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5 Ways Society Prevents The Development of Black Boys Into Men

Man and Sons

In light of the fatal shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, several famous Black parents have voiced strategies on how to keep Black boys and men who are living in a racist society safe from untimely death or serious injury at the hands of someone who may unjustifiably determine that they are dangerous criminals.

Although these strategies are intended to promote the safety of Black males, they may have an undesired side effect that could further the underdevelopment of Black men in society.

We may be losing an entire generation of  Black males because they are being instructed by parents, society and media to intentionally suppress their natural development into manhood for the sake of merely surviving and making other races of people feel secure.

In the spirit of fostering dialogue, we constructed a list of five examples of how parents, society, and the media retard the development of Black boys today in contrast to the sentiments expressed by Black leaders who fought and died for the advancement of our people.

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10 thoughts on “5 Ways Society Prevents The Development of Black Boys Into Men

  1. Dianna Harris says:

    I agree that the ways of some police officers must be addressed but where I live the conflict for many of our young black men is within. The shootings and violence, many times, is black on black crimes and that I can't figure out why. I think this article is a good example of how our youth are getting mixed messages on how they should be and the hard choices that they have to make They must first value themselves and life in general so they can be of value to others. But we must teach and encourage them to help get that result. And if you must die let it be for a cause that will advance your people, give meaning to your existence and be pleasing to God.

  2. Lisa Tumblin says:

    Modern day oppression. The American Black Holocaust is alive and and present just beneath the subdermal layer of this nation.

  3. Even if they do not come to the hood, they have a huge impact on the hood. A culture was created, a culture of men and women where school is not the option for success, but a hustle. We live in a society where people who were bequeathed property act like they built it themselves. Our hoods do not value life, they value money only! I don't think that there is an answer to your question. Our people have been thoroughly poisoned. We can pretty much guarantee that 99% of every new black child born will value money ahead of life.

  4. stop pointing fingers to the other side, the problem starts within our communities

  5. Marvin Young says:

    Even thought this article is well intended, "I would rather die like a man then to live like a slave!" This does nothing for the black man, but say stay in your place or die, also it doesn't say who or whom are the ones killing us off. Well let me elaborate on it, the police are the main people who are killing Black males without impunity. So with that said, we need to worry about the people who took an oath to protect and serve. Another way to elevate that is by signing this petition that says, no longer will the public pay for their wrong doing, but the police themselves who did it. See it frustrates me to no other read that the public must foot the bill for a rogue cop. If we were to hit them where it hurts, in their pockets the police union and police pension funds, then they would make sure that these officers are suitable for their respective job. Before they use unnecessary force they will realize that they must pay! Instead of telling me to forget my manhood, why not change the way they act? Also, when it comes to Black on Black crimes, we must stop trying to see who is the toughest or the realist!

  6. Jason Sloan says:

    Marvin, look around your neighborhood. If the majority of business/property (mostly business) owners in your neighborhood are Black or a sympathetic minority, then your plan/petition has some ground. If not, your petition is just another useless piece of paper.

  7. Damon Brown says:

    It's deeper than this but one aspect we need to get our kids away from is the music, the media and the ignorant websites that glorify ignorant behavior and saturate their lives. Turn off the televisions. Stop listening to insidious hateful destructive music crafted solely to influence us and sell records, stop listening to the radio stations that promote only one way of Life to us, as if that is all that we are. It's beyond insulting.
    Many of these soulless artist and record companies should be held accountable too. They should be ashamed of themselves for contributing to the destruction of our people and our neighborhoods. Packaging and selling our tragedies back to us as entertainment. Promoting these fairytale lives they're supposedly leading, an excess of materiality and irrelevance.
    But, why should they care if we don't?

    They're selling us a multitude of same songs speaking of hate for that nigga, fuck that nigga, fuck that bitch. Endorsing harmful drug use. This isn't like "The Chronic."
    Can you imagine if back in the day, someone came out with a song endorsing crack use!?? There were many anti-crack songs. Where are the anti-molly songs? Are there any??

    Subliminal repetitive messages are strong, and when that's all you listen to, all you know, its influence on a persons mentality is apparent. People will say "well it's only music or only television, therefore it doesn't have an influence on people." That's BS! Because, if that were so, corporations wouldn't be spending millions of dollars for 30 seconds of Super Bowl commercial time. Do you see the warped logic behind that? Many will deny the correlation there, as obvious as it is. If a 30 second commercial can influence people, and these corporation$ are willing to spend so much money in order to do so, then what kind of influence do you think hours of repetitive; negative; subliminal media, listened to, or watched over and over and over, day in and day out has? We need to change our present in order to secure our futures. Now!

  8. The best article that I have ever seen in this site. I love King and his quotes. Not a too much of a X and Garvey fan, but their quotes were good. But where are Douglas, Washington, DuBious, Hughes, Rustin, Powell, Evers, and even strong sistas like Tubman and Truth in this article? Don Lemon is right about the n word and these premartial births have to stop in our community along with lack of MUTUAL respect especially in our familiess, destuctive parenting and upbringing that came out of slavery which is an offshort from Conservative WASP so-called Christian American culture and Willy Lynch letter, child abuse, abortion, and the slave making one drop rule (which was abolished after Loving vs. Virginia in 1967). Please lying to our young ADULT brothers that they are not grown until age 21 so they would be discouraged be the true independent grown men at age 18 and above. That's why some refuse to leave home, work, go to school, pay bills, take care of their wedlock kids, stay chaste before marriage, get help for mental issues, vote, be leaders, and not have crimnal records.

  9. Sorry, I was type "Please STOP lying".

  10. Brenda Cherry says:

    Why is that statement only said to black people?

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