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10 Everyday Black Women Who Are Changing The World Around Them

Flip through any list of inspirational Black women and you will immediately see the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and the President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

But what about the everyday woman?

Some women have endured immeasurable loss, some have witnessed horrible atrocities, and others have given a voice to those suffering in silence. Whatever the motivation, these everyday Black women are making a difference in the world around them through business and activism.

Get inspired.

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Nefertiti Martin and Emily Carpenter

Nefertiti and Emily embody the best attributes of their generation: creativity, fearlessness, and a powerful belief that each individual can change the world. The youth activists are making a difference in New York and the world, with an emphasis on empowering girls like them.

Nefertiti is a self-identified “queer young woman from the Bronx,” who serves as the community organizer for the nonprofit Girls for Gender Equity. She’s a tireless activist for LGBT youth and communities of color. Emily, a former Sisters in Strength youth activist with Girls for Gender Equity, is a high school senior, youth activist, playwright and poet.

Nefertiti has practiced her activism as a member of a number of organizations, including The Possibility Project, FIERCE, the Hetrick-Martin Institute, In the Life Media, the Lesbian Cancer Initiative and Theatre Askew Youth Performance Experience.

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