator , until such time we suffer in the later !

  50. Kazeem Albans Sanni says:

    Only a fool lives in the past, but it take a bigger fool not to know his/her past (ancestry). The same goes for the Arabs who try to claim Egyptian ancestry rather that seek their real Arabian ancestry!

  51. L Taja Lappier says:

    Why doesn't every black church and school teach our kids this information? What's wrong with us? Our history is so amazing and powerful! Every black parent and teacher should teach our children their history.

  52. L Taja Lappier says:

    All Africans have a formidable history! We have a strong amazing history! I think I know why black clergy doesn't want us to know our history? They can't empower blacks, if they want to exploit them.

  53. L Taja Lappier says:

    Ibrahim, I'm not sure the color of our skin makes a difference. What if Africa was full of Indians or Jews… wouldn't they had been enslaved or murdered? I think blacks have a loving and kind temperament and we are easy to control. What do you think? Europeans tried to enslave the Indians, but, the Indians wouldn't have it.

  54. L Taja Lappier says:

    Lazareth Moore I love love love erudite brothras! Love them…

  55. L Taja Lappier says:

    Theodora Anagor , Lucy dates back 3 million years… wouldn't she be considered African lineage?

  56. I've read many of these interesting posts, having done a search for whether Egyptians are black or not (working on a story). I'm not certain one way or the other, but as a Christian… who happens to be white… I'm very glad to report that I love all people. Today, more and more and more whites, completely embrace their black brothers and sisters as the same because a) they know Jesus most certainly called on all people to be united through him, b) they see that people are people. While the world continues to suck in many ways, it also keeps getting smaller. This past Thanksgiving, our family gathering included a black family, one of my sister's best friends. And we all knew we were with family. Amen to that! Whatever you do or believe, keep loving, keep uniting.

  57. What those uniformed, 'we descended from the pharaohs,' Turk/Kurd/Mediterranean-types should know is that Arabic did not arrive in that region until 7th AD.

    Before the Greeks called the place Egypt (which is derived from Aigyptos or Aegyptos, meaning Black) it was known as Kemet, which means Black Land. 'Kemet' does not refer to the colour of the soil; the soil is not black. Herodotus agreed.

    Further, there are no Arabic hieroglyphs, but you will find words, dress, dance and cultural similarities to some Nubian tribes and to the people of Punt, which is now in Somalia.

    People keep trying to use the Sahara as some sort of divide but the fact is, black Africans are in and always have been in, the Sahara. North of it too.

    The true pyramid builders moved south, away from the Mediterranean and Arab invaders and colonisers. So today we have Turk/Kurd/Mediterranean-types refusing to be African, but try to be when it comes to the pyramids. Leave the pyramids alone. They were built by real Africans, thousands of years before you arrived.

  58. Ibrahim Hamid What does this have to do with Adam and Eve?

  59. Let's all agree that Pharoah Cleopatra was Greek/Macedonian. Let's also agree that the Hyksos Jews were fair skinned. WHAT ABOUT THE THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF PHARAOHS IN AFRICA BEFORE THOSE GUYS?

  60. Let's all agree that Pharoah Cleopatra was Greek/Macedonian. Let's also agree that the Hyksos Jews were fair skinned. WHAT ABOUT THE THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF PHARAOHS IN AFRICA BEFORE THOSE GUYS?

  61. Ibrahim Hamid what's even more amazing is that you ACTUALLY think the adam and eve story is true, even though all modern scientific knowledge completely disproves it.

  62. Rassan Abdull, you are referring to the late arrival Egyptians, not the ancient Egyptians.

  63. What about all those pyramids in Sudan – there are far more pyramids in Sudan than there are in Egypt – why doesn't anyone ever discuss them?
    Because it would be absurd to suggest Arab/Europeans built pyramids down there.

  64. Nelson Hernandez says:

    Ibrahim Hamid ummm, we are trying to discuss truth, not mythologies. Yahweh the dessert war god is mythos. Nothing more.

  65. Nelson Hernandez says:

    John, You are an idiot. Lmao. White people didn't just come along. Lmao. It's called evolution. Variations due to environmental pressures.

  66. Look at how shitty their pyramids are compared to Egypt's though.

  67. Nelson Hernandez It's not evolution. It's adaption, due to different environments.

  68. "Analysis of crania is the traditional approach to assessing ancient population origins, relationships, and diversity. In studies based on anatomical traits and measurements of crania, similarities have been found between Nile Valley crania from 30,000, 20,000 and 12,000 years ago and various African remains from more recent times (see Thoma 1984; Brauer and Rimbach 1990; Angel and Kelley 1986; Keita 1993). Studies of crania from southern predynastic Egypt, from the formative period (4000-3100 B.C.), show them usually to be more similar to the crania of ancient Nubians, Kushites, Saharans, or modern groups from the Horn of Africa than to those of dynastic northern Egyptians or ancient or modern southern Europeans." (S. O. Y and A.J. Boyce, "The Geographical Origins and Population Relationships of Early Ancient Egyptians", in Egypt in Africa, Theodore Celenko (ed), Indiana University Press, 1996, pp. 20-33)

  69. Its dreadfully sad people would gullably accept lies and not research history. The pineal gland inside of humans is responsible for mentel intellect and production of skin pigmentation. In european individuals the pineal gland is calcified indicating the lack of/ No constructive skin pigmentation. Thats enough DNA proof to validate the precolonial corpes of afrikoids found in egypt. Fact#2 is that the european/ Or 3/4 of a human are only 6000 years of existence opposed to over 300,000 years of existence for afrikoids eradicating any possibility of interbreeding between these races, so no these ancient egyptians were not mixed they were dominantly organic.

  70. Rassan Abdull says:

    I read the DNA evidence and testing one individual isn't nearly enough. I only have two degrees in anthropology, but I don't know ANYTHING about this topic…carry on.

  71. Unquestionable undeniable irrefutable truth

  72. Rassan Abdull says:

    What I am saying in the ancient Egyptians were a mixed race people, Mainly north African Arab, best eastern and some sub-saharan black ancestry. To say they were as black as the Sudanese or Kenyans just isn't historically, genetically or geographically correct.

  73. Derek Mullings Same thing.

  74. Nelson Hernandez says:

    Derek Mullings; ummmm…you don't know what evolution is do you. And before you go there, the earth is not 6k years old. lmao.

  75. Nelson Hernandez says:

    Ibrahim Hamid ummm outside of your corrupt, immoral book. where does it ever said we came from adam and eve. You're a grown man. Stop reading fairy tales sir.

  76. Nelson Hernandez says:

    who? There is no historical record of anyone named moses

  77. Nelson Hernandez says:

    So. are they masters? PHD? also, just because you have a degree in a field. That does not equate to knowing what your talking about. lol

  78. Nelson Hernandez says:

    Are you African? Or a Black American. If you are an American. Your history, is Americas history.

  79. Nelson Hernandez says:

    didn't DNA kinds of replace the whole Cranium thing?

  80. Keziah Stephens No it isn't. Unless you think whites are more evolved than blacks. That's more or less what Darwin was claiming when he referred to us as savages.

  81. Nelson Hernandez BOOM goes the dynamite!

  82. You obviously haven't read the actual scientific papers regarding this issue, not just some black-power wannabe website.
    Lmao i bet you also believe climate change and evolution are myths.

  83. The whole "black/white" Egyptian debate has more to do with U.S. identity politics than objective reality.

  84. Btw, Sudan is also very much a "racial"/cultural continuum. There are plenty of Sudanese people who look like me, for example.

  85. This very publication is mostly sensationalist trash anyway. :/

  86. Rowena Luis says:

    Read the Isis papers, it will explain the reason why whites created the white supremacy myth. Simply because they are genetically weaker and carry recessive genes, Blacks being the most genetically dominant and carrying the dominant genes poses a huge threat to white people. Also because of cognitive dissonance, in order to justify slavery.

  87. Nelson Hernandez Laughing at your own 'jokes' isn't healthy. Humans adapt to their environment. They don't evolve. Darwin even admitted to uncertainties in his own theory later in life.

  88. Barry Pierce says:

    Ibrahim Hamid , you need to read 'The Bible Myth: The African Origins of the Jewish People' by Gary Greenberg. It is time for people of color on this planet, and particularly Africans and those of African descent to abandon the foolish religious systems forced upon them by slave masters and colonizers. How could those people possibly know anything about God or spirituality. Look at heir history over the last 2,000 years of murder rape and thievery.


  89. Grady Nelson says:

    Religion was created to control the masses. I even hear a black man talking about "Adam and Eve". Really dude? Christianity is false, and many of our black people will fight you to the death TO DEFEND Christianity ( and the lying pastor who preaches Christianity). If you are told a lie for so long, some will begin to believe it! Before our ancestors were stolen from Africa, WE DID NOT PRACTICE Christianity. Black people and our history started wayyyyy before slavery and before the white race brainwashed most of our people to believe in the so-call Holy Bible.

  90. Humanity started as black men and women. Then there was a flood, anybody heard of the prophet Noah(PBUH). Then we started to get watered down. Agree or not, just a fact

  91. Joshua Strode says:

    Rassan you are wrong, wrong wrong! I feel sorry if this is the information that you've obtained with your two degrees. You were taught by the very ones who hide our history and do not include it in their books.

  92. Joshua Strode says:

    Rassan you are wrong, wrong wrong! I feel sorry if this is the information that you've obtained with your two degrees. You were taught by the very ones who hide our history and do not include it in their books.

  93. Joshua Strode says:

    Geographically correct?? You are aware that Geographically, Egypt is in Africa right? Do you know when the Arabs invaded Kemet?? There were thousands of years of history in Egypt before any outsiders arrived.

  94. L Taj Lapierre says:

    Egypt is in Africa…. hello!

  95. L Taj Lapierre says:

    Egypt is in Africa…. hello!

  96. L Taj Lapierre says:

    Nelson Hernandez We are black… from Africa. All human beings are from a lone black woman… some 3 million years ago.

  97. L Taj Lapierre says:

    Something funny happened to me today. I went to Barnes and Nobles Bookstore and there is an entire wall of American History… I mean thousands of books. I looked everywhere for African History and they had one tiny section on another wall… Under Cultural studies it was a small section at the bottom of the bookshelf… about 5 books? Blacks have had 3 million years of history and we get 5 books at the bottom of the bookshelf and white have 6,000 years of history and had an entire wall? Funny.

  98. Joshua Strode says:

    L Taj Lapierre What Nelson said is incorrect. "If you are American your history is America's History", as if there was no history before America! Our Ancestors were not American! lol Thats foolishness! African People were the first ones put on this Earth, African history is African history whether in North America, South America, Africa or Asia. Wherever there are African People we all go back to one Root, Mother Afrika!

  99. Joshua Strode says:

    L Taj Lapierre When discussing World History Ive never heard someone say if you are American than your European history starts in America. lol

  100. Sean Brath says:

    very funny , our history is being denied

  101. where can I find the Isis papers? who wrote it (them)?

  102. Mj Wilde says:

    I was very interested in Professor Emeritus Frank M Snowden's, Howard University,,_Jr. and his writings, which agree that during the later dynasties, the Egyptians had much more of a racial mix than during the Early & Middle Kingdoms, during which they were largely a Mediterranean/Near Eastern people who had contact mostly with others in N. Africa (i.e. Berbers, still distinct as a people today, not having mixed with the much later Arab conquerors, & not much mixing at that time with their later west African trade partners), Assyrians (enemies), Phoenicians, Hittites, and other groups that ringed the eastern Mediterranean. Prof. Snowden spent his life & career studying ancient black cultures. Communities that ringed the Mediterranean had more contact w/each other than with people who lived inland over mountains (i.e. the Alps) deserts & other geographical barriers. The deserts & the Nile cataracts did, for multi-centuries, make travel west & south more difficult for Egyptians, although they gradually developed land routes wouth with Kush, Nubia, Meroe, etc over time, & went back & forth warring with those nations. Some Egyptian dynasties were certainly Nubian, and identified as such. The use of the word 'prove' in the article above is, in itself, way too sure & definite to suit the current state of research. Prof Snowden & others wrote some cogent summaries in "Black Athena Revisited," a book of essays that address the theories (and they are still theories, not proven) regarding an all-black all-through-history Egypt. Yes, the ancient Egyptians were African, but going back 4,000-5,000 years, the world – Africa, western Asia, eastern Asia, & Europe were very different places. What we think of today as western Europeans were isolated then, not part of the active life of the Mediterranean region, not in Egypt, not in Rome, not in Greece, etc, and sub-Saharan Africans had not yet reached the level of association & travel achieved during the years between 1,000-0 B.C.E, a very different era in Egyptian history than the previous 2,000 years. Sorry for the length of this post. I do, however, think the input of scholars such as Prof Snowden is being too easily discarded instead of analyzed & integrated into a verifiable 'big picture' of ancient Egypt, its history, and the role black Africans played in that history.

  103. Le'Barron Edmonson says:

    L Taj Lapierre My main disagreement with your statement would be that the Native Americans called Indians were decimated by disease, warfare, and coerced in the confiscation of their land. The Africans were able to survive to a large degree because their resilience to disease. Most importantly, what choice does one have when they're brought to a strange land beyond their will? Quite a few did fight…Some did flee…and too many complied with reason. However, the most fierce slave revolts occurred in Haiti, Jamaica, and the D.R.; Africans fought fiercely to preserve their freedom.

  104. Ibrahim Hamid I believe the story of Adam and Eve, are some Johnny come lately. African people were on the Earth long before Adam and Eve. The story of Ham I believe is around 1200 something AD. We certain were here before this Johnny come lately. Are you basing you history on the Bible?

  105. Can you tell me who are the Ethiopians? I saw something the other night on CNN, they were saying, the Ethiopians are a mixed group, decending from Queen of Sheba, a black woman and King Solomon, a white devil from Jurusalem, help me out on this.

  106. Nelson Hernandez Look at the hair in those photos. Which people have hair like that? Germans?

  107. LeBarron Edmonson, you got it right. You hit the nail on the head. They resent that we have black history month. And the whole curriculum, pre school through college, and beyond, all about whites. My God, what is wrong with them?

  108. Look at the hair in those pictures. Case closed.

  109. Rassan Abdul You get the buzzle on that one. The ancient Egyptians were black, read Diop book on the Ancient Egyptians. Now the invaders, who are there now, are mixed. They came in white Arabs, and raped our mothers, and this is what you have today.

  110. James Daniel Lopez South Sudan we have the Nubians, jet beautiful black, I love them. They are the only people on the planet today, I read somewhere, scientist can trace back to the very first human beings. That is so powerful.

  111. Bomahni Mcneil Are you getting your history from the Bible? Not a very good source.

  112. Grady Nelson I wanted to give you two likes. I like what you said.

  113. L Taj Lapierre When history books are presented by the conquerors, there will be nothing but lies, and no books on black people, except a few, and they will not teach you black history. You do not expect the conquerors to present any books to us, except lies, I would not go in there for any book except by a renowned black person, an expert on black history. And they do not desire to carry those books.

  114. Derecl Mullings Don't you just love when you know your history? I am trying to get there.

  115. Tristan Samuels You may have to order it, by Dr. Francis Cress Welshings. I read it more than twenty years ago.

  116. They rather build million dollar churches, to sit in every Sundays, while they hoop and holler, rather than build some little school houses. Until they come out of this madness, do what you can, teach all other black people to do the same, and get down to the school boards, and demand real black histroy books in our children schools.

  117. Black people need to start listening to Dr. Amos Wilson's speeches on youtube, he is a master. He is with the ancestors.

  118. Never read the bible, wouldn't know which version to try. Can u enlighten me sister, how did Caucasians come to be. I'm not tryin to be a smartass, tryin to learn

  119. L Taj Lapierre says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Bravo! Thank you.

  120. L Taj Lapierre says:

    Joshua Strode Bravo Joshua! I agree with you… everyone on the earth is essentially African. If we get technical. I'm African… period.

  121. L Taj Lapierre says:

    Nzingha Shabaka I no longer agree with you. People of color are 9/10th of the world population and whites are only 1/10th. It's time to simply home school are children, build our own homes, grow our own organic foods and opt out of this corrupt society. Visit:

  122. L Taj Lapierre says:

    Ibrahim Hamid , you are kidding? Aren't you? If you believe in Adam & Eve then you believe that the world is 6,000 years old? That means you believe that our Black Kings and Queens never existed? That the African didn't invent math, language, music, the wheel, binary code, agriculture, architecture, the gold and silk trade, etc… now, that's sad if you believe that the white god created the white man and created all this stuff that was stolen from Africans. Very sad.

  123. L Taj Lapierre says:

    Bravo Saramessu! You are on the ball!

  124. Racism is taught. No one is born racist. Racist people ingrain racism into their childrens heads because they are ignorant and were taught the same thing by their parents. It really is sad.

  125. Lazareth Moore What I really would like to know how come most of the Ethiopians are straight hair and mixed race colored skin. What they were saying on CNN is the Queen of Sheba and Solomon had a son, and that many of Solomon white sons came to Sheba, Ethiopia and started mixing with the blacks, and this is how they became the color they are and their straight hair. In real life they say the Ethiopians do not like African people, and they say they are not black. This is what I heard.

  126. Terry Mendez They say blacks go to church more than any other group, and worship God more than any other group, so what is the problem, we have been suffering every since the Arabs and whites set foot in Africa many hundreds of years ago.

  127. Dez Morgan , well, granted, that I may NOT be able to use the Bible as proof. But I MUST use my Holy Quran as an ABSOLUTE proof that ADAM and EVE existed!

    Because, as a Muslim, I have unconditiona lbelief, trust and loyalty in the Holy Quran, which is undoubtedly, the words of God Himself, and unchanged for the past 1,400 years! And so it will be; and so it is promised by God Himself to be, until the end of the world — whenever that may be, and no matter how long it may take!

    Furthermore, and in any case, we Muslims believe that the HOLY QURAN is the true LIVING MIRACLE!!

  128. Nzingha Shabaka that's the way they were made by whomever created us of course white people want to say that they r the prodigenators of the human race, they were savceges in Europe, ask yourself this question ,with what u know of the white race and their proclivity 4 violence do u think they would have let us live if they were dominant at the time?

  129. Steve Webb says:

    Isn’t it amazing of the archaeology digs in Egypt that unearth ancient discoveries? “They” can unearth and find everything but some black folks? (Ancient Kemetites) Why haven’t “They” found ancient archaeology digs in the Caucus Mountain regions?

  130. Rick Smith says:


  131. Keziah Stephens You need to take some science classes so you can learn the difference between evolution and adaption.

  132. They were African but not the black like you think

  133. Lazareth: You are right. King Solomon himself was a black man because the biblical Jews were black, it is a well known fact. First, as you may know, there are various type of Blacks with different physiological features in Africa. It is often mentioned that Negroids features to be broad-nose which is a wrong assumption. During my 7 years residence in France, one can observe the deep skin darkness of many Senagalese, and many of them appear very refined featured, long nose, thin lips, so dark that they are Blue. These are pure Blacks, no mixed. Another ethnic group in French and Belgian Congo are very light skinned tribe, not mixed, with Whites nor Arabs, certainly NOT ALBINOS are genetically pure Black. Different prototypes exist in EVERY RACE. Ethiopians are a prototype of the Black Race. Therefore Solomon and Queen Sheba are nothing but BLACK.

  134. Ken Lo says:

    Once you bring in 'religious evidence', that's a wrap. It destroys any real standings your argument would have. Better to stick with the scientific findings rather than taking the mythological route.

  135. I can't imagine how anyone in the Age of Information could have any doubt. Everyone knows the current Egyptians are colonizers, at least I thought everyone knew. If anyone thinks the ancient Kemet looked like Elizabeth Taylor they need to be buried in the Sahara alive.

  136. Common sense will tell you that (in our history books too) that the best way to eliminate a race of people was to conquer them and burn down all their history as well. Now Menelik is the son of Queen of Sheba and King Solomon…(remembering that the Bible is considered a religious document because someone deemed it so, but most importantly it is an historic one as well) it was believed when the Queen of Sheba left King Solomon that HE gave the Arc of the Covenant to her and in Ethiopia is where it lies to this day (according to them) Where everything goes wrong is that (there are some truth to stereo-types otherwise they wouldn't hurt so bad lol) people of color are known for not picking up a book we go for whatever the "scuttlebutt" of the day is or believe EVERYTHING that is written because somebody put it in black and white, (same thing with the political process instead of going with the best candidate that we should have done more research on, once elected they are not the right fit, another-wards we regret the decision but I digress) ALL of you heard the expression that "If you don't want Blacks to find out put it in a book, they won't read it!" Unfortunately it's sad but true……BOTTOMLINE Research do not be sheeple and be fed what they what you to know. Without question I was (and still am) disturbed when I found out stuff that was omitted from history books and not just dealing with race. ONE PRIME but very important event did not happen like we were led to believe and that's Thanksgiving research and find out the true happenings again find out for yourselves PLEASE PEOPLE PICK UP A BOOK and we NOW must stop blaming others for our "problems" because within this day and age we should be able to use the knowledge that we receive from "them" to better us and our circumstance, we need to support minority businesses instead of the big names but no one wants to give their brethren and sisters a chance because of some stereotypical connotations, we can't get anything from "the man"(so-to-speak) then we have to make a way for OUR own once they see we are contained and sufficient amongst ourselves we will never be invited to the dinner table for real change IJS

  137. Lebo KoGsee says:

    They are bent on our destruction

  138. Omari Asifa says:

    The term "middle east" is an invention of Western WWII war correspondents. There was no such place that annexed the north of Africa prior to that.

  139. Middleast is a European name given to Africa to divide and conquer and to hide the fact that the middleast is in fact Africa

  140. Uno Garrison says:

    read the quran…learn where everyone comes from

  141. So I read about the Kemet people. So you're saying that they were the true black people until after Christ's death and then Egypt was invaded by the Arabic people?

  142. It's in Africa LOL, I don't understand how there's any mystery to any of this at all.

  143. Anita Wills says:

    Lazareth Moore I am so pleased that more of us are waking up to and speaking the truth. They continue to refer to pictures of Ethiopian Jesus and Mary, as the Black Nativity. There is only one Nativity and it was not white! The Ethiopians are the original Jews (Beta Israel). The Ethiopians also have the oldest Christian Church and were the first to convert from Judaism to Christianity. The Beta Israel Jews are suffering in Israel under the European Jews, who treat them worst then the Palestinians. Ethiopia encompassed, Chad, Sudan, Cush, and Egypt during and prior to Christ time. Christ line came out of Ethiopia into Egypt before going to Israel, and could have been nothing but African.

  144. Anita Wills says:

    Nelson Hernandez It is not called Evolution, it is called Adaption a word they use instead of Mutation. You were taught that nonsense by White Folks. If they were evolved they would not have had to steal a Religion from Africa. They would not have had to massacre Natives and enslave Africans in order to build a Nation! Do you notice that no want wants to go and Colonize Europe? Modern man did not evolve into Europeans, who have more diseases and less consciousness then Africans. Europeans are a mutation of Africans, who mated with Neanderthal man. The root is always stronger than the branches on the tree. So get it right!

  145. Anita Wills says:

    In fact they dammed many of the Pyramids in the Sudan when the built the Aswan Dam.

  146. Anita Wills says:

    L Taj Lapierre I am a descendant of Natives and Africans, and you got your history wrong. Natives were enslaved right here in America. My Native ancestors were brought from Columbia South America to South Carolina as slaves. Most of the Farm Laborers here in America Are from South America, and are Natives, who are worked like slaves. Did you know that Hispanics were Native? Please do some research before passing along incorrect history.

  147. Anita Wills says:

    Latasha Mcglory The original Jews were the Beta Israel Jews from Ethiopia. The Sephardi Jews went into Europe and intermixed with Europeans. The Beta Israel (Ethiopian), Jews were resettled in Israel and the European Jews treat them worse than the Palestinians. Several years ago the European Jews were sterilizing the Beta Israel (Ethiopian), Jews.

  148. Anita Wills says:

    Arab is not a race it is an Ethnic Group, who were originally African. There was one original race which all of the other races came from. There are light skinned Africans in Africa who have never had contact with Europeans. Civilization came from the South Ethiopia, Sudan, into Egypt. Europeans did not bring anything into Egypt, they were there to pillar and plunder and were brought there by Arabs.

  149. Anita Wills says:

    James Daniel Lopez Then why are you reading and responding to it? If it makes you uncomfortable leave.

  150. Anita Wills says:

    My DNA test traced from North Africa into Europe and then to the Americas. My brothers DNA test came back 100% Native. All of the DNA test trace back to a single female in Africa. So what is your question?

  151. Anita Wills says:

    Theodora Anagor He don't know! It is sad that he comes on sounding like an authority and is so clueless.

  152. Gary Brown says:

    You see them locks hahahahaha

  153. Anita Wills i do this because it is time to tell what has been in me 4 as long as I have existed ,not to denigrate one race against another , but I donot go quietly and pray that we be saved lest we save our selves , I donotexspouse any racial superiority,only the facts . the fact is we as a people pissed off the creator of all ,and we are sufferin 4 this, dejevu is not what it is interpreted as it is today it is not did u do something before it is u as the people of the creator are seeing what the future awaits us as a people, remember ,time does not exist to the creator, time is manmade so the creator is giving us a chance as we live today so we still live in the beginning, the fooly of our ways are being played out , showing us why we were separated ,not that black is right or white is wrong , but to show us when we as black people or people of color see something different ,such as white ,donot embellish our true selves and question why were they left behind and we on top, but when we did become mesmerized with the differences i.e. eye color hair texture we 4 got that was for a reason , they were to be identified as those who thought they were better than the creator, thus ,they brought war and famine, the creator doesn't hate them or us but we were given it all with no strings and we, we gave them the keys to the kingdom because of our silly unknowing that they were the same only of different hue, but they were cast and we joined them in their debauchery, we yes we sweety ms willis are the shepherds of this world as dismal as it may seem sometimes 4 us ,if u don't believe me ,ask yourself 1 question why is a certain group so fixated on the occult and demonic situations , but why is the hero or heroine always not the beginners of this world, but always cast as the evils of this world , this is to bring out true believers to fight a never ending war, and the true believers are the followers of the 1st believer amenotep 1st dynasty of Ethiopia/Egypt who said you can have all the gods Osiris ,and such but their is one god that is above all ,and since he had no name we call that one God creator of all gods

  154. No such thing as a north African Arab in early Egyptian history.

  155. The original man, Adam, was formed, in the beginning, "from the dust of the earth" of the land of Africa/Eden. Thus, Adam, the progenitor of all men, was created from and in Africa/Eden.(Genesis 2:7-8). The real name for Africa is Eden! God planted a garden eastward in Eden. If Eden had an eastward direction, then logically it must follow that it had westward, northward and southward directions. The Bible stated this garden was located between the Nile River(Gihon), situated in Cush(Ethiopia), and the Euphartes River. Africa, in fact is a more recent term coined from the Latin lanuage(Genesis 2:10-14). The descendants of Jacob migrated to all parts of the world. Such tribes as the Fanti, Yorba, Ashanti, Sudanese and Bantu are the descendants of Jacobs twelve sons. The ashanti and Yuruba tribes of west Africa are direct descendants of African/Edenic Hebrews, sharing many of the same cultural values(Genesis 49:1-33).

  156. short, sweet, and the exact point!

  157. Dez Drake says:

    Are those supposed to be real locks though? LMAO

  158. Gary Brown says:

    Dez Drake you a hater look at the first pick you can practically see the connection to the scalp.

  159. Nelson Hernandez define historical record.

  160. I don't think you have a firm grasp of the definition of fact.

  161. You can rule out religious evidence simply because you don't believe.

  162. Ken Lo says:

    Kaio Baddz DaLegend That's because there is nothing to believe.

  163. Ken Lo says:

    //Ibrahim Hamid Whether or not anybody wants to believe it, the fact is that our "commonest" ancestors were ADAM and EVE; and when God created the two of them, they must have been black, or at least a colour closer to black than any other colour.//

    It would also mean that we're direct results of incest. Being that Adam was mating with his own cloned twin sister. Which is exactly what she would be, having been cloned from Adams genetic code, via the rib.

  164. Rassan you make a valid argument, I don't agree… but your point is valid.


  166. Ethiopia (with or without Egypt) was also known as ABYSSINIA over a thousand years ago.

  167. Robert Hodge says:

    Nothing funnier than imbeciles who believe afrocentric bullshit. Just a few slaves trying to convince themselves that they actually amount to something.

  168. So that would mean blacks enslaved people yet again in history. So why all this hate towards white people.

  169. If white PEOPLE so great why they try and steal African history

  170. Human beings in my mind will always remain a mystery. We only go by what has been told to us for many many years. I seriously doubt most of it.

  171. Moses could never pass as a black man e was a Isrialite

  172. Michael Gray says:

    The truth needs no defense. It really is a waste of time trying 2 convince some fool of these simple FACTS.

  173. Endless Love says:

    Very interesting

  174. I thought it was common knowledge that Egyptians were black…after visiting the Pyramids I was sure…of that fact..

  175. When you look at the Black man no matter who you are you see your mother farther and the one and original God all the lies and all the supremist cannot change it by whitewashing the facts

  176. Just to be fair I want to say this. I am going to limit this just to black people who have been enslaved and mistreated for the past 400+ years. Black people in America and other lands we were taken to. Black people who have had the lash on their backs as they endured the horrors of slavery. Black people who have been set upon by dogs and mobs and white racist, black people whose little children have been blown up while in a Christian church worshiping their slave master's concept of God because we are without knowledge of self, history or religion. We who are indeed the true offspring of Hebrew civilizations that are now destroyed and inhabited by other nations. When are we going to remember the sacrifices of the dead and gone men and women who gave their lives for our sakes and have suffered the current negative conditions we live in and endure daily here in America and other parts of the world which in reality is our fault! They are our doings! God is a fair God!He would not pick us out for mistreatment, enslavement, second class citizenship, powerlessness, homeless with no land to call our own, if we had continued to obey his laws, statutes and commandment. As he says" ye shall be afraid at night and afraid in the daytime, and the soles of thy feet will have no place to rest" if not for the sins ye have COMMITTED against the wishes and words of The Lord Thy God. When you read the bible, God continuously warned us, his chosen people, the descendants of Abraham and Jacob and Moses and Yahsua (Jesus in the English term)and he still warns us of the results of our stubbornness. Of our refusing to follow his laws, statutes, judgments and commandments. Of our lack of respect for our blessings that the Lord once bestowed on our ancestors as his "chosen" people. We messed up! We put ourselves in slavery! We turned our backs on the Lord Thy God and worshipped other Gods! "Gods that are not Gods but Gods of wood and stone." as the Lord Thy God" put it. He warned us time and time again and gave us favor and break after break after break and still we remained stiff necked and hard headed! You see, our God is God! And if we don't come to that realization and change our ways, put away our false gods,gods that have no power to heal the sick or save our nation, that are not gods then we will continue to suffer and always be in another man's house or land. Be second class citizens no matter where our feet may lead us even though we are still God's chosen people and we have not lived up to that responsibility as we should. I know I haven't. I'm trying though! None is perfect! But we all should strive for perfection in our God's eyes so that we can be favored in his eyes for God who God! He who blew the breath of life into our bodies and gave us favor, it is he and ourselves that we have betrayed and let down. We lost Malcolm, Martin, Huey and any other man who tried to free us, tried to save us. But the Lord God told us. No "MAN" shall save thee. Only I the Lord Thy God who has command of heaven and earth can restore us once we put down the false idols of our enslavers. Give back his ways of behaving, killing, raping, homosexuality, idol worshipping etc. etc. the list is too long to even write! The charge is ours and the question is are we up to the task of regaining our favor and salvation from our God who indeed is God! Ask yourself, "Where do I stand and what can I do for the sake of my children and my children's children?" When shall we as a people return unto our God? We have a decision to make!

  177. Steve Webb says:

    " White Woman Exposes Who The Real Jews Are Acc…"). " YouTube "

  178. Steve Webb says:

    " Who We Are And What We Are " – Zeitgeist Ending (very Motivational) Time (5:14) " YouTube "

  179. you people will never understand what is going on without the bible, this cover up has nothing to do with egypt, NOTHING!! it have every thing to do with the people that are in israel now killing palestinians and arabs calling their selfs jews. EVERYONE KNOW THAT THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN WHERE BLACK( they know it to thats why they created egyptology to whitewash the black egyptians) THE BIBLE TELLS YOU THAT THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN AND ANCIENT ISRAELITES WHERE OFTEN CONFUSED/MISUNDERSTOOD FOR ONE AND THE OTHER THEY HAD THE SAME PHYSICAL FEATURES. the imposter in israel that owns the media had to make you think egyptian where white and at the same time the created atheism to get you away from the BIBLE(KING JAMES VERSION)

  180. For nearly two hundred years now, White 'scholars' have removed Black people from Egypt, Egypt from Africa and Africa from world history. They have always taught that Egypt is in the Near East, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and even the Fertile Crescent. They have never informed the world that Egypt is and always has been on the Continent of Africa.

    Arabs invaded Egypt in the 7th Century AD, long after Ancient Egyptian civilization had declined and faded away. Arabs have no more connection to Ancient Egypt than Europeans have to Ancient America.

    Many have argued that, even if the Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans, modern African Americans, who lay claim to Egyptian civilization, are not akin to them because their ancestors were West Africans. This reflects a lack of knowledge about African history. Virtually all West African people trace their ancestry to the northeast and ultimately to the Nile Valley. A number of Black scholars have revealed evidence of the ancient migratory trail from the Nile across the continent to West Africa and the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, modern African Americans do indeed have a direct link to the Ancient Egyptian people.

    There are four distinct Black African physical types. All were part of the Ancient Egyptian population. Secondly Ancient Egyptian drawings were largely conventional. This means that they clearly had a symbolic meaning that was not true to form. For example, the traditional reddish brown color used to portray all men (no matter what their true skin tone) may have represented the African “blood of life” concept. For religious purposes, Black Africans have painted their bodies red or reddish brown from time immemorial.

    Therefore, one should not reach hard and fast conclusions about Egyptian ethnicity based on the color used in the tomb and pyramid drawings. Furthermore, even if the colors are accurate depictions of the people, a number of indigenous, unmixed Africans, like the Pygmies, have reddish brown skin tone. Yet no one would deny that these are “Black” African people. In light of this, if the Ancient Egyptians were indeed of reddish brown skin color, they were of the same color as modern Pygmies.

    As many writers have attempted to explain, the original Black Egyptians were mixed with invading Libyans, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Turks, Arabs and Western Europeans. This explains the genetic status of the modern Egyptian, who does not resemble his Black African forebears.

    To truly determine the Ancient Egyptian “race,” one must consider the full range of linguistic cultural, anatomical, archaeological and genetic evidence. One recent, nonblack scholar, Richard Poe (“Black Spark: White Fire: Did African Explorers Civilize Ancient Europe”) (Prima Publishing, Rocklin, CA), has done just that and has reached the following conclusion: “Were the Egyptians black? That is entirely up to up to you. But were they biologically African? It would seem that they were.”

    We, of course, believe that the Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans and the following is a synopsis of some of the evidence that supports our view:

    The skeletons and skulls of the Ancient Egyptians clearly reflect that they were a Negroid people with features very similar to those of modern Black Nubians and other people of the Upper Nile and of East Africa.

    Egyptologist Cheikh Anta Diop invented a method for determining the level of melanin in the skin of human beings. When conducted on Egyptian mummies in the Museum of Man in Paris, this test indicated that these remains were of Black people.

    “Lepsius canon,” which distinguishes the bodily proportions of various racial groups categories the “ideal Egyptian” as “short-armed and of Negroid or Negrito physical type.”

    Diop notes that even after hundreds of years of inter-mixture with foreign invaders, the blood type of modern Egyptians is the “same group B as the populations of western Africa on the Atlantic seaboard and not the A2 Group characteristic of the white race prior to any crossbreeding.”

    “The Egyptians had only one term to designate themselves =kmt= the negroes (literally). This is the strongest term existing in the Pharaonic tongue to indicate blackness; it is accordingly written with a hieroglyph representing a length of wood charred at the end and not crocodile scales,” singular. ‘Kmt’ from the adjective =kmt= black; it therefore means strictly negroes or at the very least black men. The term is a collective noun which thus described the whole people of pharaonic Egypt as a black people.”

  181. I'm a white dude and I support this article's basic message. In fact I once wrote a paper arguing the very same thing for my South African history class (got an A on it too). You can read it on my blog here:

  182. This article clearly has just a little bias in it…just a little.

  183. "Any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depends on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study. Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as "black", while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans." – Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt (2001, Vol3, page 27-28)

  184. Tom Larson says:

    "Any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depends on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study. Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as "black", while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans." – The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, Vol 3, p27-28

  185. Lance Walker says:

    the black race is the firts to creat a civilisation unmuch by any other, when black people need inspiration just look at ancient egypt and ethiopia we or true nubians by heart not by choice.

  186. Anonymous says:

    Actually, the ancient Egyptians were white not black. There is no proof of them being other than white. Blacks have never developed any civilization or culture in the last 9,000 years. If the ancient Egyptians were black, than how come the black race has never produced a productive culture and civilization since Egypt. Blacks still live in grass huts, and are corrupt. They have never gone past their spear chucking ways.

  187. what a pice of crap acient egypt people are the same as today they dark in color but not black just look at africa today they live in shacks

  188. Andrew Luak says:

    Just one thing I want to get clear I know for a fact that my ancestor came from Nubia. The two black "tribes" I belong to lived in Nubia and Egypt but I am sick of African Americans claiming Egypt or Nubia as there ancestral home because you African Americans were taken of the west coast of Africa not places like Sudan Ethiopia etc.. anyways black and Greek and Arab ancestry cant get any better 🙂

  189. They believe aliens contributed to the Khemet civilization.Very lame!!

  190. Because Egypt must not be geographically located in Africa. Where Africans are generally….African. Smh

  191. in the Prince of Egypt musical, they portrayed the characters as a blend of Africans, and what seemed as darker skin toned arabic race? almost indian-like. anyways, i thought it was all beautiful. Egyptians are beautiful.

  192. Eric Burden says:

    We continue to hash around the same conundrum of who did what and who was here first. What does it have to do with the here and now or what are we doing now. The horse is dead and it's not planning on getting up. Let's move forward in the spirit of our ancestors and continue being apart of life's legacy. So much of life is based on a belief; whether true or not can we except and be thankful that we are fortunate to be the generation of here and now and establish our own legacy that will impact history? I am thankful to be a part of life….are you?

  193. Of course they were black, originating from Africa. Race, colorism and divisions of territory based on phenotypes are a European construct.

  194. Control another's past = engineer there future!

  195. Deborah Bee says:

    So much of history has been white-washed. Thank you for printing the article.

  196. Anonymous says:

    Whites and all races come from us.. Yep, if you dont believe it look up Chinese DNA ancestory.. They found that even the chinese have links to sub sahara africa and the people that inhabit China were once africans who migrated thousands of years ago to that region. THe first Europeans were of a black people they migrated from Africa thousands of years ago and over the years changed complexions due to climate, diet, and geological location.

    Black people are the modern day people of all current races on this planet. The genome found in the oldest fossil found on this planet some 50,000 years ago proves all people came from black people.. This fossil is know today as Eve and was found in the Sudan region of the continent. Whites are a genetic malfunction of intermixing and interbreeding.. They are victims of Albinoism and leprosy..

    The EU has kept this secret from the world by whitewashing everything to create a history greater then ours.. They should be brought up on charges for crimes against humanity by the UN.. The truth would cripple the current catholic church and dismiss the bible as truth..

  197. Steven James says:

    No doubt we blacks true conquers

  198. Andrew Hill says:

    It's sad people need to worry about what color Egyptians were. I believe they were Arabs personally but really how can we know? We can't. Instead of living 4000 years in the past why don't you pro Africans actually help Africans? You know the ones alive today?

    All this blame on whites for slavery is stupid the Arabs enslaved blacks way longer. Many american slaves were sold to Europeans by other blacks in order to get guns and deport tribal enemies. That fact is convienently forgotten. Do is the fact that Africa is one of the last places where slavery STILL exists and guess what it's blacks enslaving blacks. Specifically the pigmy people of the Congo. Oh and the black slave owners excuse "it's a time homered tradition" the same lame excuse repeated over and over regardless of what color the slave masters are.

    How many of the blacks who complain about slavery know whites were slaves in roman times? How many would rather be in Africa where endless wars, famine, and aids run rampant? How many actually try to end the current day slavery? How many even know that chocolate is produced with slave labor to the point that companies like Hershey can not buy from suppliers who actually pay every employee? I bet you all eat that shit with out regard to the fact that you are supporting the enslavement of your own people?

  199. The Egyptians were Africans. Why the fuss about the color of their skin? Their own art CLEARLY indicates that they were, or at least thought themselves to be, substantially lighter skinned than their Nubian neighbors to the south. The preoccupation with skin color here is disturbing in an age where political correctness dictates that the content of one's character and not the color of one's skin should be the measure of a person. Egypt is in Africa and was peopled by Africans of various shades, as Africans come in many shades today. Diop's "scientific" race theory is a relic of the nineteenth century and was the sort of "science" that led to the Third Reich's racial hygiene philosophy and, more apropos to this forum, was used by proslavery apologists to uphold the supposed natural state of slavery for blacks. Not the sort of evidence I would be citing. Africans get credit for the accomplishments of the Egyptians. The focus on skin color is a dangerous diversion from that basic fact.

  200. Spiritual Fruit Do Not Bare Religious Nuts ,, Well Said Grady Nelson

  201. Your oppressor will never teach you about yourself.

  202. Interesting. Latest DNA analysis using both matriarchal and patriarchal lineages show royal Egyptian mummies as being closest genetically to modern day Egyptians. This makes older data obsolete. Although clearly there were always going to be political marriages to neighboring kingdoms, so there are most certainly royal wives of different heritage than Egyptian.

  203. i think all things we need to know have been proven already, every single pharaoh has north african somalid dna in himself, ancient egypt is a north africa-ethopian culture, where thin nosed and light skinned and brown skinned and first caucasoid people live, negroids have been enslaved and injected into the already created culture they are a total different race with different dna face features and more weak and thin body statue and higher intelligence than the negroid born testosterone slave enslaved by every single race near him, the today egyptians represent how many niggers there were in ancient egypt, the today egypt were not killed by arabs this is a lie by niggers and some whites, arabs only asimilated with language and culture like in babylon egypt etc, all these people are still natives and arabs are a minority there, there were no egypt genocides ,you negroids are so pathetic because you have no single culture in all your slave countries from south africa to liberia where you have been enslaved, you need to watch at cultures known to be mixed, known to include non negroid people to actually find something,90% of africa is cultureless shithole with low iq bushmen, 10% of africa with culture is ironically on the border to the middle east and includes asians and north african somalids(seperate race) but in the rest of africa there are no somalid ethopians to help your bushmen, and therefore they stay primitive asthey mentally are, search for a pyramid in south africa, there havent been white people or middle eastern from theborder or a seperate north african race, the problem is not only that negroids are unable to create a civilization themselves because of their low iq that simply isn't enough for the basics of human culture like more modern trading etc, what is even worse is if you put them in an already working society 90% fall off because they are not able to handle it, they turn to drugs or criminals as statistics prove, or simple toillet cleaner, the rest of the few % that make it are either mixed and if they are not they simply are above average of their race, what is rare because the average is really low,so next time you hear of a dark skinned person, if it is in persia, in ancient greek, in rome, in judaism, i will give you my word that if you keep reading you will end up with the word ethopia,and not a real negroid country you afro americans are from, it doesnt care where you read i can assure you the outcome is dark asian or north african if you keep studying , there is not a single real negroid place of culture let alone be mentioned by scriptures, all they were talking about is north africans and dark asians, i even see negroids so far saying indians are black and they are intelligent and build computers LOLOL, nobody ever told this sad idiot about what genetic studies and dna proofs are that show his negroid dna isnt everywhere except in his own negroid lands ,the higher this % the less colture, and in minority in the only cultures there likenorth africa,the only time negroids mentioned was where i said in ancient egypt a mixed culture of brown thin nosed people that contained non negroids, on the border to the middle east and where nubians have been enslaved and later injected into the egypt culture, same as arabs with the non negroid berbers that fought for arabs then in spain,

  204. The Original name for Africa is :Alkebulan: Arabic for " The Land Of The Blacks"

    Alkebulan is the oldest and the only name of indigenous origin. It was used by the Moors, Nubians, Numidians, Khart-Haddans (Carthagenians), and Ethiopians. Africa, the current name adopted by almost everyone today , was given to this continent by a European invader by the name of Louis Africanus. Like all methods of manipulation the Romans sought to completely disconnect the indigenous Africans from their culture, deities, and knowledge.

  205. you do realize the ptolemys were greek and cleopatra is a greek name which basically translates from greek as "glory of the father" or "love of the father".

  206. Mike Pardo says:

    If everyone is or was black like you all claimed to be, including Adam and Eve and even God. Then how come only 10 % of the world's population is Negro?
    Got you all there!

  207. Despite the overwhelming evidence, White Racism deliberately chooses to ignore this in films and are blissful in their notions of stupidity that Egyptians were lily white. Go figure.

  208. Anonymous says:

    The only thing sad about this article is how blacks in the US whose ancestors were brought here as slaves from WEST AFRICA are trying to claim a civilization that was on the North East as their own. It is actually ignorant of you to think that just because your ancestors came from the continent of Africa somehow all of Africa is one. It is like the Chinese claiming Indian civilization is theirs because it is in Asia. "African" continent was a term used by colonial powers who saw a diverse continent with different cultures, traditions, languages and people as one. You ignorant fools seem to be reinforcing it. Do you have such inferiority complex that you need to constantly justify why you are a christian or why you are practicing Islam? African tribes that are diverse and culturally heterogeneous have so much to teach us about how we can coexist with nature, how to nurture it and how societies can deal with scarce resources, something that this world on brink of annihilation needs desperately.Instead I see a bunch of people trying to feel superior because they are made to feel inferior by people who have a cultural hold on you, by creating an illusion of your past that didn't exist. This is exactly what happened in India as well. In order to challenge the British, Indians with an inferiority complex adopted the stifling, socially and culturally repressive practices of Victorian England, claimed they were actually indigenous with roots in India and imposed it on their own people. We are seeing the tragedy of that consequence. By the way by calling an ancient civilization, whose most unique trait was its ability to become a technological, economical, political and social super power and yet maintain peace, Egypt ( a word derived from Constantin's Bible), is an insult to that civilization. Embrace your indigenous roots and make an attempt to learn about it. Those African tribal societies that you pretend didn't exist or you are not part of and shun for a monolithic religion, which by the way has brought so much misery on human kind, might be the one last hope for humanity.

  209. Prince Horus says:

    how about lets forget about the fact that ANCIENT EGYPT was black… kuz that's a big ass duh… lets prove that they were black buy building another big pyramid/stargate… and travel the way we use to… I think I know a way or atleast I have came up with a lot different points were this could be achieved… because remember isis and osirus said we came from the Sirius and orion constellation… so if we could descend maybe it shud be just as easy to ascend… just a thought since we've moved past the point that they were black decades and centuries ago… really? so were the ancient sumerians… were ENKI called his people the "saggiga" (which means black headed ones)… we are not earthlings that's why they are trying to perform genocide on our kind, the problem is that they cant find a way to do it without it killing them off as well… I say ascend again

  210. Kevin Lepp says:

    Look Arabic/middle eastern to me. Then again this has already been disproven so perhaps I just took the bait.

  211. Carlos Mays says:

    In the bible it says Adam was made from clay but in ancient Hebrew the word used really means soil because it is easily molded as opposed to using hard “clay”. If u have any knowledge of gardening you would know that soil is jet black or very rich chocolate colored No matter what part of the earth it comes from. So can anyone tell me how the first human beings were not negroid? Also God said let him be made in our image, and composed him of dark rich soil which is necessary for the fruits of life, what do you think the real image of our creator looks like? To understand the bible you have to research the original language it was wrote in instead of the versions composed during and after the rule of Constantine in which “Jesus” was given his divinity and face, keep in mind the bible tells of wooly hair and bronze skin but when you see his pictures in today’s religion he is the total opposite. The letter J wasn’t invented until the1600’s, so what was his name and image before europian influence. Even the story of Jesus is a retelling and adaptation of a ancient Egyptian fable. Europeans have a strong history of taking the power of the Moorish, negroid, afrikan people’s and white washing it to take another people’s history or achievements and making it their own. Look at the so called great inventors of “America”. If I am an inventor, then how can I have another man” black man” drawing up the blueprints that are inside my head to be presented for patenting unless these were not really my ideas?. I.e. Eli Whitney- cotton gin: research it.

  212. Carlos Mays says:

    We are being erased from the early history of this planet. They say African history is only about 10,000 years old and that we learned from European and Asian influence but our history pre dates bout cultures and the colonization of those areas. The first samurai’s and ninjas were black. There was a traveling man of negroid heritage who took characteristics from animals as he traveled Asia and applied them to fighting styles which is now the basis for kung fu! Go to Asia and tell them to show u the oldest people and take to the forest of Asia and u will find negroid people’s with traditional “Asian” facial features. The pale long haired Asians are really a minority as opposed to the darker skinned , curly haired people you will encounter on your travels thru the Asian continent. Only in the colder mountainous regions will you find large populations of fair skinned straight haired Asians. The same is true for the world, where do you find fair skinned, straight haired people? (European) Just because your body adapts to the environment over thousands of years doesn’t mean you are not still part of the whole of mankind and therefore descendants of the original people’s(Black) who ancestors pre dates your own! Why do people try so hard to be lighter skinned and straight haired? That is a mutation! Wonder why as a whole people of color are healthier and live longer(maybe not in America), because color is power, even genectically. I am not speaking black superiority, I am only speaking simple truths that can be proven and people need to know so the black subservient culture we have in this country can be overcome and empower and lost people to become leaders and respectable men of influence.

  213. Don't have to prove anything. It's common sense and knowledge to a 3 year old.

  214. Riju Sam says:

    Yea blacks were there but as a slave read the fucking history. Egyptians were tan colored people not African looking.

  215. Bee Ryan says:

    wow … "Even today, a significant number of mainstream Egyptologists, anthropologists, historians and Hollywood moviemakers continue to deny African people’s role in humankind’s first and greatest civilization in ancient Egypt. This whitewashing of history negatively impacts Black people…"

    oye – There were "great civilizations" before Egypt and after Egypt and what was great about Egypt is that they were (primarily) not concerned with what you call "race" … yet you may troll if you wish to support your fantasy world.

  216. You got it all wrong…Whites were slaves to the Moors….I know, cause I am a decendant of the Moors/Berbers. Read Genesis 10:6. Mizraim was the first Egyptian – he was the son of Ham. Ham in Hebrew means burnt – dark. The Egyptians were Black. #checkmate

  217. Tq Quarters says:

    Of course there'd be black slaves, but P.O.W. types from battles. In art you also see captured whites and asians. And tribes in Africa come in different shades (not just dark black) and differing facial features, etc.
    Ancient Egyptians didn't speak Arabic. Arabs of today in Egypt, are descendants of those who came after the egyptian dynasties. Libyans, Persians, Greeks, Romans. The Romans, who dressed like Pharaoh and practiced the same burial techniques. Why they find caucasian statues and mummies.

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