‘Y’all Saw That Horse Leaning from the Get Go’: CeeLo Green’s Grand Entrance at the Club Goes Viral After He Falls Off Horse

CeeLo Green may win over many fans for his songwriting and singing skills, but an act on his part outside of his musical efforts has left fans scratching their heads

The record producer decided to arrive on a horse at a birthday bash celebration for the late rapper Shawty Lo in Atlanta. However, things went completely off-script and Green found himself rolling on the ground. 

CeeLo green
CeeLo Green performs onstage during Inaugural Gateway Celebrity Fight Night on March 12, 2022 in Phoenix, Ariz. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Gateway Celebrity Fight Night Foundation )

In a video posted by @lilbankhead on Instagram, fans can see the “Forget You” singer straddling a horse as two men guide the animal while he enters the event. 

Green, who was advised by the DJ to be removed from the horse, fed off of the crowd’s excitement and began waving his hands in the air. 

Things took a turn once people grew closer to the hooved herbivore with their cameras on, shifting the animal’s calm aura. The poor mammal tried to escape the setting, but kept sliding on the marble floor. 

After two mini slips, the horse went down and Green flew off of the saddle and backflipped onto the ground.

Horses tend to be easily excitable animals and it appears that an environment with several individuals, loud music, a slippery dance floor and flashing lights is not the best space in which to place a horse.

Green’s tumble quickly received notice from The Shade Room, which reposted the clip to its Instagram page. To no surprise, fans found amusement in the 47-year-old’s fall and began comparing his incident to the “Humpty-Dumpty” nursery rhyme. 

“1. Poor horse… This shouldn’t even be allowed 2. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall”

“He rolled over like he was in a burning building”

“Horse knees was already shaking as he entered the building”

“I know y’all saw that horse leaning from the get go” 

Although Green has yet to vocally address his fall, he did repost The Shade Room video on his Instagram story; the clip cut out right before his stumble. 

The Grammy Award winner might be the latest artist to take a tumble, but he’s not the only celebrity who managed to bring down an animal. 

In 2020, rapper Rick Ross had the internet in a chokehold after a video of him riding a camel in Dubai went viral. The clip showed the humpback mammal fall to its knees while the “Stay Schemin’” rapper rode on it. 

“Nahhh Rick Ross big a– bringing down a camel got me crying this morning,” one user tweeted. 

While animals may be beautiful creatures, some fans mentioned the “cruel” treatment of animals and PETA, noting that admiring them from a distance might make for a better idea than turning to them for rides.

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