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Jay Z and Director Ron Howard Debut ‘Made In America’ Documentary

Jay Z and Ron Howard debuted their behind the scenes look at Hov’s Made In America concert tour last year. “The Made In America” 90-minute documentary premiered on Showtime yesterday and takes an all encompassing look at the concert, not just from the perspective of the artists, but even from the people working the event. As reported by

“The documentary  follows the artists as they prepare for and play their sets, but it also gets perspective from festival security guards, crew members, promoters and food vendors, and even the mayor of Philadelphia.

“It’s a fascinating look at Jay Z’s rise — including a scene where he visits his old apartment, which now has a view of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn that houses his 40/40 Club — and at what artists are doing to help revive local economies and bring people from all walks of life together.”

The successful Made In America tour featured lead performances from Nine Inch Nails, and Jay Z’s wife Beyonce.

Check out the “Made In America” documentary below.

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