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Google Releases HP Chromebook 11

hp-chromebook-11When Google decided to enter the laptop market, the company resolved to highlight its strengths. So, it created a family of Chromebooks compatible with the Chrome OS, which enables Google Docs and Gmail in the cloud. Google also priced these devices very competitively, making the barrier to entry for consumers really low. Today Google has announced a new Chromebook in the product line from HP. While the idea is very much the same, it improves upon previous models. According to

“At an event in New York City this morning, Google announced the new HP Chromebook 11. The Chromebook 11 is a low-cost Chrome OS laptop, with an 11-inch, 1366 x 768 pixel IPS display and Chromebook Pixel inspired design. The new laptop, which Google is selling for $279, is available to order from Google Play, Best Buy, Amazon, and direct from HP today.

“The design of the Chromebook 11 is quite reminiscent of the now-retired plastic MacBook. It has sleek lines and ports on only the left hand side. Google has also hidden all of speaker grills and screws, giving the design a cleaner appearance. Google is offering the laptop in black or white with Chrome-appropriate blue, red, yellow, or green accents. Google is [also] touting the Chromebook 11’s new display, which it claims is as much as 50 percent brighter than most laptops on the market. Its IPS panel offers 176 degree viewing angles and a very wide color gamut. In our brief look at the Chromebook, we found the screen to be a perfectly fine laptop display, and the added brightness was certainly noticeable.”

At less than $300, the HP Chromebook 11 should prove to be a compelling entry-level laptop. However, users looking to do more than surf the Web or perform tasks in the cloud may find the Chromebook limiting. As reported by

“Despite having access to many of the same online tools Windows and Mac users do, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Netflix, and Facebook, the real challenge of Chrome has been that it does not particularly excel in any particular area, and even a budget Windows laptop offers more flexibility and the ability to run more software.”

Another problem facing Chromebooks is the fact that users may opt to use tablets, rather than laptops, to work in the cloud. So if you are looking for a well-designed, budget laptop for the cloud, you may be in luck.

Check out the video review below of the new HP Chromebook 11.

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