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20 Black Inventions Over The Last 100 Years You May Not Know

carruthers_georgeGeorge R. Carruthers (1939–)

What He Invented: The Ultraviolet Camera Spectrograph.

Why It’s Important: The ultraviolet camera spectrograph was a device that traveled to the moon with Apollo 16 in 1972. The camera designed by this Cincinnati native enabled researchers to study Earth’s atmosphere, providing crucial information on how the world works.

Charles_R.-drewCharles Richard Drew (1904–1950)

What He Invented: The Blood Bank.

Why It’s Important: His research in the field of blood transfusions led to the development of improved techniques for blood storage. He applied his expert knowledge to the development of  large-scale blood banks early in World War II. His invention allowed medics to save thousands of lives of the Allied forces.

He directed the blood plasma programs of the United States and Great Britain in World War II, but resigned after a ruling that the blood of African-Americans would be segregated.

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