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15 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won’t Teach in Schools

Slave revolt

Nat Turner’s Revolution‬

Nat Turner’s rebellion, also called the Southampton Insurrection, is probably the most famous slave uprising in North America. The revolt was brilliantly planned by Turner and took place August 1831 in Southampton County, Virginia. The Turner-led group of  “freedom fighters” killed up to 65 people of European descent, the highest number of fatalities caused by a slave uprising in the American South. Though the rebellion was quelled within a few days, Turner survived in hiding for more than two months afterward.



Haitian Revolution

Haitian Revolution

The most successful slave uprising in the Western Hemisphere was the Haitian Revolution, which began in 1791. Dutty Boukman, an educated enslaved African from Jamaica who was sold to a French slave master in Haiti, organized and started the revolution that eventually led the French to ban slavery on the island. Later, military mastermind Toussaint L’Ouverture led the revolution as the French tried to re-establish slavery. During the war, which culminated in the first independent black country in the hemisphere in 1804, 100,000 French soldiers were killed.


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147 thoughts on “15 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won’t Teach in Schools

  1. Reginald Bellamy says:

    This is a must read! I know most of us Black folk don't care much for reading but it doesn't come in video form. Take the time to educate yourselves. We MUST know our history people!

  2. Okay, everybody open up their world history textbooks and turn to page 13.

  3. Devon Powell says:

    it's good to read about slavery but it's even richer to read about the black king of england and rome …his 17 years rule.

  4. Acton Wilson says:

    just the tip of the iceberg

  5. Daniel King says:

    The Bussa Rebellion in Barbados: On Sunday 14 April 1816 a major rebellion broke out in Barbados. This rebellion was carefully planned and organised by the senior enslaved men and women who worked on several estates and plantations.

    The rebellion started in the evening in the southeast parish of St Philip, spreading to most of the southern and central parishes of Christ Church, St. John, St. Thomas, St. George and parts of St. Michael. Three days later it was put down by the local militia (soldiers) and the imperial troops (the King's troops) stationed on the island. Martial law (army rule) was declared on Monday 15 April, and was lifted on 12 July.

  6. This is why all of us blacks from around the world. As in the African Americans Including Canada. Africans from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal, Blk African in Europe, England France all over Europe, The Caribbean, Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, Virgin Islands, Black Africans from Brazil Panana, and the Rest of central and South America must stop hating each other and unite!

  7. Hello it was not Jamaica he was Garifuna In Saint Vincent they live in Honduras, Belize, n Guatemala now

  8. Tim Taylor Thetoolman says:

    This is what makes a direct connection (Black Star Line) and dual citizenship in select Afrikan countries is they way to give us a destination.

  9. look where we are now as a people. When we stopped fighting back because we got "christianized" we still remain slaves even today. They indoctrinated us and brainwashed us into "loving our slave masters and enemies" and we have no unity, no homeland, no culture, no economics, and most importantly no sacred spirituality…WAKE UP!

  10. You know, being from the Caribbean and having been taught Caribbean History in Elementary and High School, I always took it for granted that black americans knew the things that we know. I never knew that attempts were actually being made to erase the memory of slavery from the american psyche. that's not good at all.

  11. Thanks for the insult Reginald.

  12. ABS: Please consider renaming this wonderful article, 15 Human Acts of Self-Defense That Will Not Be Televised

  13. Zanj Rracc says:

    would have loved to see Yanga Gaspar on this

  14. Melanie Gray says:

    so sad but its true, most of us have no clue…some just dont care. We of all people should care.

  15. Chad Burnett says:

    Great Article! Very refreshing for the mind…

  16. Ash Williams says:

    Not true.
    Remember the civil rights movement?
    Those were made up of Christians.
    Ethiopia defending against Italy?

    The problem is after blacks got a little freedom, we stop fighting.
    We got complacent.
    There is much more to be done.
    Ridding ourselves of Willie lynch syndrome should be first.

  17. wich king are u talking about ?

  18. Patricia Cunningham says:

    Most were not taught. However, we learned about the Nat Turner rebellion in American History, 11th grade back in early 60's. Took 2 American history courses in college, and again studied about Nat Turner. It's the many rebellions that took place outside present day U.S. that were not taught in public schools. Just saying.

  19. Nancy Leconte says:

    They forgot the Haitian revolution who succeeded in kicking out the French!

  20. Nancy Leconte says:

    The brainwash is more about "black can't fend for themselves, can't rule and can't grow without a master" …and the sad thing is it's working. we tend to believe just because it's black it's wack!!!

  21. There are prerequisites to teaching – LEARN!

    The Battle of Adwa is a famous battle won by Menelik II, King of Ethiopia in 1896. You can google Battle of Adwa and the year pops up along with several links about the story. 1963 is soooooooo far removed from that Battle, Menelik II was looong dead and gone and Haile Selassie was in power after usurping the crown prince, Menelik's grandson. What goes around comes around … and spreading misinformation, as was the case of Haile Selassie's divide and conquer tactics, never serves anyone's interest. Please STOP teaching until you have studied the matter diligently. African & African American studies have enough lies of omission and addition, let's not contribute to that.

    Battle of Adwa
    2nd Italian-Ethiopian War 1936-36, resulting in a 5 year Italian Occupation of Ethiopia (1936-1941), never called a colony since it was so short lived, thanks to WWII Allies defeating Mussolini.

  22. Chris Cooper says:

    The revolt of 2014 where the congress was guillotined in the national mall on TV to a cheering earth is great one.! That was the catalyst that propelled mankind into an age of progress and enlightenment for 700 years! I time travelled to see it myself.

  23. Menelik committed similar atrocities on Oromo people, he cut off the right hand of men and the right breast of women at a place called Annoole in Arsi province. Crime against humanity continues. The present Ethiopian government is committing equivalent crime and atrocities on Oromo and other peoples.

  24. Marcus TheArtof Warr I agree, why are we so quick to insult each other. I am black and I read, so I couldn't make a statement like that. We "embody" the negative attributes of this society as if they (the negatives) were a black thing!! Most Americans don't read,period…. We must stop marginalizing ourselves..

  25. Brilliant article! it shall be shared!

  26. Glester Thorpe says:

    The Haitian revolution was second on the list… Did you miss it?

  27. Lisa Champandard says:

    LOL. Yes, Americans in general don't read enough (films are easy to watch but too biased & do not require much thought). Read up on the history. My personal library is mainly African-American History and yet I am…did I forget to mention …[sigh]…white. :-/

    My thoughts after reading : "Incident"s by Harriet Jacobs, "We are your Sisters" by Dorothy Sterling; or F.Douglas or S. Truth's auto/biographies? Why did they not tell us *all this* in school. How many adults took the time (like I did) to delve into the matter more…?) Yes, I agree it's important to know the truth! Read up…all brothers and sister…but please also know full on that many are behind you in your quest for full equality. God bless. <3

  28. Lisa Champandard says:

    What a stupid comment. I've NEVER heard that and I'm now ( °gulp°) 46 years old! And white by the way…. Pay no mind to stupid white folk or whoever else out there (clearly with a negative IQ) that says such ludicrous things as that! Their comments are a waste of oxygen!

  29. In one of these picture as you see talking about Jamaican Maroons First off, It did not take place in Jamaica. It took place in the island of Saint Vincent and Grenadines Black Caribs Indians and the Africans who is known know as Garifunas in Centro america. Gave the french and english man a ass whipping
    Look up the Garifunas in Roatan Islands Honduras

  30. Yeah, … well in the rush to display the evils of "White colonials" and "Oppressive Arabs" etc., truths about African atrocities committed against Africans gets omitted – interferes with story line!

    I just want to support the oral and written story traditions from every where FOR every one. We are all related, a connection we either embrace or resist but one that never goes away, no matter how we are about it!

  31. Glester Thorpe says:

    Brother, while there were Maroons in both the Caribbean and South America, The First Maroon War happened in Jamaica. The Maroons in Jamaica were the first to throw off the white man's slavery. While Saint Vincent and Grenadines had their share of slave revolutions, Jamaica had more revolts than all the rest of the British Islands combined or more than any other caribbean island period.

  32. Ronald Jones says:

    The Anglo-Asante Wars, the Battle of Adowa and the Battle of Isandlwana were not uprisings but confrontations between nations. The Africans who fought European foes in these conflicts were not under European rule at the time. Otherwise, the rest of the list is sound.

  33. Melle Fromelle says:

    The Rebels at the Stono Rebellion who were featured in this article were Catholic Congolese who converted with consent before being stolen from Africa and carried a statue of Mary ahead of them into battle. So this is not all true.

  34. William Terry Sutphin says:

    No unity??? Blacks had to be unified to conduct the Civil Rights movement. It wasn't a spontaneous outburst but a half century or more of orchestrated effort and some of it's was of clandestine nature going back as far as Booker T. and Dubois.

    No culture??? We have created some of of the most loved music and artistic expression since we've been in America. We have an "inside" language that we speak amongst ourselves and for many of us we meet up every Saturday and Sunday to affirm our community ties. I would say we have culture.

    To say we have no culture and no unity sounds like something a KKK would say. Maybe you have been brainwashed after all.

    We do not have to use these self loathing comments to stir us to do better.

    I'm encouraged.

  35. William Terry Sutphin says:

    What??? Blacks read all the time! 125th Street in Harlem is full of Bookstands. I know Blacks read where I'm from.

  36. William Terry Sutphin says:

    Why…because he was King of England instead of a Black struggling in South Carolina to throw the yoke off his neck?


  38. Alahyo Amira says:

    No, it's actually the many slave rebellions that took place right here in the U.S – revolts in New York, Georgia, Louisiana, both Carolinas, Virginia, Washington DC, the Southern isles – that are not taught in public schools. Which would make it American History.

  39. Yacub Majeed says:

    And still not taught nor mentioned is the Seminoles revolt in Florida with John horse

  40. Bomba Yo says:

    Yes. Yanga Gaspar who won his own colony in Vera Cruz Mexico back in the 15oo's. What a story.

  41. Bomba Yo says:

    Hello Everyone,
    Most important for me is the fact that many of us are paying attention. Maybe not to our own likeness but for the better there is dialogue. I appreciate the intention of awareness and it's so important that we continue to do our best to understand our history. When Zanj Rracc mentioned Yanga Gaspar it brought to my attention that we need to work a little harder and be more open minded about informing others. Don't just take other peoples word for it, do the research your-self. You too will find that there are many errors that are put out there for public information. Yanga Gaspar in my opinion should have been documented in this subject. It does make me uncomfortable when we are quick to make judgement on others "a learned behavior passed on from our colonizers" but I understand it to a certain degree. I say that because life taught me that what you know today can change tomorrow if you are living in the present. A philosophy from my own experience in life. Has that ever happened to you? a change of information on a subject you thought for a long time it was that way. Did you have the courage to admit you misunderstood something and apologized for it? I would love to continue this subject at a round table in person so we can experience a real community effort valuing our history. If that is of any interest to you please reply with a positive yes. I will appreciate that very much. By the way I have a place where we can all meet. Thank you, I'm Dr. Drum and I approve this message!

  42. As a country, we can scarcely perceive the magnitude of our progress. My grandmother and my uncle experienced circumstances that would break your heart. When they went to vote, they were asked impossible questions like, "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" When they couldn't answer, they couldn't vote. I once debated with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. about whether an African American would ever be elected president. He believed it would happen within the next 40 years at the time — I believed it would never happen within my lifetime. I have never been happier to have been proven wrong. And since President Barack Obama's historic election, we've moved forward in courageous and beautiful ways: Dr. Maya Angelou

  43. Latoya Celia says:

    boukman didnt started the revolution in Haiti

  44. Latoya Celia says:

    Marcus TheArtof Warr hahahahahahahah

  45. Latoya Celia says:

    boukman and fatima organized the reunion of the slaves at bwa kaiman,but he didnt started the revolution

  46. Latoya Celia says:

    im talking of haiti

  47. Africa is still enslaved and its resources exploited.. may the true sons and daughters of the soil (not obama) save Africa and her children?

  48. Controlled Media keep us in bondage! We must develop alternative ways of circulating information in an increasingly fascist society.

  49. Controlled Media keep us in bondage! We must develop alternative ways of circulating information in an increasingly fascist society.

  50. Taisha Day says:

    Wow!! Great Read. It's sad as that even now in 2013 the majority of people of African decent are still oblivious to any reveloution brought on & won by our own people. But we do know about the great ones that were killed fighting for what they believed in. I wonder if there was a "silent point" being made in doing that? Anywho SOoo much needs to change with not only our country, the world & soon. ♡

  51. In the last piece about Ethiopia and Italy, the 1963 date should be changed to 1936 – 1941. This a very fine collection of conflicts.

  52. While Ralph makes an insult, even Malcom's autobio has a saying. "If you want to hide something from a Negro, put it in a book." I hope Ralph is a good reader.

  53. Thank you fr publishing these critically important stories for all to see.

  54. In 1986, a "historical fiction" book about the Nat Turner Revolution had become a best seller. The writer, William Styron, had Nat Turner with his focus on a white woman. I was teaching at Morris Brown at the time after arriving from Guyana and was amazed that the reading center had that book as one of its class sets. I would be even more amazed later to find how many African Americans purchased that filth distorting the history of Nat Turner.

  55. Joey Santiago says:

    In 1845 the african slaves in the Danish Virgin Islands started what today is call the great fire burn. In started in Fredericksted and reach Kingshill when then Governor General Van Schoulton proclaim that all slave be freed. He knew they where going to burn the island down so he had no choice.

  56. Learned something new today. Thanks Marvin.

  57. Learned something new today. Thanks Marvin.

  58. I'm lucky to have visited the sites of some of these struggles: Nat Turner's (30 miles from where I grew up and I pass it monthly), Adwa in Ethiopia and all over Haiti. Haiti built forts afterwards:

  59. Since slaves are not based on color anymore….I wonder when the next Fireburn will be?

  60. africans dnt hate blacks, get that straight, its the african americans who do that,

  61. in america, u see 2 blacks fighting then another black man brings out fone to take a video of it, instead of trying to solve the issue, u wont see this in africa, someone will just cm and stop the fight, get that straight, here in ghana its gud here,

  62. William, all so called Black people weren't for the civil rights movement, they thought they were doing just fine. Inside language, you mean bad English. just because a few succeed doesn't mean the entire people have elevated but still be encouraged. We've been here five hundred years and the best we can do is be encouraged? That's sad.

  63. B Nichole Liburd says:

    Really? Americans as a whole don't like reading. That is intensified the closer to the poverty line you are, for various reasons across races. If we didn't like reading, we wouldn't be on this website.

  64. B Nichole Liburd says:

    Lisa Champandard that's the thing right there. You would literally have much less of a chance of hearing it because you are white. It's like 2x as hard 1/2 as far, did you have to hear that every morning waking up as a kid? I did

  65. B Nichole Liburd says:

    Kencho Mugabe Pirlo Lie. As Africa is a continent and not a country. In parts of Nigeria they come to the village and tell everyone tomorrow we r going to rob you, and they do it. I've been on the continent and I have many friends who are direct products of and are themselves of the continent. Things happen in urban areas and rural areas there just as they do here. I've seen cell phone videos of jumping and burning. read news reports of gang rapes and abuses. Get OUT of here. Shifting blame isn't going to solve anything. THAT's THE PROBLEM

  66. B Nichole Liburd says:

    They also don't mention that the first non native permanent settlers we're actually African. The Spaniards left them in SC after they rebelled and ran off. Then the Spaniards were not able to take care of the settlement, couldn't survive the few that did went back home. Did you learn about that too Patricia? There's a lot they don't teach. That is just the tip of the iceburg. #JustSaying

  67. Zay Amun-Ra says:

    Get rid of Christianity and Islam

  68. Shaka Moustafa says:

    That's what's up KING

  69. Rogers Staff says:

    in most cases yes

  70. Adaj Parr says:

    Hypocrisy on the part of Ben Jealous and what the NAACP is doing in Detroit, Michigan by having local chapter attorney representing a candidate who is wanting to suppress election fraud evidence uncovered during the recount of the August 6, 2013 mayoral primary.

    Attorney Butch Hollowell who represents Detroit branch of the NAACP and a candidate Mike Duggan argued before the Wayne County Board of Canvassers to suppress evidence of election. The evidence of election fraud is associated with attorney Hollowell’s candidate/client. The Rev. Wendell Anthony who heads up the Detroit local branch has not spoken out against the fraud, instead has remain silent while attorney Hollowell fights get the fraud evidence from going to the Wayne County Prosecutor. Not one word from Ben Jealous on the conflict of attorney Hollowell, or the silence from Rev. Anthony on the election fraud.

    This leads many Detroiters to believe the NAACP supports election and voter fraud. There is a growing dislike of the NAACP in regards to Detroit situation. Many in the community are mounting a challenge to make it hard leading to the 2014 elections.

    If the NAACP cannot support Fair and Honest election now, why would they be supportive in 2014?

  71. Resoum Kidane , You should be leaking your fascist hired slave ass wound than talking about Ethiopians.Is it because you have a democrat and caring leader that 180 of your people died crossing the sea from Africa to Italy lampedusa this week?

  72. Luka Ngoyi says:

    Spot on brother! By the way, there is enough land, and plenty of culture, for all oiur brethren in America! Just come home!!

  73. I do not see a black man .I SEE A MAN.when our history
    Was being made there was oppression of one set of men.
    The POOR MAN. By the thieving rich.. the kings.lords .ladies.
    Take ireland for instance the rich white lords stole most of the
    Land of the native regards SLAVERY it is a very complex complex to detail here.cotton and factory
    Workers in industrialised uk force to to work for low pay
    We must not forget the vast amount of Christian slaves
    By the arab states .we the poor have all .and our slaves
    By the rich.for the rich.

  74. Kouto Anyika says:

    Who put it together?

  75. gotta dig yall..nat is just one…there was an ongoing campaign againt the white american establishment..this is why slavery end..after blacks indians or indigenous and mexicans fought against white settler in fierce battles, they had no other option but to cease the institution of slavery and make it play out through the present day judicial system..this is why they create law geared at incarceration of black sagging of pants..terrorist threats etc;

  76. Steven Tilmon says:

    Sad thing about that, @ Nancy, is that we've only been in this state (westernized/slave minded) since the mid-16th century. What about ALL we knew & learned before that?? We as African Americans 2day need the children of the ancestors that never left Africa to pass that knowledge on over to us so the gap can be closed/bridged.

  77. Steven Tilmon says:

    Sad thing about that, @ Nancy, is that we've only been in this state (westernized/slave minded) since the mid-16th century. What about ALL we knew & learned before that?? We as African Americans 2day need the children of the ancestors that never left Africa to pass that knowledge on over to us so the gap can be closed/bridged.

  78. Jeremiah Tiggy Taylor says:

    I agree with you bruh!!! Damn negropeans want to attack each other while over looking the entire message!!! So busy staring at the words that you cant hear the voice. Of course he was speaking in general…and HE IS RIGHT!!!!!! If you read good for you…try to get someone else to do the same!!! In order to change you have to know what you are and what you are changing to.

  79. Angela Reid says:

    Some of these are taught in schools–those schools who have teachers who share more than "His-story"!

  80. Tauruss Debull says:

    The Tacky guy, who led the Tacky War in Jamaica against the European colonial monsters, from Ghana is probably a Ga from Accra or an Adangbe from the coastal outskirts of Accra……. As his name suggests, the name is "TACKIE", and one of the Kings of Accra was called King Tackie Tawiah, so probably a descendant who knows? The colonial bigots robbed and raped , corrupted everything Afrikan, including our names. Certainly no school in Africa or anywhere in the world will teach such a worthy history because all what we learn in school today from nursery to university was designed by by the colonial monsters to screw our minds and thinking into succumbing to their hegemony. No country or system built on lies and illusion shall ever remain standing forever, even Carthage has fallen.

  81. Warren Tickner says:

    Good read Buti!

  82. Abel Debalque says:

    Resoum Kidane Menelik was asked by the governer of Tigray to ampute the hands od the askaris or Italian mercenarys and he couldn't object it. He panished them

  83. Wellette Seyon says:

    WHY IS IT THAT EVERYTIME I SEE ETHIOPIANS AND ERITRIANS ON A COMMENT THREAD YOU ALWAYS DEGRADE EACH OTHER!!!! DIVIDE AND CONQUER METHODS DID NOT START WITH MENELIK I or EMPEROR HAILE SELLASSIE I!! BUT SURELY HAVE BEEN THEIR MOST DESTRUCTIVE WHEN USED BY EUROPEANS AS A METHOD OF TURNING AFRIKANS OF THE SAME ORIGIN AGAINST EACHOTHER and Afrikans and black peoples with a similar history of oppression the world over against each other!!!! PLEASE grow up!!! Thank you, Abel Debalque for putting things in perspective! THAT's what happens when you read and don't listen and perpetuate the lies and rumors of folklore and hearsay…..Martha Soloman, you could stand to read and study MORE…a "rush to display the evils of White colonials"? Are you kidding….there is enormous evidence of this, documented history of this…where then is the rush to judgement!!!! WHAT are you talking about?!!!!! Why is there ALWAYS a Black person or Afrikan who is willing to defend the atrocious acts of White colonialist at the expense of their own…in your attempt to affrim what you feel is truth….ughh!

  84. Wellette Seyon says:

    The Catholic Church "Christianized" racism and systematically "kicked out" out the early Afrikan Catholic priests in order to gain wealth and power. What are you talking about RACE is not an issue. they made White racism a law that was punishable if not practiced by all people of European decent. Your ancestors SURELY saw a black man and made it an issue. White racism is the underbelly of all modern 1st World societies where white people and Europeans are the dominant culture and are in power today. So if you are suffering as a white man today, it is because your people are not as bold as your ancestors in their willingness to do whatever takes to enslave a race of people today!!!!! U show me where Black and Afrikan people in the US and elsewhere have systematically oppressed, disenfranchised, and enslaved another race due to their belief that the Black race is superior to and therefore deserved to rule another race, specifically the white race, and have the right to benefit from the toil and suffering of the say, White race, anywhere, at any given time in modern or antiquated history. STOP It!!! That's called cognitive dissonance…look it up…

  85. You are a stupid idiot. Do you know why you don't read? You obviously need to read.

  86. Lo Key Crymea River says:

    Who told you black folk don't care much for reading? I'm sick of you bone carrying negroes always taking whatever massa tells you and spreading it all through the community like a freaking virus. Obviously we read or we wouldn't have clicked on this link in the first place. I suppose you want to feel somehow special because you have read a book or two. Now you want to pretend you are one of the "rare" blacks because the rest of us couldn't possibly have read anything. Sit your silly behind down somewhere. It's bad enough when other groups insult and belittle us. It' DISGUSTING when we do it to ourselves.

  87. Lo Key Crymea River says:

    Jeremiah Tiggy Taylor a true Negropean comes on a post full of people who obviously read and hurls self deprecating insults. An even TRUER negropean defends him.

  88. Lo Key Crymea River says:

    Marvin T. Jones so what if he did say it? He wasn't perfect. He dropped his European slave name and picked up an Arabic slave name as if the Arabs did not and do not participate in slavery. To this day they still have the wickedest slave trade! A lot of people are not as "free" as they think.

  89. It is reported by a white person, who appears to be an historian or the like, on a major white Christian station that Europeans found Christianity in Africa and now make it look like they brought Christianity to us Africans. Does anything good come out of Europe? Their continent has two things dirt and snow, and their people know one things kill steal and destroy!

  90. Marc Negrodamus says:


  91. Marc Negrodamus says:

    Marvin T. Jones Marvin T. Jones AINT GONNA LIE… I'M GLAD Marvin T. Jones REPLIED AS SUCH.


  92. Marc Negrodamus says:

    Marvin T. Jones … I just wanna make SUUUUUUUUURE Marvin saw my response. JUST IN CASE he EVER FEELS the NEED to QUOTE MALCOLM X IN ANY OTHER SETTING OF BLACK FOLK.

  93. Vincy Powa says:

    The PAINTING of the "FIRST MAROON WAR" is ACTUALLY a DEPICTION of an ORIGINAL PAINTING by Agostino Brunias of the SIGNING of the TREATY between the BLACK CARIB CHIEFS of St. Vincent and the BRITISH during the first CARIB WARS in 1773.

    The ATLANTIC BLACKSTAR needs to do some RESEARCH on the BLACK CARIB WARS in St. Vincent during the 1770's.

  94. Trinity Washington says:


  95. Chuck Taylor says:

    Maahcus TheArtof LovenWar How can you say it is an insult? When it's true for so many of us. The perceived insult should be motivation for we as a people to be very aggressive in spreading this information. Just maybe we can begin to teach our children about more than materialism that has our kids killing and robbing each other as well as us over Polo,Hollister,New Religion,Rims,Jordans,LeBron James shoes. Being questioned about a $300 belt and a $2700 purse would tell me that it is insanity to continue to but from those that hate,despise and would gladly love to see ALL BLACK PEOPLE in jail or dead!!

  96. If we look at what is printed in newspapers and magazines, or if we read history books most of what we read is insulting, embarrassing or they are promoting “white supremacy. I think that has a lot to do with why some may not read. I didn’t do very much reading until my brother gave me the Autobiography of Malcolm X, after that I sort out reading materials. Bottom line, we will read when we find articles like this one and not something showing all black prison populations, blacks killing blacks (as if whites don’t kill other whites). I’m sure if these stories printed on this page were all white people had to read, they wouldn’t read either.

  97. Chris Smallaxe McCabe says:

    Too few, esp. of working class, & not just Black people, read nearly enough, & the history we're fed is well edited. There's another story in how intelligent people who aren't academic or don't have any kind of head start in education get put off learning & school altogether.

  98. Shehannie Wong says:

    But where is there mention of ZUMBI dos Palmares?! You talked briefly about Brazil, but no Zumbi!! I love this anyway!!

  99. Ahmad Hakim says:

    We must speak the truth; even if it is against our very selves. I agree with Reginald: Most of us Black folks don't care much for reading. This massive lack of interest in reading is a statistical fact. But if we take that as an insult, we miss the opportunity to help our people. There is a minority of us who like to read, but as a whole; our people lack a prodigious capacity to absorb the printed page. Most Black people know the history of Abraham Lincoln and Samuel Adams, but know nothing, or very little, about Toussaint L,Ouverture, Nate Turner and Marcus Garvey. "READ! IN THE NAME OF YOUR LORD….

  100. Ahmad Hakim says:

    Reading all of your comments makes me realize how much I don't know, and how I must read even more than I have been reading.

  101. Steve Babb says:

    Maahcus Reginald didn't insult anyone,if you felt insulted maybe he hit the nail on your head.just saying.

  102. u can stop with the false Jim Crowisms…jus cause u kno a few blacks that don't like to read…say your piece in positivity. inspire. encourage. enlighten….leave out the hate YOUR slavemaster filled you with…thank u

  103. Its a shame how the "Christians" have ppl believing Haiti is poverty stricken because of Voodoo( Voudon the West Afrikan Religion)…I choose to believe they opted for poverty, live off the land and run the French out of there rather than making them (the french) rich working for pennies after slavery was abolished

  104. Ibrahim Sharif Hughes says:

    Insult? How many homes of our friends and family do we go into and see a VAST DVD and video game library and few IF ANY books?!

  105. Black people against the world smh….

  106. caption quite misleading…why need to include Arab oppression? were there any arab majority in US involved in slavery and oppression? …stereotyping again..

  107. lol stephen, not sure if that was pointed at me, for the post i added?? i was trying to point out that it swings both ways?? and like u say education is a powerfull thing, but it used to happen to the english irish scotts welsh and was not a race thing it had nothing to do with colour creed rilligion slavery was a world wide phenomina and it didnt matter where you where from it happened it,s history. at least we know it,s wrong, but i would not apologies for something that has nothing to do with me,us or be ashamed like the media try to make us. it still goes on we are all slaves even now, as long as we keep paying our taxes we will keep being so. p.s. i read nearly all your posts very educating.

  108. David Collins Thanks. and as I keep saying… we are all black now.

    Disabled or poor, Muslim or black, we are all slowly losing our rights.

  109. how come the post went here and not on your fb as thats where i posted to????

  110. Hiya Ramkumar Nagabushanam. Sorry if this makes you think i'm a bit racist. I genuinely am not, but all my life I have been surrounded by it, and it sort of gets under your skin, and you end up doubting your own perceptions. This is why it is so hard to break free from it, because I can never be 100% sure that somewhere deep in my mind, there is not an indoctrinated prejudice. I just hope that my kids are not exposed to the racism that exists in our society. I hope this makes sense to You?

  111. I judge no one Stephen, being a Lawyer. I have known you long enough to know that you have no bone in your body which is racist. What you so eloquently said is true for other races too. We all have had our share of racism ingrained in us through family and friends indoctrination. We become better by evolving from a toad to a Prince I suppose. Thanks for being my friend Stephen. 🙂

  112. Thanks Ramkumar Nagabushanam 🙂

  113. B.k. U-Allah says:

    Always trying to take credit for what is not theirs.

  114. DrVal Partee says:

    @Reginald, that is not a true statement. There are a lot of old heads that will and do read. I think you are talking about Some of the youth–how about educating and mentoring them to do better job for themselves. Just like you put that sour statement out put a teachable and positive one out for and to them. And Peace.

  115. DrVal Partee says:

    @Lanette, it's true Willie Lynch's teaching is still alive a popping. But at one time we were on a roll until a lot of things happened–it wasn't one thing only–they are too many to mention here. The main thing is to get educated if I have to get to the point for the lack of space and time …

  116. DrVal Partee says:

    I concur! I believe a lack of education is the major reason for many negative things that befall us as a people.

  117. Yes sir brother. Now in Texas the school system is teaching that we weren't enslaved at all, but instead we were unpaid interns.

  118. This is disastrous……………………something has got to be done.

  119. amen Lanette you tell the truth, they prefer you to turn the other cheek I agree Christianity was twisted for the blacks, will never understand how folks can follow the same religion they used to justify blacks being slaves indeed saying God wanted this for them and they were lesser. But folks don't use common sense

  120. Terri Plez says:

    Boukman Dutty , are you serious? Which books/curriculum teach that?!

  121. What happen to Cuffy who led a revolt back in 1763 he led a revolt of more than 2,500 slaves against the colony regime. Today, he is a national hero in Guyana


  123. Mitchel Page says:

    We as parents,family and friends must reach and teach each other without judging.

  124. Fantastic. And another: Fedon Rebellion in Grenada 1795-6

  125. The information that the Maroons of Jamaica won their freedom from Europeans in 1739 is incorrect. They were already free before that time, or as late as 1655. What happened in 1739 was that the Maroons defeated the British, forcing the British to acknowledge and accept the fact that the Maroons were already a free people whom the British would not return to slavery.

  126. The real hero of Adowa is the wife of Emperor Menelik II, Empress Taitu.

  127. I hope you'll understand why Haiti can't stand now

  128. the battle for freedom of the mind is not a secondary battle its the same war that dominated all races from the beginning of time. slavery happened to all nations. getting over our ignorances is the challenge for all generations. guidance to you all in your quest to find inner peace in this life, coming in from the cold.

  129. Kungu George says:

    the movement of the african man to the west triggered a change in the whole world by having sex with the nearandathals of europe and maybe other near-homosapians who were there at the time…there-by begetting the current european man who is also known as the white-man…so it follows that whatever species that left africa was more superior than the species which were already existed in europe at the time…the african man at that point was more superior than all the other species at the time..he was already using very advanced tools and could read and write(proven in ethiopia and kenya through the works of Dr leakey)while the european man(nearanderthals)were still way behind and still cannibals….though i am a layman in these matters,it is sad to see the black-americans look down on themselves as inferior while the truth is that the black man is the most superior species living on these earth and is the true man among the living hominids today…the black pigmentation prevents so many things including cancer brought about by the deplation of the O-zone layer,it also acts as camouflage in the night and also absorbs vitamins more faster than the white skin (rare cases of rickets in africa)it wards of unwanted ultra-violet rays from the sun…the black man was engineered to survive all these things naturally….by interbreeding with the whites he brought about problems which were unheard of before to him in africa….he used to live in a paradise in africa,,taking only what he wanted for his use and letting the rest be….today we have engineered diseases,weapons of mass destruction,racism and so much more brought about by the white man in his never ending quest to see god or reach him….eventually nature will do away with him permanently as he continues to clone dinosaurs from the ice age and the other experiments he is doing…..even the current ebola outbreak can actually be tracked to his experiments on the poor african…the viruses will mutate and finally find their way back to the west and no matter what they do,they will have no cure for the already far evolved and mutated virus that they initially engineered while the black man has a natural adapting system…

  130. Actually the British fought on the Rebels side along with Spain against France and only about 60,000 soldiers were killed in battle while 30,000 died of yellow fever. The there more civilians killed in the rebellion than actual soldiers.

  131. No mention of the first revolts of the americas in what now is the Dominican Rep.

  132. FIRST slave Rebellion in the Americas was Actually Dominican Republic (Which was Colony of Santo Domingo back then). Christmas Day 1526, in which 2 Enslaved Africans from Senengambia Wolof and Mandinga a man and a woman, rebelled with a few hundred slaves and set fire to the plantation of the SON of Christopher Colombus, Ran to the hills for freedom. And there where many like the one who followed a few decades later. Sebastian Lemba who was a congolese maroon who fled with hundreds and nearly thousands of Africans to form their own maroon communities which peristed until recent times. I have one lineage that is of Maroon origin on the Dominican Republic.

  133. What a "thoughtful" summary." While the author attempted to be informational, "summary" of Black Uprising reeked with condescension and micro-aggression and language that re-affirms white supremacy.

    Thanks for the cute history lesson, but you can keep the subordinating undertones.

  134. Wish they would create a Caribbean union. We need to b more unified bcse there r power in numbers.

  135. Warfare is a fascinating subject. Despite the dubious morality of using violence to achieve personal or political aims. It remains that conflict has been used to do just that throughout recorded history.

    Your article is very well done, a good read.

  136. We have to disagree on that for the sake of History. First slave rebellion that led to the Independance of the FIRST BLACK REPUBLIC was conducted by the Haitians. We fought and defeated Nappoleon's army. Dominican Republic was still occupied by the Spanish which is why they still speak spanish and Haitians french. And later on we worked on freeing other black colonies around the Carribean and Latin America. We even participated in US independance war. We know that Haiti is totally messed up right now but don't alter the only thing we have left which is our pride, our History.

  137. The first enslaved Africans to win their freedom from the European (French, British and Spanish) was in Haiti or Hispaniola. They defeated Nappoleon's army, the biggest army at that time and later on French people force them to pay so that they can recognize their independance. Check it on.

  138. Iriss D. SaintLouis not at all. Because teh First slave rebellion took place in 25th of december 1526, this is will documeneted. It was much smaller in scale than the haitian revolution but preceded it by more than 200 years. An this took place in the colony of santo domingo, now known as the D.R.

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