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10 Black Scholars Who Debunked Eurocentric Propaganda

Cheikh Anta Diop

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop
Senegalese-born Cheikh Anta Diop (1923–1986) received his doctorate degree from the University of Paris and was a brilliant historian, anthropologist, physicist and politician and one of the most prominent and proficient Black scholars in the history of African civilization.

Contrary to the long-standing European myth of a Caucasian Egypt, Diop’s studies into origins of the human race and precolonial African culture established that ancient Egypt was founded, populated, and ruled by Black Africans; the Egyptian language and culture still exists in modern African languages (including his own Wolof language); and that Black Egypt was responsible for the rise of civilization throughout Africa and the Mediterranean, including Greece and Rome.

Diop also pioneered techniques of scientific research, such as carbon dating as a means of dating artifacts and remains, and the melanin dosage test he used to verify the melanin content of Egyptian mummies. Forensic investigators later adopted this technique to determine the “racial identity” of badly burned accident victims. Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Senegal, is named after him.


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152 thoughts on “10 Black Scholars Who Debunked Eurocentric Propaganda

  1. Joseph Yusef White says:


  2. Vic Stafford says:

    Also Molefi Assante!

  3. Michelle De Forest-Sylvester says:

    Check your history! These people preceded Elijah Muhammad & Farrakhan. Second, Farrakhan nor Muhammad are considered 'Scholars'.

  4. It's obvious Joseph that your just talking loud and saying nothing !! These scholars came before Eijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan !! Stop putting out misinformation ! Who you work for , FOX NEWS ???

  5. Glester Thorpe says:

    Joseph Yusef White, I'm sorry you're wrong buddy. Michelle De Forest-Sylvester is exactly right. These people are scholars unlike Farrakhan or Muhammad. Also, they started doing there work prior to Muhammad.

  6. Ram Bhagat says:

    Although the Honorable Elijah Muhammad may not be considered a scholar, his contribution to the dismantling of white supremacist propaganda is monumental.

  7. Darryl De says:

    Ve Mee Elijah and Farrakhan were and are religious leaders. And your right sometimes it's better to be thought a fool; then to speak removing all doubt. Try it sometimes.

  8. Darryl De says:

    Elijah and Farrakhan were and are religious leaders. Period! Not scholars. Please do your homework. SMDH

  9. Darryl De says:

    Thank you.

  10. Darryl De says:

    Vic Stafford Yes he is a scholar

  11. Ty Anderson says:

    You do realize most of the people on here are native born Africans.

  12. Wade Jacks says:

    The reason they don't want to admit to this is because it completely undermines the obvious lie they so carefully created over 500 years, that we are somehow less then them. When in fact the origins of all that they know came from BLACK Africans.

  13. Kenneth D Price says:

    This is a wonderful article. Congrats!

  14. Kathy Makeda M says:

    I salute our great Black scholars. Even more so, Drusilla Dunjee Houston (1876-1941). She was one of the first. Her work was published in 1926, long before many of the aforementioned:

  15. Akeel King says:

    In my opinion, Elijah Muhammad should be in this because, he came up with an ideology and theology that raise his followers economic, political, social, and educational status.

  16. Akeel King says:

    Excuse me, your wrong most of these of scholars came after Elijah. Elijah work started in the 30's and continue till his death in 75'. Even though some of these scholars was alive around then, they did not start writing their books and being scholars later on in their adult life which was after Elijah presence.

  17. Brandon Williams says:

    Farakhan received his teachings from Elijah Muhammad, who in turn got his from Farad Muhammad who was taught by Noble Drew Ali! There is no NOI without Noble Drew Ali! Aside from the former non of these men are scholars in the fields of African History! Non are accredited! Plus NOI assasinated The Prophet El Hajj Malik Shabazz, they should be a by word in your vocabulary!

  18. Moses Caballero says:

    Akeel King WOW, you consider these two fools "scholars". Quite sad, indeed.

  19. Moses Caballero says:

    Um, communism is a system that describes the same attributes, your so-called scholar proposed. Historically, there are dozens that came up with systems of elevation of mankind, before that Puedo-scholar was even thought of.

  20. Brandon Williams says:

    In Addition to Moses' comment What Have the NOI done for Black people Period other then give them propaganda? LMAO! What have they attributed to your community? What personal story can you share with us? Moreover What has it done in terms of the genocidal war raging in the city it calls home, Chicago?

  21. Glester Thorpe says:

    Akeel King, have you ever heard of someone named Marcus Mosiah Garvey. He came up with the ideology not Elijah Muhammed. Garvey is who birth the black movement period. Muhammad's 'message to the black man' was a carbon copy of Garvey's 'Message to the people: the course of african philosophy.' While I applaud Elijah for grabbing the torch, it is very important that we get the narrative of our history correct.

  22. David Sesay says:

    To know's ones "HISTORY" means positive energy that generate and vibrate through all thy cells…a key that opens every doors venture(d) to the very height of ease and sense of self not leaving in any Qualms of they "SAY")…The question is what are u Saying in effect?… Take care and cultivate knowldge of self….

  23. Yvonne-Evie Blijden says:

    Laten we gewoon accepteren dat ze allemaal goed werk hebben geleverd jeetje.

  24. Vic Stafford Molefi Kete Asante Indeed!

  25. Black Light says:

    We should not argue arguing about what scholar lived when and what religious political figure lived. Scholars like John Henrik Clark and Dr Diop where alive while Elijah Mohammed was alive and knew the man. Elijah Mohammad was a religious figure not scientific. He did use Sciences and and more psuedo-science like any religion uses to show that Black people in American where second to none and great strides where made by these men yes but there is a huge HUGE difference between a religious figure and a scholar. Malcolm X who is widely known is not a scholar, he was a political figure and a religious leader. While these are important roles in the evolution of a people. Science and Scholarly Studies prove what religious and politicians exaggerate about for there own cause. All respect to Elijah Mohammed and Louis Farrakhan. They are not Scientists They are Theologians of there own Religion.

  26. Who are ten "LIVING" debunkers of Eurocentricity? Runoko Rashidi, Anthony Browder, Leonard Jeffries, Maulana Karenga, Molefi Asante, Naim Akbar come to mind in addition to the three listed here. How about Minister Farrakhan?

  27. Joel Augustus Rogers????

  28. Spencer Tyrus says:

    Good question… The all the debunkers who either transitioned or are still living were African centered regardless of religion. While Minister Farrakhan has opposed and challenged Eurocentric propaganda, its difficult to debunk the view using an Islamic-centered view. In Dr. Clarke's assessment (Great and Mighty Walk) of Min. Farrakhan, he asked where is he trying to lead us? (the answer) straight to Islam. So can he be effective, yes! Is he necessary, yes! However, don't think he can debunk eurocentric propaganda no more than Jesse or Al; their missing variable is African centered thought.

  29. The problem with black people is that we are too damn negative. Always looking to down our own. All of these comments are stupid. Just respect the men in the article above as thi sis an ode to their work. Its not a list of every damn black person that has contributed to study & knowledge. Its just a personal list. Lets salute these men & leave the hating for our enemies. Yall embarrass me.. smh

  30. Jay Arrington says:

    You are absolutely incorrect. So much so that you should be embarrassed by such a personal display of ignorance. No disrespect, I mean ignorance in its proper context. However, a clear observation dictates that you are an older brother. At this point, in your life, you should have knowledge far beyond the nonsensical statement you spewed. Those scholars were not before Elijah Muhammad. You could have simply looked that information up, but you didn't. You just replied from a position of ignorance as if you were correct. I personally would be utterly embarrassed when you consider your age. In addition, no one forced you to state that wrong information you volunteered it. Is that not true?

  31. Jay Arrington says:

    Only the ignorant will make a futile effort to contend against your statement Ram. However, it would be an utterly innocuous attempt because historical truth cannot be erased especially when it has a contemporary presence. Meaning the work of Elijah Muhammad is still present to this very day.

  32. Danois Allen says:

    Most prolific response to the article my brother! Sounds like the disciples's petty argument/question to Jesus. Who will be the greatest in thy kingdom? First- last, last-first. smh! We still fall for the same ole' tricks over and over!

  33. Lyfe A Theo says:

    You couldn't say it better..but can't blame them for downing each other, it's always a battle, battle is good for a defense mechanism but not among st ourselves, leave that for the enemy.Willie letter have been working quite well on black people…We need all of those great scholars, therefore society can know the truth and blacks can reverse the playing field or leveled it.but scholars do deserve to be recognize for their great accomplishments in the proper order…

  34. Jay Arrington says:


    Elijah Muhammad was not preceded by those scholars above. The information I present will not be refuted. Here is a Timeline that will disprove the inaccuracies.

    1. *Elijah Muhammad* Born: October 7, 1897, Sandersville, GA
    He led the Nation of Islam from 1934 until his death in 1975.
    Died: February 25, 1975, Chicago, IL

    2. *Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop* Born: December 29, 1923 in Thieytou, Diourbel Region, French Senegal. Died: February 7, 1986

    (FACT: Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop was 11-years-old when Elijah Muhammad started the Nation of Islam)

    3. *Dr. John Henrik Clarke*: January 1, 1915 in Union Springs, Alabama. July 16, 1998

    (FACT: Dr. John Henrik Clark was 19-years-old when Elijah Muhammad started the Nation of Islam)

    4. *Dr. Marimba Ani* There is no birth of Dr. Marimba Ani online. However, judging from her movement through time past and current she could not have been born when the Elijah Muhammad started the Nation of Islam.

    5. *Dr. Amos N. Wilson* Born: Hattiesburg, Mississippi in ? 1941. Died January 14, 1995

    (FACT: Dr. Amos N. Wilson was not born when Elijah Muhammad started the Nation of Islam)

    (Fact: Dr. Amos N. Wilson said. “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was one of the greatest psychologists we ever had, and many of us still have not come to understand that yet.” That quote came from Dr. Amos N. Wilson’s book The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness, page 30. He also said black people should follow Elijah Muhammad’s economical plan)

    6. *Dr. Ivan Gladstone Van Sertima* Born: January 26. 1935. In Kitty Village, British Guiana. Died May 25, 2009

    (Fact: Dr. Ivan Gladstone Van Sertima was one-years-old when Elijah Muhammad started the Nation of Islam)

    7. *Dr. Frances Cress Welsing* Born: March 18, 1935, Chicago. She is currently practicing psychiatrist in Washington D. C.. (If that has changed it was not updated online as of yet)

    8. *Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan* Born: December 31, 1918 – To the present time.
    (FACT: Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan 16-years-old when Elijah Muhammad started the Nation of Islam)

    9. *Dr. Anthony Martin* Born: February 21, 1942 in Trinidad. Died: January 17, 2013

    (FACT: Dr. Anthony Martin was not born when Elijah Muhammad started the Nation of Islam)

    10. *Dr. Chancellor James Williams* December 22, 1893, in Bennettsville, South Carolina. Died: December 7, 1992.

    (FACT: When Elijah Muhammad started the Nation of Islam whne Dr. Chancellor James Williams was a student in college and had not made his way to the battlefield of the black struggle or we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say it wasn’t full-fledged.
    He moved with his family to Washington, DC in the early 20th century. His first wife, Dorothy Ann Williams, died in 1925, leaving him a widower with five children. Williams earned an undergraduate degree in Education in 1930 followed by a Master of Arts degree in History in 1935, both from Howard University. After completing a doctoral dissertation on the socioeconomic significance of the storefront church movement in the United States since 1920, he was awarded a Ph.D. in history and sociology by American University in 1949.
    In 1971, Williams sent his magnum opus The Destruction of Black Civilization to Kendall Hunt, a white-owned publishing company, for publication and distribution. The following year, the book received an award from the Black Academy of Letters and Arts.
    By the time Dr. Chancellor Williams wrote that must-read book for all black people; the Nation of Islam had been in existence in the fight against America for 37 years).
    *Dr. George Granville Monah James* Born: Unknown Georgetown, Guyana, South America. Died in 1954
    (FACT: Elijah Muhammad had started the Nation of Islam 20 years before Dr. George Granville Monah James published the book Stolen Legacy. In addition Dr. James mysteriously died not long after publishing his book.

    In conclusion, the facts show that none of the people above preceded Elijah Muhammad, and it also shows that some black people in 2013 still say and state the words know your history in a corrective manner without actually knowing their history themselves. There is only one way to refute the above timeline. One would have to know how to interrupt the space-time continuum and travel back in time and prevent Elijah Muhammad from starting the Nation of Islam before those people could have started their things. If you have not figured out how to do that, then the above cannot be confuted, refuted or disputed it is irrefutable.

    Moreover, how does one come to be known as a scholar? The definition of the word scholar: 1. A learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more discipline. 2. Someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs. 3. A student who holds a scholarship.
    Scholar is synonymous with: assimilator, bookman, learner, scholarly person, student.
    Therefore, anyone who puts their mind to it can become a scholar. Elijah Muhammad was indeed a scholar. How can one lead hundreds of thousand of people and nationwide and in England (something none of the above can claim, and I don’t mean any disrespect I’m just making an observation) and not have scholarly value? Just because Boss didn’t acknowledge him as a scholar that doesn’t mean he wasn’t. Especially when one can become a bookman and be considered a scholar. Elijah Muhammad produced amazing students as well, and that’s a fact. In addition, stop stating, know your history, if you DON'T know your history; It’s ridiculous.

  35. Jay Arrington says:

    @Glester Marcus Mosiah Garvey was trying to fill a need that was there long before he came to America. He noticed what we needed as a people and he start trying to accomplish it, along with getting us all involved. However, the enemy quickly got rid of Marcus Garvey as history recorded. Nevertheless, the need that Marcus Garvey was trying to fulfill for black people was still present. What was Elijah Muhammad to do? Not try to fulfill the need of his people because someone else tried to do it before him. Therefore, to avoid being called a copycat should he had not tried to fulfill the need that again was present in black-America long before Marcus Garvey came here. Do you see how you sound? We still need that need fulfilled today, so if someone stands up to do it, will you call them a carbon copy? The narrative is that something needed to be done and Marcus Garvey tried to do it while competing against a very formidable opponent who won against him. Marcus Garvey didn't come up with the ideology. The ideology came into existence the moment white people put us in the position they did. The ideology was the counter-move. For every move, there is an equal and opposite counter- move. Marcus Garvey was able to see that and tried to apply the counter. Every problem bares the seed of the solution inside it. I'm not trying to take anything away from the Honorable Marcus Garvey, but I am trying to think like him. In addition, it shouldn't matter who started it, I'm sure he just wanted it finished. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad helped cleaned up hundred of thousand of black people. That is a fact. Therefore, for you and all the seven people who liked your statement, you all are up to bat. Bring us home, put your life on the line against this beast like those brothers did, to the point where your name will be remembered like their names are. What say you and the seven people that liked what you stated? Additionally, are you sure about this "it is very important that we get the narrative of our history correct." Because you just off base on another matter but I've sent you the correction. How important is it really?

  36. Jay Arrington says:

    @Brandon Williams short and sweet what is your solution. In addition, point out the propaganda. I'm willing to go point by point with you. What do you say? In addition, can you explain to us why is there genocidal war raging in the city of Chicago? I can't wait to hear this. Negroes have a talent for pointing out the problems but let see how good you are with the solutions. Moreover, you couldn't have ever read a book by Dr. Amos Wilson, ever!

  37. Jay Arrington says:

    Brandon Williams Please tell me more about this propaganda? Let's see what you know…

  38. Mlu Mkhize says:

    I would personally add Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. whose protege' is Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

  39. Spencer Tyrus says:

    J.A. Rogers, Cater G. Woodson, Rayford Logan, etc. were all early historians that provided great work. Their research, particularly for that time period, armed us with powerful truths about ourselves and reinforced pride and dignity. Yet, they did not seek to debunk eurocentric ideology rather give us tools (historical truths) as coping skills while dealing with white supremacy. While those early historians were not African centered, they still are some of my favorites ones. Rogers does indirectly address white supremacy in one book written like a novel, From "Superman" to Man" but not quite like the noted scholars on the list; they were much more candid.

  40. This is a great list of Master Teachers and Warrior Scholars. May the students of their scholarship build institutions to to honor them and to continue their legacy independent of the system they fought against.

  41. Improve Your Truth .:. :: :.-

  42. Thanks John this is some good stuff. If we as blacks only knew our history we would have an idea of where we are going.

  43. Jay Arrington says:

    Michelle De Forest-Sylvester is absolutely incorrect, and I have made her aware that she was incorrect the same goes for Glester Thorpe. Now I'm wondering will they be big enough Africans to come back before us and admit they are wrong. Because again, she is absolutely wrong, and she did not check the history herself before posting her comment, again the same goes for Glester Thorpe.

  44. Jay Arrington says:

    Darryl De Explain to us what makes one a scholar. And maybe you need to do some homework and look the word up. I'm sure you'll be surprised by the definition along with is synonyms. You should shake your damn head as you put for not looking the word up first, because you certainly did not! In addition, you appear to be an older brother you should know the definition for that word by now. How in the world, has that definition escape you for these years?!

  45. Jay Arrington says:

    Darryl De Explain to us what makes one a scholar. And maybe you need to do some homework and look the word up. I'm sure you'll be surprised by the definition along with its synonyms. You should shake your damn head as you put for not looking the word up first, because you certainly did not! In addition, you appear to be an older brother you should know the definition for that word by now. How in the world, has that definition escape you for these years?!

  46. Jane Bush says:

    Great minds, focused, non- distractable and Perseverent. Thank you from me and all my ancestors. Now to know where we originated we are capable of standing on that history, independent of the powers who would destroy

  47. Jane Bush says:

    Great minds, focused, non- distractable and Perseverent. Thank you from me and all my ancestors. Now to know where we originated we are capable of standing on that history, independent of the powers who would destroy

  48. Chuck Penn says:

    Where's Molefi K. Asante? He's written more books than any contemporary scholar on the African contribution and has been a fierce defender of African-centered scholarship. In fact, he started the first Doctoral program on African Studies — the first in the world. To overlook Dr. Asante is to do him a great disservice!

  49. Chuck Penn says:

    Nonsense! You can look at it as a negative because people choose to prefer different contributors in addition to or over those that were noted. Or you can look at is as positive for those us who would like others to be recognized for their contributions as well. It's not a zero-sum game here, my brother.

  50. Terrance Watson says:

    It's a shame that our people will come to an article like this and find something to argue about. Check yourself. We keep doing this same pathetic thing.

  51. Young Shad says:

    these scholars were not before Elijah . do some research ….an Elijah did not search for historical truth Farrakhan please lol what a joke

  52. The Arabcentric propaganda is just as toxic as the eurocentric propaganda. Neither encourages an unbiased view of the world around us.

  53. Nicole Erika says:

    Well spoken, Brother. Thank you for finding the corrective information and putting it out here for the people. Do you have any idea why "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" is accredited to Anthony Martin in this article, and not the research dept. of the Nation of Islam?

  54. Nicole Erika says:

    This article needs a correction. "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" was not written by Anthony Martin, it was compiled by the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam utilizing information gained from Jewish scholars. Dr. Martin's relationship with that book is not that he wrote it but that he assigned it as reading material in one of his classes, which of course caused a controversy.

  55. Akeel King says:

    Glester, I have heard of him but, what ideology are you referring to? what message are you talking about? Because if you read Message to the Black man you will know there is many messages in it. Plus, who was more successful in carrying this "African philosophy"?

  56. Akeel King says:

    Brandon Williams, your statement shows a lack of historical knowledge and it shows that you have a negative attitude towards them. What wrong did the NOI did to you and your family? And what are you doing that the Nation aren't?

  57. Understanding Born says:

    all of the above deserves credit,however the question remains, now that we've found love what are we gone do with it ?

  58. Dadisi Olutosin says:

    First I'd like to thank Atlanta Black Star for publishing this article. There are many other Continental Africans and diasporic Blacks who are both "academic and research" scholars having contributed to the dismantling of White Cultural and Academic Supremacy that could have been mentioned but this was their list not ours. There's enough credit to go around but what I find bothersome about much of the focus of the later comments in response to this article is the focus on who was or was not first. Honestly, it's sophomoric at best and American cultural egocentrism at worst. Yes, Black Americans can be just as egotistic about their perspective of history and cultural as White Americans can be.

    Let me say for the record, I have deep respect for the actions of Elijah Poole Muhammad as he attempted to turn Black Americans away from what he perceived to be their acceptance of a paradigm that wasn't in their best interest. Unfortunately he as did many others use pseudo-religiosity and mythology to change peoples minds. In the process developing cults of personality and not movements of change lead by truth of history and culture.

    Let me be clear for the record, Islam while it may be practiced by millions of Black people the world over is not a religion indigenous to the African continent. It was brought to the African continent by hoards of Arab desert dwelling barbarians who forced African men, woman and children to accept their desert god, mythologies and culture in lieu of their own. So let us all be careful when trading the culture of one group of invaders, the Western Europeans for that of another somehow thinking that it's better. The Arabs were cruel to those they converted and continue to be cruel when it comes to how they view African Muslims. Go to the Hajj and you'll understand what I mean.

    Also, in much of what I read, people failed to mention Marcus Mosiah Garvey at all. Because if we are to call Elijah Muhammad a scholar it is Garvey who would have proceeded him as one as well. It was Garvey's U.N.I.A. that gave birth to both the Nation of Islam and the Moorish Science Temples. I know many people will disagree with that statement because everyone wants to believe their venerated leaders had an original idea.

    Both Elijah Muhammad and The Noble Drew Ali were affiliated with the U.N.I.A. when they both lived in Detroit which is were Muhammad met Fard Ford Muhammad and eventually got his notions about utilising Islam as a way to free the minds, hearts and souls of Black American people. Point being there is a lot of perspective missing in many of the comments I've read on this post. Bottom line is that the efforts of many people, great men and women developed a consciousness with Black people the world over.

    Let's not forget about the work of Abdias do Nascimento of Brazil and many, many other Afro-Latino's from Central and South America, Caribbean/West Indians and others who had their own struggles for identity as African descendant peoples. People who fought against Eurocentric notions of their superiority over others, namely us. I know I've written a lot and anyone reading this can feel free to vet anything I've stated. I won't argue or go back and forth with anyone.

    I simply thought it was important to voice this perspective which seemed to be missing from this dialogue. Just remember the realities of truth and history don't always measure up to the romanticised nature of mythology and stories of people we hold in high esteem. With that I bid you all peace, love and light.

  59. Zakiya Carr says:

    Not a single woman? Think hard…

  60. Zakiya Carr says:

    Not a single woman? Think hard…

  61. Davis Emille says:

    Carter G. Woodson's work, "The Miss-Education of the negro," according to Dr. Naim Akbar, was the foundation upon which Elijah Mohammed built his NOI philosophy. Dr. N. Akbar then used that said work as the foundation for the establishment of his work " African Psychology." So it is safe to say that the Arabization of an African Scholar's work was the foundation on which the Nation of Islam was built. Don't argue about facts, do your research people!

  62. This article, this website are absolutely hilarious, how delusional can you be to believe in such non-sense ? I understand that black people suffered in the past from slavery but it's over now, you people really need to abandon that "them against us" mentality and thinking that "the white man keeps us down". You keep yourself down by believing in such stupidities. Almost all of the guys quoted in this article are famous for being charlatans.

  63. May Allah Be Pleased with Tony Martin. However, he did not write the book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. This 2 series volume was written by the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam. See NOI Research Group

  64. May Allah Be Pleased with Tony Martin. However, he did not write the book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. This 2 series volume was written by the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam. See NOI Research Group

  65. Ronricus X Mcgullicutty says:

    Brother Khalifah Muhammad great work sir. I am not sure how credit of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews was given to another person, group or organization. I respect everyone's thoughts on this subject. However specifically I want to thank my Bro Jay Arrington for supporting the thoughts of importance of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad on this subject. Lets take a look at the students of Elijah Muhammad. Louis Farrakhan, Malcom X, Muhammad Ali, Dr. Khallid Muhammad, Dr. Naim Akbar and the list goes on. Make no mistake I respect and thank all of our scholars, liberators and freedom fighters. But Elijah Muhammad installed a actual program to uplift our people he wasn't just someone who documented and archived facts. I would suggest to you that I could compile a top 10 list of just Elijah Muhammad students that could rival any list any one else could think of. I am not saying this to be in competition or slight anyone opinion, Its your opinion and your welcome to it. I just want our people to take a 2nd look at Elijah Muhammad and his work.

  66. Daniel Brown says:

    Dr. Malachi Z York is a well known scholar ; surprised he isn't on this list. He's written many books and has done a lot of research and development as well.

  67. Daniel Brown says:

    Dr. Malachi Z York is a well known scholar ; surprised he isn't on this list. He's written many books and has done a lot of research and development as well.

  68. Devan Clark says:

    @SAIKU …I feel that way all the time..But I also understand the root causes of it, so that helps..Whats more frustrating for me tho, is when trying to teach my own people a new way of thinkung.they reject any ideals other than the ones they know as Caucasian in origin..That shit drives me crazy..But that's how brainwashed we are as a whole.

  69. Devan Clark says:

    @SAIKU …I feel that way all the time..But I also understand the root causes of it, so that helps..Whats more frustrating for me tho, is when trying to teach my own people a new way of thinkung.they reject any ideals other than the ones they know as Caucasian in origin..That shit drives me crazy..But that's how brainwashed we are as a whole.

  70. Devan Clark says:

    @Akeel King Thank you, he has no freaking ideal what he speaks of…

  71. Devan Clark says:

    @M Manuel Cruz ..For one thing ,why are you even here?..this is a discussion for Black people..we don't need any other race coming to cause distractions,we have had that already for too long. Second,you being Hispanic you should be off somewhere trying to get that crazy Brainwashed mentality Latinos have about your own people. and you know exactly what I am talking about so don't play dumd..and Third ,these men are well read Scholars that have a lot of weight amongst intellectuals. .You being latino and brainwashed by your European conquerors ,I understand why you would think anything coming from a Black man wouldn't meet your standards…lol

  72. Devan Clark says:

    You shouldn't even be here, its obvious your historical understandings are minimal at best…Elijah started his wrok in the very early 1930's but,I guess you don't care..Taking the European way of thinking seems to be where you prefer to learn your understanding of who you are…………………………….Dummy………

  73. Devan Clark says:

    Michelle De Forest-Sylvester No you need to check your History….

  74. Devan Clark says:

    Michelle De Forest-Sylvester second..Eljah Mohamned reached,over a 2 million blacks by 1934..Most Blacks had never even heard of these great men other than Marcus Garvey at that time…

  75. Devan Clark says:


  76. Real Talk. Go to His Facebook page and he is european and probably from Poland by the looks. They are the most racist eurotrash on the planet as ALL other Caucasians hate them, step on them, and misuse them. Why did Hitler try to wipe them off the face of the planet and exterminate them like roaches? I wish Hitler would have done a better job and we would not have to put up with this BS. They (polish) needed to find some else to redirect their insecurities towards and I believe they are teaching this in schools. I feel sorry for them as they have no where to run so where do they go? They go to Chicago and try to associate with Mexicans.

    **** Please when ever you see racist comments on FB, SEND ALL OF YOUR FRIEND all of your friends to their FB page and MESSAGE THEM and over flow their INBOX. Please be sure to have them have ALL THEIR FRIENDS DO THE SAME THING.

    WTF is he reading the Atlanta Black Star when he ( Joachim Lolshevik) is so negative towards Black People?

    Thank you.

  77. Akeel King says:

    I guess you haven't heard of Martin Delany.

  78. Akeel King says:

    I understand you don't have any historical knowledge of the NOI.

  79. Akeel King says:

    your deviod of historical knowledge.

  80. Are you for real ? I'm French, you complete retard.
    I also find funny that you claim that I am a racist when you publicly support Hitler and the massacre of the Polish.

  81. Devan Clark says:

    How so?..don't drop off there?..teach….

  82. Ronessia Bey says:

    Definitely NOT FARRAKHAN

  83. Troy Johnson says:

    I was previously unaware of Dr. Marimba Ani's work "Yurugu: An Afrikan-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior." I will check it out:

  84. Kwei Quartey says:

    Has "I couldn't put it down" (referring to reading a riveting book) become an empty cliche? Much as I appreciate the compliment as an author, I sometimes wonder if it's bandied about a little too much. For me, not being able to "put a book down" is reading until 4 a.m. to the end of the book because I just can't go to bed without finding out what happened, as occurred to me when I read "Day of the Jackal" by Frederick Forsythe

  85. Troy Johnson says:

    Kwei Quartey agreed. Indeed the entire article was shallow and irritatingly spanned 5 pages, presumably to serve 5 times as many advertisements. Think of the article as introducing readers to important intellectuals and will hopefully spur more research and reading by the visitor.

  86. Add to that list Marimba Ani, Frances Cress Welsing, Linda James Meyers, Kobi Kambon, Haki Madibuti,

  87. Davis Emille , The philosophy of the NOI was well established before Naim Akbar joined the NOI. He joined in the mid-1960s.The philosophy of the NOI was already developed by then.

  88. Cheikh Diop says:

    Wonderful article and I have some books to purchase.

  89. Darryl Rush says:

    We are the descendants of the Mastar Builders. We understood the science of everything in life. We did not separate because we knew and overstood that everything whs and is part and parcell of the great All. Symbiotic and duel in nature. We know the elemental aspects of all. peace.

  90. Darryl Rush says:

    So on that note if you really devote the serious studies to Elijah Muhammad you would and will see that he gave us mathematical word equasions rooted in the science of everything in life. He had the Massive-star grip which allowed him to re-ignite young-stars into full blown Suns. In other words he was given the power to re-awaken the mentally dead hit in the head (need to grow) negros. Today we embrace our Blackness because of the combined efforts all that came before us, risking their lives to reveal the carefully concealed nature and story of the Massive Megamanical Builders of jewel like structures using procise computations which allowed us to create that which is in the heavens here on earth. We could not do none of the above if we were not in total alignment with ourslves and the stars above. We mapped all 12 Cosmic (zodiac) houses and built and destroyed accordingly. We are the Hi-Rams and the I Ams. The fear of Christ ( Karast) is the rising spirit that lays dormant or Latent within us,shackled by the word of the Latent or Latin people. The word and the people are one and same. May your word be the bond that unites our people at all times. The lie is the binding force and the truth is the bonding force. Truth is the word that sets os free.

  91. Akeel King What year did Marcus M. Garvey work started. Garvey is the man, if you ask me. And that is the truth.

  92. Jay Arrington says:

    Nicole Erika No problem Queen, I was more than happy to do it! And no I don't know why The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" is accredited to Anthony Martin in this article, and not the research dept. of the Nation of Islam.

  93. Sorry. John Hendrik Clarke is his name.

  94. Lillian Asihene says:

    The persons listed probably had the greatest impact when it comes to setting the falsified records straight. Of course there were others whom I have read who made different contributions. When it comes to a list, one has to be selective, therefore there is subjectivity by the person compiling the list.

  95. Nicholle La Vann says:

    The problem with this article is you didn't include the legendary Dr. Leonard Jeffries who started the first Africana Studies program in San Jose and implemented the first Afrhcans studies at City College of NY

  96. This was an amazing and uplifting article. Why are we fighting for?

  97. This was an amazing and uplifting article. Why are we fighting for?

  98. Lisa Michalski says:

    Akeel King question does it really matter when they came on the scene? or is it what they have to say that matters? this is what I see wrong with our race~ we are always trying to tell one another how it was~ and what it is, and how it used to be…..instead of seeing what it could be, and what we can make it to be…we should go out and research for ourselves the information we need to know but yet we still rely on someone else (College of the white professors) to deliver it to us, not fully knowing if it is the truth

  99. Lisa Michalski says:

    Akeel King question does it really matter when they came on the scene? or is it what they have to say that matters? this is what I see wrong with our race~ we are always trying to tell one another how it was~ and what it is, and how it used to be…..instead of seeing what it could be, and what we can make it to be…we should go out and research for ourselves the information we need to know but yet we still rely on someone else (College of the white professors) to deliver it to us, not fully knowing if it is the truth

  100. Eriberto Eddie Gonzalez says:

    Great article now we just got circulate it more

  101. this is an EXCELLENT post!!!

  102. Shawn Mc says:

    still living in the past

  103. Delfia Maria says:

    Thank you for this post lm definitely checking out these scholars work thank you again up lifting indeed

  104. Ed Eller says:

    There's way too much noisy arguing here. Who cares who came when? That's pointless. The two gentlemen discussed in this article did important work. If you want to discuss some one else write an article about him or her. Also, lets please keep in mind that Dr.'s Clark and Diop made their points with a minimum of heavy handed political or populist polemic. That's important as a quiet but powerful proactive defense against ad hominem detraction.

  105. Lucas Prater says:

    LOL all these people were educated in western universities–a product of western "euro" culture. Can any of them be trusted?

  106. Alain R Tamo says:

    Molefi kete Asante and ama Mazama were omitted here…..

  107. Gino Morrow says:

    These are our GIANTS! and while there are several other noteworthy candidates who are still with us, I am grateful for such a strong declaration of our truths as represented by this writer's (A Moore) list. Thank you for doing the work and having the courage to share!

  108. Timothy you made yourself look really stupid with that comment.

  109. Where is Drusilla Dunjee Houston? You HAVE to give that sister her props! J.A. Rogers is another.

  110. Dr. Asa Hilliard, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Pro. James Small, Pro George Simmons, Dr. Julius Garvey, Dick Gregory, Dr. Julia Hare, Dr. Nathan Hare, and on and on

  111. SOME black people not all. Always be specific, our children read this.

  112. They both were not African scholars. Check your African history and theirs for facts not mythology.

  113. It's obvious you know none of them..Do your homework!

  114. White man, you CAN NEVER be trust. You destroy everything you touch. Our people , our culture, our ancestors….you have no say so in anything but destruction….The best you can do is stay away from us. That would be a blessing , and maybe the planet would have a chance to live

  115. Nikki Skies says:

    All of these books should be on our shelves!

  116. No Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad? Great informative article though thanks 🙂

  117. i don't know if anyone has noticed bur 1) there is no "black race", 2) all theses writers mange to do is proof the cycle of a society from creative to self-destructive, 3) God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God. Every one of them is gone back: they are altogether become filthy; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.
    (Psalms 53:2-3)

  118. Brother was high voltage. Too much for the average man.

  119. All of these exceptional scholars have my utmost respect. Their works have wholeheartedly forever changed my perspective on our place in history. Also, there are many more stellar savants to add to this list. Peace

  120. Western culture knows the truth about African contributions. The writings of the ancients were stored away during the middle ages. But the West chose to write about Greek contributions even though ancient Greek scholarly writings pointed them to Egypt, Ethiopia, and Africa. So no matter where you get your education, it is the true scholar who does the research and digs beyond the surface. You see the art and then you start to ask questions. Why do you think the French have stocked the Louvre with all of that looted African art. They saw the art and they wondered WHY?

  121. Deborah Bee says:

    We're always told we can't do things! We've been brainwashed into thinking that we're born to be followers, not leaders.

  122. Jason Reeves says:

    The racism on this page is staggering. No whites welcome here eh. Well here's to you keeping up the arguments and getting nowhere in your quest to undo the evil white man. If some of these comments were made by white people I would be disappointed and sickened. But I guess that's why white people are in the position we're in and Blacks are arguing with each other and secretly hating all white people. If you really loved your African culture and history then you wouldn't still be ashamed and so damned negative. Happy arguing 🙁


  124. Ibn Askia says:

    Black Thought All Star team. The first two listed are Giants.

  125. I'm sorry but this is almost as delusional as real history worldwide. Blacks need to stop blaming whites for all their problems slavery ended over 150 years ago and u got equality during the civil rights era. And you can't blame only whites for slavery some of your ancestors sold each other to whites. The only way u can make yourselves feel better is by by making up your own history where u were screwed out of all your accomplishments what a joke. Seriously u want respect stop acting like this and stop blaming everyone else for the problems of your people and look at yourselves

  126. Dont forget Dr Runoko Rashidi, Dr Ishakamusa Barashango, Dr Khallid Muhammad, Dr Asa Hillard, Dr Molefe Asante, Dr Jacub Carruthers & many others

  127. Sidney Davis says:

    A great effort is being made to make this scholarship available to our Nigerian brothers and sisters who are still gripped in the hands of slavery, colonialism, post and neocolonialism. There are no black bookstores, libraries or Dept of African studies that teach what we as Africans born in America have been so blessed with from these Master Teachers of our pre-colonial African Heritage.

  128. The author of the article could not list every positive contributor to black history. Why are you arguing among each other about nothing. Enjoy the article for it's intended purpose, education and enlightenment.

  129. Roland Davis says:

    We as a Ppl. Have turned from truth. Truth that we were created. Created by a God of Creation. We have turned away from Him and lost purpose. And values. No divine standard . no real life. Only bondage . We must return to Him and not things.

  130. Roland Davis says:

    We all should be contributes. And are. But contributing non productive products and visions that only miss lead the young mass.

  131. Roland Davis says:

    Its time we allow our youth and children to dream again! This must exceed the lie they seek now, which has brought forth the seed planted . We see the productis far from what we were created to be. Its time to go get our youth
    back. Or lay down and die with them.

  132. Damn they forgot Patricia Hill Collins and Kimberlé Crenshaw; I will also add Patricia J. Williams, too name a few. The author needs to get up on his history.

  133. Interesting array of black scholars, except Frances Cress Welsing, who was a rampant homophobe!

  134. I will add to this List…Dr. Eric Williams..late Pm.of Trinidad and Tobago..who proved in his writings Capitalism to Slavery..that Slavery was Abolished…not because the white masters felt sorry…but IT WAS NO LONGER Profitable…to them.

  135. I am happy to see this list of scholars, though there are other names of scholars (including a few whites) that could have been added that are not listed here; as well as others such as activists, spiritually focused people, businessmen/women, philosophers and so on, who have contributed to our awakening, to our truth. To include them all would make a very long list, but know this: it shows that from the very beginning (many thousands of years); we have produced many thinkers, doers and leaders, from many areas/sectors of expertise, as would be the case of a fully developed and productive people. It is only the many centuries of the oppressor's brainwashing that has hidden this truth, which is rising and spreading everyday! Be encouraged!

  136. I am familiar with 6 out of the 10 but I don't own any of their wirks. 2015 I will build my library starting with these ten greats

  137. It's imperative this thought provoking scholarly work continues, well into the 21st century and beyond. Primarily, for the survival of truth and mental enlightenment!

  138. but they want to mix their genes with ours, now. they have done a 365 degree reversal. why? because they are up for natural selection. Black people do not understand that this is our trump card. if we play that card right, we might be able to be delivered from white supremacy and oppression without firing a single shot. the world can be free at last.

  139. Drusilla Dunjee Houston should be at the top of the list.

  140. Dr. Ray Hagins, Dr.Charsse McIntyre, Ashra Kwesi,Dr Kaba Hiawatha Kamane, Ed Vaughn, Dr Ben……

  141. I like the idea of history as experienced by all people instead of u he usual all-weather propaganda!

  142. Thank you for your work it is appreciated…

  143. Daryle Webb says:

    So, explain who she is and why she should be at the top of the list?

  144. Farntella Graham Seems like some white people want to mix genes to lighten further generations, and some want to isolate from Black people in hopes of repopulating more white people. It seems to me that, with gene mixing, over time, the racism might lessen as it will not be many that would have a higher percentage of Caucasian genes. I wanted to ask you what do you think the overall gene mixing will accomplish? In your opinion.

  145. Yahudah Child in my opinion, it will increase the numbers of caucasian people, which is what they desire. the halfs will mix and make a whole caucasian, that along with cultural advantages and racial privilege. human beings should not have to debate or ask mankind for freedom. the very fact that this is a problem is detestable to me. the race mixing is a form of suicide.

  146. Farntella Graham I feel what you're saying totally. I seen a video where Caucasian people were talking about breeding out Blackness. Most Jamaicans and many Afrikan countries are pro-Black and I wish the Americas were more like that. Not only are we depleting melanin in mixing, but mixing is causing us to lose the little bit of culture that we still have from family to communities. Seems like a power dynamic that we should not allow. I pray that you prosper in all you wish to accomplish.

  147. I hate to agree with Jason Reeves statement, but hes right about one thing. I'm aware of far to many of our people are ashamed of Africa and our people. And please don't tell me about the brainwashing that has been done. These educators have been around 65 years or more and alot of you still don't know who they are.But most of you know who all of the ballplayers, rappers, singers are. I already know this statement will get alot of negative feed back, let it rip.

  148. Rui Dimande says:

    Indeed their efforts were worthwhile. Something that they hardly could have discovered is that when the romans expanded their empire they expulsed in the North of Africa many african tribes some of which they were certainly linked umbilically. These tribes were not all supressed but likely they crossed the Sahara desert and resettled in the South. These populations could be grouped and named as part of the Carthaginians whose epicenter was in Carthage. The europeans decided to hide these historic facts because these populations were influent in the developments of kingdons and school during the early devolopments of the humanity mainly in the mediterranean sea region before the whites settled or existed either. The black fathers of romans and greeks that were the founders of their societies as themselves wrote and painted as a testemony , were mainly from Carthage . A carefully language check can proove that some words and expressions of Bantu languages spoken in Mozambique and South Africa are similar to French( though France had no colony in the region), to Spanish, to English… The Bantu origin as avowed by european historians is an attempt to set a boundery that will limit any effort to write the Africa History mounting north.. My conclusions are reasonably according to the history versions defended by Dr Cheikh Anta Diop and Prof Ki Zerbo.

  149. Amiyr A.L. HaminEl says:

    Brothers and sisters, obviously our misguided family don’t understand WHAT IS A SCHOLAR. Give them some slack or teach them.

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