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Craig Robinson Detained for Drug Possession in the Bahamas

craig robinsonCraig Robinson almost found himself in need of Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington’s character on the hit show “Scandal. The comedian starred opposite the actress in “The Peeples” earlier this year.

Robinson was lucky to have avoided a scandal, however, after a trip to the Bahamas almost cost him four years in prison. He was detained for drug possession on Wednesday, as he tried to leave the Bahamas.

According to NY Daily News:

“Customs agents found a small amount of marijuana and pills deemed suspicious, said Supt. Stephen Dean of the Royal Bahamas Police Force. Robinson, who was in the Bahamas for a comedy show, was taken into custody and appeared before a magistrate, where he pleaded guilty to two counts of drug possession. Prosecutor Ercel Dorsett told the court that Robinson had a half gram of marijuana and 18 ecstasy pills.”

Robinson could have faced four years in prison.

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