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20 Black Inventions Over The Last 100 Years You May Not Know

Alexander-MilesAlexander Miles (1838–1918)

What He Invented: The Modern-Day Elevator Design.

Why It’s Important: Although Miles may not have invented the first elevator, his design was very important. Alexander Miles improved the method of the opening and closing of elevator doors, and he developed the closing of the elevator shaft when an elevator was not positioned at a floor. Miles created an automatic mechanism that closed access to the shaft.

His patent is still used for most elevators today because they still work under the basic principle of automated opening and closing doors. His life and his invention helped to break down racial barriers in many ways.

west_jamesJames E. West (1931–)

What He Invented: The Electroacoustic Transducer Electret Microphone.

Why It’s Important: Without James West, rappers wouldn’t be able to rock the mic. West, along with Gerhard M. Sessler, helped develop the electroacoustic transducer electret microphone, for which they received a patent in 1962. Their invention was acoustically accurate, lightweight and cost effective. Ninety percent of microphones in use today — including those in telephones, tape recorders and camcorders — are based on their original concept.


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128 thoughts on “20 Black Inventions Over The Last 100 Years You May Not Know

  1. Sdot Chambers says:


  2. Mbee Jo Maka says:


  3. Maat Racquel says:

    Go Afrikan, Amerikans

  4. Maat Racquel says:

    or Amerikan, Africans

  5. Love Queh says:

    America likes to act like all that happen to black people was slavery and Martin Luther King, some peanut butter invention, a stop light inventions, and that's it, noo…while in the states and out we accomplish a whole lot of things, 100+…we deserve more than a month, a whole year to be exact.

  6. Chris Adukwu says:

    The one that interest me the most is that of Charles Richard Drew, very funny that the whites refused to see beyond their noses then to acknowledge the inventor.

  7. What's comedy is peanut butter wasn't even invented by a black guy. Oh yeuh, we learn about the cotton gin in the part of history that we learn slavery.

  8. Preston Muhammad says:

    Pictured no. 2 is not Granville Woods, it's George Washington Carver.

  9. Nakita Smith says:

    Great read!!

  10. Tracy Dornelly says:



  12. Ify Odili says:

    everyday is your day!!!

  13. José Justino Bronze says:

    Jason Wiggins
    Whatever. Next you're gonna say we weren't the ones that grew rice and all other exotic fruits and groceries. That those that didn't know them for not living in the climate were the ones that taught us…

    "I'll stick to uncle Ben like peanut butter to my palate"

  14. José Justino Bronze says:

    There is a lot missing.
    Thanks to frame relaying invented by a Nigerian you can connect to the internet/ARPAnet too, and not only US military and universities… just to name one.

  15. Chuck Penn says:

    Yea, right! What happened to all the donations from the Million Man March? Name one thing it was used for that benefitted black folk outside the NOI.

  16. Roger McFeelings says:

    José Justino Bronze That Nigerian inventor sent me an email to invest in his company….I was really stupid and I didn't wire him any money :(((

  17. Theodore Priscilla says:

    Chuck Penn the money has never been touched according to the Minister. Check out his FB page and maybe we can all learn….

  18. Theodore Priscilla says:

    Thats not Carver

  19. See how your mind is so precious and a terrible thing to waste on foolish thoughts, backwards thinking and unproductive recreation…See how most of the important things were invented by us…and without us this country would not be as advanced as it is! See how little caucasoids actually did in the development of this country…But rest assure if you don't acknowledge your greatness they will take all the credit as they do when it comes to our ancient egiptain achievements…

  20. That is absurd. Like Morgan Freeman said. Why should black people be entitled to a month? Hispanics, Asians, Indians don't get a month. To get rid of ignorance we should accept that it's all of our history so for you to say you deserve a year is completely moronic. The more you isolate and separate by color, the longer racism will continue to exist.

  21. José Justino Bronze says:

    Johnny Romero
    You are the joke of the planet since this latest kind of human is present.
    So you really think racism end when you are in bed with George Zimmerman?

  22. Love Queh says:

    Johnny Romero I said a whole year because white people get a whole year and plus to discuss their history, while everyone else (who's not white) get one month and can't even celebrate that in peace without someone saying something about it. And who says, Hispanics, Asians, and Native American, Indians don't have a month? Just because you don't celebrate it doesn't mean they don't have their month. National Hispanic Heritage month is Sep 15 to Oct 15, Asian Pacific Heritage month is in May and Native American month is November, which is a laugh because of the historical fact of how Native American were treated during that time, horribly. Anyway my point is, white people get a year while others only get a month and that's not fair.

  23. Love Queh says:

    Johnny Romero Also if you want diversity or multiculturalism (pluralism) or whatever, then that would be up to the out-group, the majority, not the minority to be inclusive, since they hold the most powers. The only reason blacks and other minorities even have their own special month is because without them they would be pushed out of American history altogether. American history, right now, really only center on what was done to other ethnic group by whites. There is no consideration for who they were before them, what they accomplished or any real clear historically background and really history is exclusive anyway, since it wasn't for all of time that we were interacting with each other and mixing races.

  24. Love Queh They only hold the most powers because we let them. White supremacy is becoming a minority here. Two, that's still no justification because as a minority, hispanics have been slaves too so that argument is out the window, asians have been forced into slavery as well. It's the fact that people don't realize that black history altogether is american history. Why should you history be relegated to a month? as Jose, how you may want to rephrase your paragraph if you want anybody to understand what you are even saying.

  25. Love Queh Sorry for the insult by the way it just frustrates me.

  26. Love Queh Sorry for the insult by the way it just frustrates me.

  27. Love Queh says:

    Johnny Romero "They only hold the most powers because we let them. White supremacy is becoming a minority here."
    No arguments here because I hope you're right.
    "Two, that's still no justification because as a minority, hispanics have been slaves too"
    Where was I arguing that other minorities were not slaves? I agree with you, there were many other minorities that were slaves. "Why should. your history be relegated to a month?"
    I think we're on the same point with this one. I don't want our history to relegated to one month, I want a whole year. Black History, Asian History, Native American History is American History and people should start teaching and informing our young as if it is instead of regulating who we are to one month, we all deserves a year. Our history isn't just tied to slavery and all the bad things that happen to us because of white people, we go back further than that and we deserve a whole year like whites.

  28. Love Queh I brought that up because you said, "The only reason blacks and other minorities even have their own special month is because without them they would be pushed out of American history altogether". I don't recall ever having a month dedicated to my race alone and personally I don't want one because thats aside the point. As for the year reference, it implied that you wanted it to be solely african history in which I responded with hostility of course but now I get that we're on the same page. But other than that, happy thanks giving!

  29. Love Queh says:

    It's not about being treated "special" it's about being treated fairly and right and it's not fair for whites to have a whole year, while all other minorities get a month worth of recognition. Then you got to go on atlantablackstar or something to be more informed when they should be teaching you this ish in school. It's sad that I know more about white history than my own.

  30. Love Queh says:

    Johnny Romero Happy Thanksgiving brother <3

  31. Vell Rob says:

    preach baby.

  32. Wilson Yee says:

    Zang? That dude is Chinese with a last name like that. Props to all these inventors, 99% of them you never heard of because the media doesn't want this side to shown.

  33. Darnell Rogers Sr says:

    good history

  34. Roderick T Curd says:

    Yeah We should teach it to our kids and they teach it to their kids ?

  35. Jerry Tarrer says:

    Are you sure? Where did you get your information from?

  36. Gregg Dixon says:

    Johnny Romero, I just have to say this because this misconception is driving me crazy, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE "HISPANIC" RACE. The term "Hispanic" refers to an ethnicity and many Hispanics are white, black, indigenous, Asian, or most of the time a mixture of various ancestries. In countries such as Argentina and Uruguay for example, most of the Hispanics there are white. On the other hand, in countries such as the Dominican Republic and Cuba, the vast majority are of African descent. Most countries are a motley of different races, ancestries, and ethnic groups.

    The very much unspoken issue within the Hispanic community is the colorism that exist where Hispanics love to shout "We come in all colors" and yet you look at Spanish language media and all you see is one color, "white", unless they are in need of a cook, a drug dealer, a soccer player, a salsa dancer, a prostitute, or a thief. Then, that is when they do not mind showing Afro-Latinos and indigenous people.

    If we do as you stated Johnny, just "stop talking about race", then what we would have here in the USA is what occurs throughout Latin America. The vast majority of the poor in Latin American countries are either of African descent or indigenous and do you know why? You have nearly 600 years of institutionalized oppression and discrimination that was aimed at keeping them impoverished and uneducated as we had here in the USA. Do you know the difference? In the USA, blacks did what you are saying we need to stop doing, we "spoke about race" and we have made drastic improvement in a short period of time considering the centuries of oppression and yet we still have far to go.

  37. Brian Conrad says:

    I don't even have to read this to know it is all propaganda lies. The negro , if as they say, wasn't even allowed at a university at this time. And if they were then you lied about how horrible that era was. It's sheer propaganda.

  38. Brian Conrad says:

    Bullshite Jose Justino Bronze.. You are so full of shit your eyes are brown. The internet would have been just fine without the lie of some Nigerian .

  39. Brian Conrad says:

    José Justino Bronze quit spreading lies.

  40. Brian Conrad says:

    José Justino Bronze quit spreading lies.

  41. Brian Conrad says:

    Charles Drew was a fool. Didn't do a thing the white man hadn't already done. Why is it that in Africa to this day the white man has to go into the bush and teach the people about animal husbandry , well digging, farming and sanitation? Your people are still living in mud and twig huts having cows piss on your childrens heads and smearing dung all over their bodies. Real intelligent and advanced cultures you have. hahahahah

  42. Brian Conrad says:

    Using a soda can as a pot pipe isn't exactly invention.

  43. Brian Conrad says:

    Lying false history. Propaganda to shore up the negro ego.

  44. Brian Conrad says:

    Negro Americans. Either you are an American or an African, otherwise you divide your loyalties and become an enemy of America. My family came from Ireland I don't call myself an Irish American. I am AMERICAN.

  45. The negro taught himself to read, write and do math. Have you ever heard of the term, "self made man"? You didn't really need all the degrees and certifications back then like you do know. Actually you don't need them today. Any inventor just needs to get past the patent office. Now if you want to say you know these are lies because the white dude working in the patent office would have just turned the negro away and stole the idea for himself, then I'm with you there. But to say that negroes weren't allowed in universities is actually pretty stupid and narrow minded.

  46. D Oliver Martin says:

    Brian Conrad You are an Idiot, and of course a racist know-nothing, who came to North America to find food..yes! we too know history, and the fact that English were willing to starve you and your people,.You are white yet you are treated with disdain by them. I remember signs on factory gates, saying.."NO Negroes, Irish, or Catholics"..yes 1950's , but hey, you are now "equal"…so defend the establishments and its politics…

  47. Sibusiso Manzini says:

    Some of the listed inventions might be over 100 years old but an informative piece nonetheless.

  48. Ray Mapp says:

    For many other inventions visit

  49. Brian Conrad says:

    Thomas Walton you start with a false premise , negroes didn't teach themselves to read write and do math. It was their white masters that taught them. See not all masters were evil and not all slaves wanted to leave their masters.. In fact many masters deeded large parcels of land to their slaves upon their deaths. So you are wrong from the start.

  50. Brian Conrad says:

    My grandmother remembers signs " No Indians , no dogs and no Irish allowed." . Her father came here during the potato famine. Yes they were starved out, some to death. The difference is that my ancestors didn't ask for things to be given to them , they simply asked for the opportunity to work for them and EARN them. I don't support the present anti-white establishment. And it has been anti-white for decades now. I would say since WWll. Today it is open season on the white man. How bout that knock out game where no one is ever arrested much less prosecuted. It is simply a hate crime against the white man. Then there are the tens of thousands of assaults on white men by gangs of blacks? Murder and rape of white men and women. Nothing is ever done. And they are never called hate crimes . But you and I both know they are. I grew up in the projects , during the 60s and 70s race riots. I did my time , I earned the right to be righteously angered and to hate those who commit these atrocities. You have no idea what it is like to be a white child living during those anti-white riots. That is a story that is never told about the not-so-civil civil rights era.

  51. D Oliver Martin says:

    I just posted an article from the ATLANTABLACKSTAR … just read that and for a MOMENT, transport yourself to a time when these laws were put in place, and ask yourself, is this real??, and how did ANYBODY survived.. yes the Irish were denigrated and scorned, but NO one KILLED them or hunted them, an Irish man could pass VERY easily in ANY society without fear as long as he kept quiet,, BUT being BLACK was very obvious and deadly… just think…just think

  52. Brian Conrad says:

    Oh how wrong you are.. Do some more research on the Irish and you will find they were slaves long before the black people. Look up Irish Slavery.. They were hunted and the slave masters were given a thing Jus Primae Noctis. Look it up. The Irish were hunted , tortured and murdered under what was called indentured servitude . Another name given to lessen the impact of the term slave. Slave comes from the Slavic word slav. They were slaves long before your ancestors. Being Irish was " Very obvious and deadly.". Fact. You seem to pick and choose with how slaves were treated here. You forget the millions of black slaves were given plots of land and wealth. The Irish had to EARN them. During the building of the railroad the Irish were given the most dangerous jobs because they were deemed less valuable than a negro slave. The slave was an investment the Irishman was a slave in its simplest form. Useful as long as they could walk. When they died , they were thrown off to the side of the tracks. No burial , no mourning nothing. They did the same job for what was ultimately far less then the slaves. Slaves were given a good roof , plenty food . The Irishman was perpetually in debt so they couldn't even buy food. The bosses charged them for room and clothing. SO, the Irish DO know about slavery in it's worst form.

  53. Brian is ignorant. The term African American is used in every application in America for us to categorize ourselves. Why? So they can do when black people apply y'all don't fuckin respond lmao.

  54. Brian Conrad says:

    Talk about ignorant, inane and supercilious too boot. Don't mistake humor for intellectual discourse. You underestimate the white intelligence. We do consistently outscore negroes on any given intelligence test by at least five points.

  55. You don't measure intelligence by who can be more ignorant. Anything a white person takes credit good 9 time 10 a black person had something to do with it. Research black wall street, you guys burnt it down and made it yout own. I know you read white man so this shouldnt be new to you lmao.

  56. Lor Jamar Reeves says:

    false glory

  57. James Lawes says:

    The term "African_American" is used to define non_white people here in the United States; except by the INS. Anyone born in the continent of Africa and gets 'Natralized' here in America is listed as "African American"; regardless of plment

    The term " African American " is on the Naturalization papers of anyone born in the continent of Africa and becomes a citizen; regardless of skin pigmentation. To be born in America makes one an unhyphenated American.

  58. Theodora Anagor says:

    Wow! Some people are really butt hard on here. The truth is really hurting them.

  59. Joe LeBlanc says:

    Interesting that many of the claims were from blacks that were in America and thus hybrids of white/black mix. I would like to see a list of white inventions. I noticed they say a negro invented the motor engine in the 1930's! Really. So I guess the airplane did not use an engine of Ford was using wind power?

  60. Melanie Lynne says:

    There were alot of freed slaves who fled to the North and also were secretely educated by their slaved owned families as well.

  61. A.B. Madyun says:

    The term African American cannot define all [so-called] non-whites, because not all [so-called] non-whites by definition cannot be termed as African American. A Japanese, or Chinese, nor an Arab (for example), though they are non-white, could not be called an African American because they are not of African descent. If you do not personally wish to be defined as an African American, though you may be of African descent, that's fine with those of us who don't have a problem with identifying with our African ancestry. If you don't love yourself, and who you are, then you shouldn't try to make it everyone else's problem. To call yourself an African American simply means that you are an American (of course) of African descent. Some of our people have allowed Western European thinking to cause them to feel shame of their own heritage. BTW…Did you know that the Arabian peninsula was part of the African continent before the coming of the Greeks and the Romans?

  62. E Ybbm Fordy says:

    u know what i say fuck everybody opinion keep them to yourselves
    Because all nd all black,white,etc. We all bleed the same,blood the same color and brain structure and development is the same use it for positivity nd progression not all dat bullshyt u belive in

  63. A.B. Madyun says:

    Jason Wiggins Gimme the reference link where you found that a black "guy" didn't invent peanut butter!

  64. A.B. Madyun says:

    Preston Muhammad – Trust me, bruh…that is a picture of Dr Carver. I wouldn't lie to you!

  65. A.B. Madyun says:

    Which should you give benefit to…your black community, or humanity? When Barry Gordy told the Temptations that he wanted them to be the best singing group period, that automatically meant a 4X increase in their drawing power…thus, increased ducats. Why? Because when you appeal to everyone, that automatically places you ahead of your competition. If you think small, you'll always be small. We are a great people, so we need to , learn how to think big, and magnify our greatness to gain the respect and recognition that we deserve, and stop thinking small. Tribalism does not work to our advantage. Don't worry…if you know how to handle yourself you won't turn white in a black body…OK?

  66. Brian Conrad , You obviously don't know your history as it relates to your Irish roots and the Black American experience. The poor indentured Irish servants wound up being the overseers, slave drivers, pattyrollers, and many even became Slavemasters. No one has wrecked more havoc on Black people than you (Irish) and your Scot Irish Brother. You and your people laid the lash, raped and murdered untold Black men, woman and children. You were the KKK after slavery, you imposed Jim Crow and you are the police today. I understand, your people did so as a reaction to what England (especially under Cromwell) did to your people, but I can't let you remain ignorant of the gross evil your people have done to destroy Black people and then have the nerve to condemn Black people for the evil they do. We learned everything we know of this level of evil from you and your folks.

  67. No. 2 now is Granville Woods. When I first saw the picture on October 23rd 2013 it was not Granville Woods, but G. W. Carver.

  68. I'll tell you like I tell everyone else talking that "just American" shit or anything like it. Ie unhyphenated American, when this country treats us like just Americans we'll be happy to call ourselves just Americans. So please stop with that bullshit.

  69. One need only do but a little research to disprove many of these Black invention myths.
    I find it both sad and appalling that The United Negro College Fund U.N.C.F. choses to use some of these same invention myths in its advertisements.

  70. Steven Moore says:

    That's why they want us broken up and divided because the black men is the master of the unverise. We are not only great athletes but we are great inventor's..

  71. Brian Conrad I will not respond because i do not talk with stupid people it insults my God given intelligence therefore insulting God I'm done

  72. If you're ever in the Washington, DC/Maryland area, please be sure to visit "The Blacks In Wax Museum" in Baltimore, MD. It's a wonderful exhibit & powerful demonstration of the Black experience in America. Be sure to take your children so they'll know they come from greatness & they have greatness within!

  73. Also….“Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”.
    #WasteOfTime #KeepItMoving.

  74. >projecting this hard.
    Whatever guys, you're so full of bullcrap. When will you learn noone gives a damn about america?

  75. Watching americans fight each other is fun.
    Both sides are swinging the pendulum of ignorance back and forth while spewing bullshit and being brainwashed by corrupted media.

  76. Watching americans fight each other is fun.
    Both sides are swinging the pendulum of ignorance back and forth while spewing bullshit and being brainwashed by corrupted media.

  77. Guy Lavi says:

    Lor Jamar Reeves here is some inventions of white americans electricity, refrigerator, video games, microprocessor, microchips, internet, laptopp and pc, elevator, light bulb, tv, mobile phone, digital camera, computer mouse, remote control, email, transistor. and almost every thing that exist in the world.

  78. Mathew Young says:

    Ignorance can be corrected, stupidity can not.

  79. Mathew Young says:

    Why cant we all unite and pull together, satan is our worst enemy.

  80. Mike Benardo says:

    Brian Conrad No, SOME slave owners willed their slaves land. Most did no such thing, and only a few taught their slaves how to read and write English. It was against the law, and while some slaves did not want to leave, most GLADLY left. Don't twist things.

  81. Mike Benardo says:

    Johnny Romero Then quit hiding our history and acting like we never did anything, and then we will no longer need a special time for our history. Very simple.

  82. Mike Benardo says:

    Brian Conrad What about White hillbillies in this country who marry their children and siblings, commit insest, can't read and write? You are one hateful Son-of-a-bitch.

  83. Mike Benardo says:

    Brian Conrad You say you wanted to work for things; we were not allowed to work unless it was for peanuts. We were not allowed to live where we want. You could. We could not get a home mortgage. You could. We tried building our own business districts. They were firebombed BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT OR TORN DOWN BY "REDEVELOPMENT" AGENCIES. You did not have to worry about that happening to you. Remember, your people were treated like scum by the British and in this country by their descendants. How do you know it won't happen again to you?

  84. Mike Benardo says:

    Brian Conrad You also were never denied the right to go to school. We were. You don't often have teachers who hate you on sight. We did.

  85. These are the heroes, the role models, which the youth should aspire to be; not the foul mouthed, gang banging, misogynistic, rappers (be they male or female).

  86. Tony Tiger says:

    Is that the correct photo for Garrett Morgan?

  87. I have a saddening picture of what most have described here or will.Before I became a citizen I anzwered to I am African…meaning I came from Africa.I am now an American citizen..therefore am an American.The other people however..whites of African origin have been African too but do not have to claim it so.They are also American and they do not have to answer to African American. because that is not what this doubler means in our lives in America. I think it means opposed to the reds, the yellow, the pink, the olive, and we may extend it to cover all the Children of White and black marriages. and their offsprings there of. I have accepted the label of "black" but my 3year questioned me "..Why am I called a Black child? I am brown."Yes African-American is more soothing to all of us.:Dark shades, light shades, and all extracts there of.Yes black people or those included in "AA"are also quite smart.Yes they are inventorsand I believe there could be more if our ideas were not stollen every now and again because not too many black person(AA) has money to follow the patent miseries.

  88. Reading these comment, it's no wonder we can't do anything collectively as a people. Still caught up in petty meaningless nonsense.

  89. Don Neuman says:

    Brian Conrad Drivel. I am going to bet President Obama would outscore any white man on this thread, including me. Your white sheet is showing. Why don't you provide some scientific evidence to back up your BS.

  90. Don Neuman says:

    You come on this site to add that? You have issues.

  91. Karl Lukis says:

    farrakhan is a piece of filth who can't die soon enough.

  92. Karl Lukis says:

    average black IQ is somewhere in the neighborhood of 82-85…not too far from retardation.

  93. Brian Conrad Every time one of these thug lovers tries to take a cheap shot at you, you retalieate with the truth. Great post and good work Brian.

  94. Brian Conrad The Irish are filfthy creatures who deserve to be enslaved enven now. They are the worst of the white race.

  95. this is a type of things they dont put in out textbooks

  96. Nice article. I found it when looking up James E. West and noticed the disgruntled white people trolling the Atlanta Blackstar; and now I know what salty crackers do in their spare time. Shame on you!

  97. Lewis P. Haslett (A white Guy) was an inventor and the first person to receive a patent in the U.S. for an early form of the gas mask. You are wrong about Garrett Morgan (1877-1963)

    Lewis P. Haslett patented his device in. June 12, 1849.
    Specification of Letters Patent No. 6,529, dated June 12, 1849.

  98. dis whole page is bullshit. lovejb

  99. They said 'MODERN' and the version used in the military, so it isn't inaccurate. You are wrong; there are multiple inventions out there and some varions of the same thing. What of it?

  100. Your comment is bullshit.

  101. Josh Natdan says:

    Wow i never know black people made that type of stuff

  102. Latrice Williams Are you retarded? You must be. what does "MODERN" have to do with anything. When Lewis P. Haslett (whiteman) created the Gas mask it was also MODERN at the time and the only one at the time. later Garrett Morgan made improvements was not the first to invent it and what Garrett Morgan created is not used today. New Improvements have been made since than. The article is wrong.

  103. Most of the aritcal is lies and distorted half truths. Example "Otis Boykin pacemaker.
    Why It’s Important: Although there were variations to the pacemaker before Boykin’s invention, the modern-day pacemaker would not exist without his work."

    the modern-day pacemaker would not exist without his work!!!!!!!! HOW DO WE KNOW THIS> This is absolutley a false claim. Maybe someone else would have made a better one and we would have better pacemakers today if he didnt invent one. WHO KNOWS>?

  104. I don't get why some people come here, onto a black centred site just to spew negativity. If you don't believe or agree then debate using fact and links. Go research and present your opnion/facts ina civilised manner. Your hateful language is not making people here run in fear, in fact, personally, it makes me see the information as so potent and powerful that it gets you all worked up. The Truth has a way of irritating those who live the Lie.

  105. If you and a fool have an argument, he succeeds. ~ African Proverb



  108. Karl Lukis AND YOUR 86 OR 88




  112. You were right. I just checked, no negroe invented x-ray, but Wilhelm Rontgen (white). The rest is fake too. The light bulb was invented 20 years by few whites (Edison, Maxim, Swan) so the negroe only copied it.

  113. I just checked, no negroe invented x-ray, but Wilhelm Rontgen (white). The rest is fake too. The light bulb was invented 20 years by few whites (Edison, Maxim, Swan) so the negroe only copied it.

  114. I just checked, no negroe invented x-ray, but Wilhelm Rontgen (white). The rest is fake too. The light bulb was invented 20 years by few whites (Edison, Maxim, Swan) so the negroe only copied it.

  115. I just checked, no negroe invented x-ray, but Wilhelm Rontgen (white). The rest is fake too. The light bulb was invented 20 years by few whites (Edison, Maxim, Swan) so the negroe only copied it.

  116. Mark Walker says:

    Black inventions? Heck, I don't even know about the white ones. LOL!

  117. I love Black History

  118. I love Black History

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