10-Year-Old Illinois Girl Raises $4,500 for Cancer Patients Like Her Mother

breast cancer bake sale

Olivia Ohlson hopes to raise $7,000 for local cancer patients. (Gingi Ohlson via ABC News)

A bake sale launched by an Illinois fifth grader served a bigger purpose than just selling sweet treats. Olivia Ohlson learned her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and decided to do her part to help. Not only is she raising funds for Gini Ohlson, she’s selling lemonade and cookies to help other cancer patients, too.

“I always wanted to have a lemonade sale and when my mom got cancer I wanted to raise funds for women like her,” Olivia told ABC News Tuesday, Oct. 24. “I thought that since I wanted to raise money, I could have a lemonade stand.”

The 10-year-old raised $4,5000 for NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center, in Highland Park, Ill., where her mother has completed eight of 16 rounds of preventive chemotherapy.  Ohlson underwent a double mastectomy in May after the cancer was caught during her annual mammogram.

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“She didn’t just go with the fun part,” said Ohlson, who is “very proud” of her only child Olivia. “She brought everything out, made the signs, did the display and had friends who came and helped her during the sale as well.”

Olivia, who enlisted the help of her grandmother has hosted two bake sales so far, including one on Oct. 29. ABC 7 reported her goal is $7,000 and supporters can donate to the cause on NorthShore University Health System’s website.

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