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Cee Lo Green to be Charged With Ecstasy Possession, Not Sexual Assault

Cee Lo Green charged with possession of ecstacy, not sexual assault Cee Lo Green will not be charged for sexual assault after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office  decided there was not enough evidence to take him to trial for the allegations. He will, however, face charges for possession of ecstasy since he referenced the drug on a voice recording that the woman presented to police, according to media reports.

Green was in serious hot water when a woman accused him of raping her and slipping ecstasy in her drink during a date.

While the woman claimed she had irrefutable proof that the powerful singer raped her, the DA uncovered a different story.

The DA’s office discovered that the woman had a long history with Green and the pair had not only been dating but had also been intimate in the past.

After a second court-ordered investigation, no new evidence surfaced and Green was cleared of the charges, according to the DA’s office.

Although there wasn’t enough evidence to prove he sexually assaulted the woman, the “Forget You” singer still referenced the drug ecstasy in the voicemail that the woman gave to police. According to investigators, he said enough for them to use for the recording as a confession.

“The Voice” coach denied all allegations, but will be pretty lucky to get off with only a drug charge in this case.

According to TMZ, he may be arraigned as early as this afternoon but more than likely he won’t be facing any jail time.

Sources told TMZ that the usual sentence for this type of first offense is probation.

As for his coaching gig on “The Voice,” Green has received quite a bit of support from fans who also felt that the woman’s story simply didn’t add up.


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