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Remixed Mashup: Linkin Park ‘I’ll Be Gone’ feat. Pusha T

linkin-park-pusha-t-i'll-be-goneRock and Rap may be completely different genres but they’ve been closely linked for years, since Run DMC and Aerosmith did “Walk This Way.” Linkin Park is also well known for mixing Rap with Rock, as well. Their mash album, “Collision Course” with Jay Z, was one of the best examples of the two genres coming together. Now Linkin Park is at it again with a new song called “I’ll Be Gone” that features Clipse rapper, Pusha T. According to

“Fresh off the top 5 debut of My Name Is My Name, King Push is back on his grind. This time, the Virginia MC drops a verse on the Vice remix to Linkin Park’s single “I’ll Be Gone.”

“I’m stylin’ on ‘em/ I’m swervin’ on ‘em/ I know it’s wrong, but life’s a bitch, she turn me on,’ he raps.”

Pusha T has been the talk of the rap world for the past few weeks, since he’s delivered one of the best albums of the year. It’s great to see him get recognition by being asked to be on other people’s songs.

Linkin Park’s new song is set to appear on their upcoming album “Recharged” which is scheduled to be released on October 29.

Check out “I’ll Be Gone” below.

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