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15 Richest Billionaires in Africa – This Might Surprise You

Nicky Oppenheimer

Nicky Oppenheimer (Net Worth $6.5B)

South African diamond magnate Nicky Oppenheimer made a pivotal decision in November 2011 to sell his family’s 40 percent stake in De Beers, the world’s largest diamond producer. He sold the stake to mining behemoth, Anglo American, for $5.1 billion. Anglo already owned 45 percent of DeBeers. The deal was slowed by the government of Botswana, which owns the remaining 15 percent of the company, and had preemptive rights to a fourth of Oppenheimer’s stake. Botswana passed on the opportunity to buy that stake in July of 2012, and the deal got final regulatory approval that month.


Nassef Sawiris

Nassef Sawiris (Net Worth $6.5B)

Egyptian Nassef Sawiris runs Orascom Construction Industries, Egypt’s most valuable publicly-traded company. He announced in January 2013 that the company was exchanging all global depository receipts of the company for newly issued shares of OCI NV on NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam. The transaction was backed by $1 billion from U.S. investors, including Bill Gates, and will help cover payments to shareholders who opt instead to tender their OCI shares for cash. With Egypt still in turmoil, it is the largest foreign investment in the country since the revolution, but a primary listing on an international exchange gives it more credibility with investors.

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12 thoughts on “15 Richest Billionaires in Africa – This Might Surprise You

  1. Femi Adepoju says:

    Its not 666 no more. Its 9 digits. Aline the physic.

  2. Yaaah its sad that the wealth of our forefather is own by the Operhema family doing whatever he likes about our fellow african brothers

  3. There was no revolution in South Africa it was one of the world's biggest shams in history.It was an accommodation for whites to continue ruling over Africans , Nelson Mandela was brought out of prison as window dressing, crakas still control 97% of all wealth in South Africa.WAKE UP AND SMELL REALITY!!!
    The biggest financiers of Hitler's regime were the zionist jews of S.Africa the Oppenheimers,you won't find that in your history books, or in Jewish archives about Hitler .as a student of history i simply spread the gospel of truth.

  4. Gemology is a cheap course that is available everywhere and can be completed in a short period.,but instead we African study couses like journalism,history etc,courses that will make us to continue searching for jobs that are not the end we blame the system or the white.when are going to stop mis leading the coming generations of African and start telling them the truth ?aquire the right skills for there lies the true freedom we seek

  5. Itai Kunonga says:

    The Opp's own ANC…that's their baby!

  6. Africa Has Always had "Billionaires=Dictators"
    they Dont feed the People and Keep all the money
    Idi Amin (Uganda)
    Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe)
    Mobutu Sese Seko (Zaire)
    Yahya Jammeh (Gambia)

  7. You can see Mr.Aliko Dangote is a good Man!

  8. Jake Blanc says:

    It trully is a sham

  9. Jake Blanc says:

    Mandela was a sellout

  10. I met a fellow from Stanford-he was from S.Africa,he essentially said teh ANC doesn't represent Black people, it's mere window dressing. Africa is still a colonizwed continent !

  11. Damein Deleston says:

    This list only has three Africans on it. These Europeans and Arabs are invaders on the African continent.

  12. These people do not wan't black people to konw that they came from rich heritage so they keep undermining our caperbility.

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