‘I Dream of Nene: The Wedding’ Season 1 Episode 3: ‘Bridesmaidzillas Stampede’

Coming up next on “I Dream of Nene: The Wedding,” season 1, episode 3 ” Bridesmaidzillas Stampede,” what NeNe Leakes thought would be the perfect distraction, turns out to be chaos after the girls fight among each other. Leakes is beyond embarrassed after her bridesmaids go for blood at her favorite Hollywood hotspot.

On top of that, Leakes is trying her best to iron out the wrinkles within the family before her wedding day, but a heated argument with Gregg’s oldest son sets things back. Still, NeNe has a wedding to plan, even if things aren’t 100 percent settled with the family.

With all the chaos spinning out of control, how will they make it through a wedding if no one can get along?

See what happens on I Dream of Nene: The Wedding, Tuesday night 9:00p.m. /8:00 p.m. CT on the Bravo Network.


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