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6 Leaders Who Called For A Political Union of Caribbean Nations

marcus garvey

 Marcus Mosiah Garvey (1887-1940) – founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, the largest mass movement across territorial borders among the African peoples during the 20th century.

“As one who knows the people well, I make no apology for prophesying that there will soon be a turning point in the history of the West Indies; and that the people who inhabit that portion of the Western Hemisphere will be the instruments of uniting a scattered race who, before the close of many centuries, will found an empire on which the sun shall shine as ceaselessly as it shines on the empire of the North today.”

Source: “Marcus Garvey and the Vision of Africa” by John Henrik Clarke (1974)

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5 thoughts on “6 Leaders Who Called For A Political Union of Caribbean Nations

  1. Andrea Chambers says:

    the referendum was in 1961 not 1991.

  2. Pete Nicely says:

    Norman Manley was never Prime Minister of Jamaica!

  3. It is past time for these nations to come together and speak as one voice.

  4. George Ellon says:

    lets the blacks rule the Caribbean

  5. lets approach this matter with some amount of rationality and reasonable reference to our historical back ground on this matter of Caricom and the Federation. Norman Manley WAS NOT ADVOCATING ON BEHALF of the jamaican black people ,when he was clamoring for the establishment of the federation of the west indies,he was doing it base on the advise of the colonial masters,because he was a genuine neo- colonialist,he was the one the colonial masters used to fight Marcus Garvey and the spirit of of our true that time when the federation was voted against by the majority of jamaican people jamaica had economic strength and was then the strongest economically among-st the Caribbean nations.the economic management of the pnp that has rule jamaica for almost 30 years since 1972 has made this country the slowest growing and most depress economy in the entire what kind of benefit presently lies in an economical union with the rest of the caribbean.lets leave the jlp out of these disscussions because they are realy a non entity where jamaicas true progress is concern,ever since seaga tok the leadership of this organization ,it has pick up from where norman manley left half in the sixties and andrew holness is now an epitimie of seaga's ideal,which makes him one of jamaicas biggest disappointment.

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