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Reverse the Damage: Causes of Breast Cancer Revealed

Breast Cancer

Since chemotherapy was invented by Nazi scientists 70 years ago, and mammograms expose patients to radiation that causes cancer itself, let us forget everything we know for a few minutes about cancer prevention and cancer treatment, and take a common-sense approach to this monster that kills over 750,000 people a year in the United States alone.

Western systems of toxic food and worthless medicine have besieged  U.S. citizens, and the candle is burning at both ends.

There is a miracle cure for cancer, but it doesn’t involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, pharmaceuticals, or any advice you would get from mainstream medical doctors.

Did you know that not one single medical school in the U.S. includes classes on nutrition or natural remedies? Did you also know that 75 percent of the world’s physicians refuse chemotherapy for themselves? (

Organic food, herbs and supplements cannot cure cancer overnight. This is a well known fact. Or is it? Has your doctor brainwashed you? Has television convinced you that people with cancer need surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to have a chance? Turn off the television right now and throw away the newspaper. You’ve been herded with the masses toward a big cliff called disease. You can turn around 180 degrees right now!

Cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated, alkalized body, but it thrives in an acid-heavy environment where synthetic foods, drinks, lotions, deodorants, cosmetics, and drugs suffocate cells and weaken the immune system. (

Most organic food and products have a reputation for being too expensive to purchase regularly, but what is a hundred times more expensive than organic products is the bill for chemical cancer treatments and invasive surgery, which don’t even cure cancer, but send you to an early grave.

Yes, there are a few instances where people wait too long to address cancer, and “last minute” ditch efforts to “cut and burn” the cancer away might work, but this is only proving true for about 5 percent of cancer victims, so it’s time to address the top 10 “causes” before the “effect” becomes your early death.

Causes of breast cancer revealed

1. Hormones in meats and milk: Most cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and farm-raised fish are given artificial hormones to make them either bigger, meatier, or produce unnatural amounts of milk or eggs with unnatural frequency. ( This causes infections, depression, cancer, and other diseases in the very animals you are ingesting regularly. Get your protein from superfoods like spirulina and chlorella and reverse the damage.

2. Mammograms, dental X-rays and airport TSA screening machines: Did the x-ray technician forget to tell you to pull that deflector flap over your chest before running out of the room to escape the deadly cancer rays?

Why are you getting an exam that causes cancer to check for cancer anyway? Did the dentist and dental hygienist reassure you their new digital X-ray is so safe that you can get them every other visit, just before they left the room to escape the cancer-breeding rays? Do you dare walk through that unregulated, unmeasured amount of cancer-causing X-rays at the airport, or have you even been told you can opt out and get a harmless pat-down? (

3. Aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorants: Did you know that most breast cancer tumors originate in the upper quadrant of the breast closest to the armpit, where you apply that aluminum and all those “smell-fresh” chemicals that block in sweat and poisons your body is trying to eliminate? Look for aluminum-free, organic deodorant. Stop using antiperspirants and reverse the damage. (

4. Toxic makeup and cosmetics: The skin is the largest organ. You are most likely applying petroleum and coal tar right on top of your largest organ, which absorbs it all and sends it rushing through your bloodstream, infecting other organs that are trying so hard to filter out toxins from food and water. Your dermatologist also lives in a three story house and owns a few sports cars and won’t be telling you much about parabens and phthalates. Start buying organic cosmetics and reverse the damage you’ve done. (

5. GMO soy and corn: Most soy in America is genetically modified, processed, and causes health detriment. Do you drink soy milk? Switch to almond or rice milk right away. Why? Soybeans contain haemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump together. Plus, soy consumption increases estrogen. Add that to the artificial hormones from meat and rBGH milk and you can stop wondering how breast tumors originate. Remove soy and corn-based processed foods from your diet and reverse the damage.

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