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‘Bridezillas’ Season 10 Episode 21: ‘Adrianne & Willaura’

Bridezillas Season 10, Episode 21: Adrianne & Wilaura

Bridezillas” Season 10 Episode 21 “Adrianne & Willaura” airs tonight on WE, where one bride-to-be cries incessantly, while an Atlanta woman prepares for her “celebrity” wedding.

In this week’s episode, pseudo socialite Bridezilla Willaura demands celebrity status. She believes she is famous and her husband-to-be is just along for the ride. Yet when her make-believe prestige gets called out, wannabe celebrity Willaura teeters on the brink. Meanwhile, crabby Bridezilla Adrianne realizes back fat is the least of her wedding obstacles. She attempts to control with self-pity, but will her tears be taken seriously?

WE’s official description of “Bridezilla” reads:

“This reality series from WE takes us inside the hectic wedding preparations of brides-to-be who are determined to have the perfect wedding – no matter how many tantrums they must throw to achieve that dream. Every episode we meet a new bride who is more selfish and controlling than the previous one. This unique reality show shows the life of brides-to-be and how they fight with their friends, family and future husband to get anything they want for their wedding and for it to be just the way the like it!”

“Bridezillas” Season 10 Episode 21 premieres Friday, October 4,  at 10 pm ET on WE. Check out  the sneak peeks of the episode below.



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