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Kobe Bryant Intensifies Practice as Season Opener Draws Near

LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant said that he is going to intensify his workouts in practice on Monday while he and the team are in Beijing, gearing up for an exhibition with the Warriors on Tuesday.

Bryant is in good spirits while going through the long rehabilitation of his Achilles tendon.

“I feel pretty good,” Bryant said. “I’m stepping it up. I’m looking forward to today’s practice and seeing what I can do from a conditioning standpoint. Rev it up a little bit.”

Despite Bryant’s steady improvements, it’s still unclear whether he with be suiting up for the season opener Oct. 29 against the Clippers.

“I haven’t pushed it – pushed it yet. I’ve done some pretty heavy running on the treadmill over the last few days, more than I’ve ever done before. I’ve never been a big treadmill guy, but it was necessary. Today, hopefully I can get out on the court and run. I feel like I can kind of pick up the pace and that I can keep doing that.”

The Lakers play the Warriors Tuesday  Oct. 14  at 7:30 a.m ET on NBA TV.

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