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10 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won’t Teach in Schools – Part 2

This list is the second part in a series of Black Uprisings against European and Arab Oppression. The first list in the series “15 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won’t Teach in Schools” may be found here.



1842 Slave Revolt in the Cherokee Nation

In 1842, the largest assembly of escaped enslaved Africans ripped through the Cherokee Nation, where in present day is called the midwestern United States.

November 15, 1842, a group of enslaved Blacks owned by the Cherokee Indians escaped and tried to reach Mexico–where slavery had been abolished. During their migration to Mexico, the revolutionaries had threatened the security of established labor forces. A militia was formed to capture the run-a-ways.  The enslaved Blacks, who were on the run, were able to overtake members of the militia and kill them.

Even though these enslaved Africans-Americans never made it to Mexico, the revolution inspired subsequent slave rebellions throughout all of North America.

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52 thoughts on “10 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won’t Teach in Schools – Part 2

  1. Out of the 10 mentioned the only one that comes close to war is…

    In January 1963, the Marxist African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, PAIGC, retaliated against their colonial oppressors by attacking the Portuguese headquarters in Tite. Resistance quickly spread across the entire colony, sparking the Guinea-Bissau War of Independence, a bloody conflict which would eventually be labeled “Portugal’s Vietnam”.

    The war between the well-trained and well-led PAIGC guerrillas and the Portuguese Army would prove to be the most intense and damaging of all the conflicts that occurred during the Portuguese Colonial wars. Despite Portugal ratcheting up its offensive posture with troop reinforcements, superior weaponry and divide and conquer techniques, the PAIGC continued to increase its strength and dealt several severe blows to the Portuguese defense forces.

    A coup in Portugal on August 26, 1974, also helped the PAIGC’s fight for independence. On August 26, 1974, the new Portuguese leaders and the PAIGC signed an accord in Algeria, in which Portugal agreed to remove all troops by the end of October and to officially recognize the PAIGC controlled government of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

    The other 9 mentioned were merely…uprising, revolts, rebellions and insurrections.

  2. So how are they different from any of the other examples? The PAIGC did not govern Guinea and Cape Verde. Are you saying a fight for your own freedom from a slave state, whose existence is dependent on slavery is less of a struggle than a Nation's fight for independence? And if you are speaking of international struggle as the only legitamate war then, in these given examples, I think the best example of international struggle is, The First Battle of Dongola. Which is clearly international. I dont get your point at all.

  3. David Barnwell uprising, revolts, rebellions and insurrections….is not war. They are tantrums. War is not a isolated occurrence. War encompasses all.

  4. Trying to find out the appropriate year from which African civilization should be traced and tough.

  5. Mike Johnson says:

    Why do people have to kill to obtain freedom?

  6. Jj Appleby says:

    Well everything must surfaces not one get away. It must be known , anything been hidden must surfaces what been done in the dark ages, must be known, and found guilty and be charged..

  7. Enoch Mubarak Point, please.

  8. Ricky Negus says:

    Great information. When I was in school all I ever learned about the maafa was that of enslaved Afrakans sitting around waiting for freedom. I always knew that was not the case. I seriously wish that Europeans acknowledged these victories in their twisted white supremacist power structure. The Black race has never been that of cowards and the day we realize that, we can tear away this veil of ignorance and self hatred.

  9. Biruk Desta says:

    What about the 5 year war against Italy colonial power by Ethiopia. It is called the " Adwa battle ".

  10. Out of the ten revolts,only 1(one)had anything to do with Arabs and it made no reference to slavery. Does that mean that the white christian Europeans are 9(nine)times worst than the Muslims

  11. Davie Mathea says:

    I think it is spelled adowa

  12. Davie Mathea says:

    I think it is spelled adowa

  13. Milton SnoopDeville Watts says:

    What about the Haitian revolt and Nat Turner's rebellion?

  14. What about Robert Mugabe and the ZAPUF overthrowing Euro Colonial Rule in Zimbabwe?

  15. Janet Y. Kamara says:

    There was also the uprising in Sierra Leone known as the Hut tax rebellion in 1898 led by the temne leader Bai Bureh

  16. Kal Carey says:

    No not at all.

  17. Chris Martin says:

    Because freedom is not free

  18. First civil rights activist on western hemisphere, GARIFUNA NATION fought against colonialism for 200+ years in St. Vincent. This history is not told for obvious reasons. GARIFUNA NATION WILL RISE AGAIN!

  19. Muhammad Hundee Umar says:

    What about the Oromo resisting the Abyssinian state which was armed by European imperialists? you should include that.

  20. Zecharias Etyopia says:

    How are our victories over Italy not included here?

  21. Muhammad Hundee Umar says:

    Zecharias Etyopia and over Egypt ?

  22. Zecharias Etyopia says:

    Muhammad Hundee Umar….ya precisely, it cant be hard to google it!

  23. Why do people have to die to obtain it..?

  24. David Levi says:

    interesting and powerful information…hat's off to getting the stories out!

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  26. Ronald Jones says:

    Makurian resistence to Muslim invaders was not an uprising. An uprising infers a revolt against occupation and enslavement. Makuria was an independent kingdom. The clash between Makuria and the Muslim invaders was a war not an uprising.

  27. Ronald Jones says:

    I find it remarkable that the Zanj Rebellion, a slave revolt in 9th century Iraq, was not included in this list.

  28. What about the Haitian Revolution which ultimately ended in their independence?

  29. It is sad to find black intellectual so ignorent, u are accusing arabs of enslaving black people in north America.

  30. James Cooper says:

    Arab Musilm historians reported that they enslaved 110,000,000 black West Africans slaves and transported them across the Sahara for sale in East African markets.Only on in ten captives made it to market, most of the men were killed, the women taken as sex slaves.100,000,000 black African lost their lives to Asiatic Mulsim slavers. The Zanji who were slaves in Basra Iraq almost defeated their Muslim slave masters and almost took Baghdad. Only reinforcements from the entire empire were able to suppress the revolt and the black slaves were exterminated.

  31. all this is good, but what now? who doing something now, i'm not saying go shed blood but what we doing?? Network that.

  32. Nazeer Suliman says:

    Arab oppression called out boldly in the title and then highlighted by a war between an independent African kingdom and an invading Arab army? Mmmmm. One has got to wonder what new agenda is at play here….

  33. Clive Grant says:

    Because the people who take the freedom away will not willingly give up the freedom unless they are forced to. Freedom isn't free , there is a price to pay for it.

  34. what about my Haitians?
    The Haitian Revolution has often been described as the largest and most successful slave rebellion in the Western Hemisphere.
    Haitian Revolution 1794-1804.
    Sak Pase Tout Pep La.

  35. I Have Read All the Uprising Events and in My Eyes Things Haven't Changed… Only History Repeating It self …..Have to do Something Different……Violence Only Solve Things for Now……How Can We Stop This Completely???

  36. Eli David says:

    I hear you but they continue to kill blacks until we come to a place of political.
    power violence is necessary.

  37. Aubin Bazola says:

    There were many more black the Congo, Haiti, Zimbabwe, king shaka zulu whipped their asses, queen nzinga whipped their asses, and many more etc..white devils and savage Arabs had their asses beat plenty time..they did try to enslave all blacks on the planet, they couldn't..they couldn't set foot in some black kingdoms, they got killed just by passing through.. Eurocentric schools will not teach the world their defeats by the blacks only their victories.

  38. Young Kerv says:

    Haiti baby the first black country to win there freedom…
    From 1804 to present day and also help Latin Americans and also help in the American war mah Louisiana people kno what am talking about #creol

  39. Issam Khoury says:

    Thank you! I was thinking the same thing!

  40. Epie Jim says:

    I think you guys are getting it all wrong! JAH make us to understand that through The CHRIST He Redeemed the world, BUT since Religions remain extremist and can't get it, then Humanity will keep striving against each other just to earn spoils! That is the fall of mankind!!!!!!! So I pray you stay in The Spirit of Unity…….

  41. PJ Power says:

    Probably the least Muslim thing you can say as it spreads hate.

  42. PJ Power says:

    Probably the least Muslim thing you can say as it spreads hate.

  43. Where is the Haitian revolt in late 1700s, which set precedent to many of the listed revolts in this article? Haiti was helping many slave reolution after Tousainst (Haitiant slave) won the war against the one and only Napoleon Bonaparte. Many of these were way after Haiti.
    The Haitian Revolution created the second independent country in the Americas after the United States became independent in 1783.

  44. Tardini Peto says:

    there is a part 1 to this list

  45. Ana Carvalho says:

    Like the article but I already encountered one inaccuracy. The Portuguese Revolution took place in April 24th of 1974 and the Independence was signed August of that same year. I hope not many more inaccuracies for benefit of the readers.

  46. Etheleen Law says:

    Clive Grant There has been no evil like that of the white race ever on this earth. The white race is clearly of Satan, the devil himself. When those European ships darkened the shores of this land, was the day Satan walked in…and not only control it, but, was able to spread this same evil the world over. This is way America is called the leader of the free world. My question is… to whom???

  47. They are just the same as extremist muslims. Slave owners were Christians but look at all the evil they did.

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