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Nick Cannon Laughs Off Cheating Rumors

mariah and nick cannonMariah Carey sent her husband Nick Cannon a sexy birthday gift via Instagram recently, sharing a photo of herself in a tantalizing black lace bra. The provocative photo prompted gossip tabloid magazine The Enquirer to imply it was in direct response to rumors of the couple cheating on each other. The tabloid claimed:

“All this cavorting around with handsome men has Nick seeing red. He’s about at the end of his rope with Mariah.”

Meanwhile, insiders say that Mariah has always been worried about her much younger husband’s wandering eye. And she flipped out when she surprised Nick, 33, on the set of his MTV show and found him flirting with a pretty contestant.”

Cannon got wind of the report and immediately put the rumors to rest on Twitter:

“The @NatEnquirer is for sale! I tried to buy the company but my accountants keep saying its not worth the money. #liars #getverified.”

Looks like the Cannons are having the last laugh.

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