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6 Ways Slavery Still Negatively Impacts Black People


Just as Kunta Kinte was forced under the lash to change his name in the novel and movie Roots, Black people both in the West and Africa were forced to take their slave masters’ names. Today, many Black people carry European or Arabic names, which is a direct link to our enslavement.


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87 thoughts on “6 Ways Slavery Still Negatively Impacts Black People

  1. Denita Bragg says:

    this shit is true for the most part , we all need to read this and take heed, If don't we maybe putting our children in harms way, no we putting them in harms way by not taking any of this in to consideration.

  2. The fact is this is all true yet many of is don't care and continue to embrace the slave mentality.

  3. Nefetari Dennard says:

    Great article.

  4. I cannot give you economics, self hate, or the black family for blacks in america. It completely forgets about reconstruction and the periods prior to integrations where blacks were building cities and had 2 parent households in bulk. At one point after slavery during the 1940's or 50's the black marriage rate was higher then the white one.

  5. Nyasa Broadus says:

    So after reading this what is suppose to happen? Black women will cease having children out of wedlock and cooking soul food? Really! When did Arabs become a foe to blacks? Can we stop with the finger pointing and devise a way to uplift people. Everyone wants to be so radical but there's no new information here. In fact when's the last time you met a black girl named Becky? We don't name our children European names as a rule but if I like a European name more than I like any other name . . .It's my right to name my child what ever I want.

  6. Celawn Jack says:

    I think you're missing the point of the article. It's not finger pointing. It's more about educating and insight

  7. Charles Hill says:

    Arabs have always been our enemy they were the main creators and perpetrator of slavery and to this day continue to enslave and kill our people. So Yes the Arabs are our worse enemy

  8. Latrecey Andersen says:

    so true, but many do still live this way.

  9. Jamaal A. R. Asaad says:

    What I find interesting about this piece is with all the "negative" impacts and finger pointing…most of the references are from Eurocentric sources.

    Any person with a scholarly sense would/could challenge all of these assertions…they all follow the common argument flaw that many of our diehard Pan Africanist…"everybody did it to Africans, we are the victims".

  10. Laura A Schiele says:

    Why are you so miserable? It's sad. I'll pray for you!

  11. Gary Bingham says:

    Liked the article, would have loved to have seen relationships between men and women in there under self hate or family. Some men and women in our community are at war (online, in the neighborhoods etc.).

  12. Carlene Gist says:

    Laura A Schiele Ignorance is bliss.

  13. The original Arabs were Black.

  14. Pilar D. Bellerand says:

    Hey Gary.

  15. Gemi Nye says:

    Yes yes yes! Sad part is the only folks who read this are most likely already aware. Will still continue to spread the knowlege. Never forget!

  16. Jimmy Lloyd says:

    Thank you for a normal, clear, unbiased and educated comment. This is a rarity these days!

  17. Ma'at Vulu says:

    Very rarely will I every name drop when commenting but @Nyasa you should research history before commenting on a post like this because you make yourself look real foolish!! No one NOT even the Europeans has been as harsh to African people like the Arabs. They still hold black slaves to this day.. Not only that Michele Baachman racist ass even said the "family" aspect of black people was stronger during times of slavery than it is now.. and sad but true she is right!! Cause men wasnt just laying seeds and leaving..and No Black women will not cease having kids nor cooking the soul food she has been taught to prepare but as with anything moderation is the key!! You dont have to cook like a slave every night.. and you dont have to have a child by evey man you meet. and yes many people even myself up until January of this year still hold on to our slave name.. We dont look at it as a slave name because our parents gave it to us, but when you get to the History of it most of our last names are from slave owners and for the "becky" comment I have crossed a few "Rebecca's" in my lifetime the only difference is white people calls theirs "becKy" and black people calls theirs "becca" same thang!!
    OAN.. It should be 7 things instead of 6 because religion is most definitely a side effect of slavery and it has people fuq'd up!!!

  18. Ummmm…I've met more white 'Becca's' than black ones and I've also met black Becky's. 🙂

  19. And….BE NICE! 🙂

  20. Ma'at Vulu says:

    okay!! so that ties into what Im saying on that note!! although its vice versa for me Ive met more white "beckys" than I have "beccas"… But the ignorance of the woman commeting is heartbreaking!! How you gonna comment on something and your programmed by the TV if it dont come across the tube than you wont know about it!!! Im sorry them type of people need to stfu when grown folks talking!! LOL..

  21. Ma'at Vulu says:

    btw.. I expect you to know more white "beccas" Noneya cause if you didnt have street cred you would be a straight OREO!!! Black on the out white on the in… ahahahahahaaha

  22. There were more 2 parent households 25 years removed from slavery than there is today. In fact, until the 1970's blacks households with 2 parents were 85%. The liberal programs of the 1960's started the decline of the 2 parent households. It became profitable for women to have children out of wedlock and to have an absentee man. The black family was more united before the 1960's.

  23. Lisa V. Williamson says:

    I wasn't a Single Mother, and I can't imagine how I would have handled being one. My Ex actually helped me with the kids. There were times he spent more time with them, then I did.

  24. James Eli Ryan says:

    The author used wikipedia as a source……..What a scholar!
    Ummmmmm really the diet? Did you put 5 seconds of thought into your argument?
    Please think about things before you publish!

  25. Vicklyn Fleming says:

    Yes, religion is one of many missing points on this list.. Self hate… brings to mind home.. There are AFRICANS on the continent who believe they are NOT African and/or that they NOT even Black… and I am talking in this day and age. And I am sure some of you know know a few of these folks.. As for the Arabs….
    Some non-blacks and some Blacks will disagree or feel uneasy with the topic but… who said life will be easy all the time..

  26. Vicklyn Fleming says:

    Family: Not an excuse for the black man… One can imagine having your family ripped apart for various reasons.. #1 kids old enough to be sold or used. # 2 Woman/wife to fulfill lust.
    #3 Man being sold or killed.I do believe one can be psychologically damaged for generations.
    I also believe once you have life you still have a chance to go forward. After all 'you ain't dead yet'!

  27. Dustin Hunt says:

    Charles Hill I'm surprised that 17 people liked your comment. It is the height of ignorance.

    The European slave trade was significantly worse than the Arab/AFRICAN slave trade.

    One was developed into a system of racial dominance that subjugated millions of Africans for centuries, the other paled in comparison.

    Under Muslim rule, Africans were able to reach the heights of political power almost a millennium ago. This wasn't possible under European dominance until the 21st century and even then, he (Obama) is nothing more than a figurehead for white elite interests who has overseen HISTORICAL levels of black poverty, unemployment, and wealth transfer, and has lifted not a finger in aid of his people, here or abroad.

  28. Marcus Smith says:

    Are you for real with this? Enoch Mubarak, you got your own issues you need to deal with on here posting that mess!!!

  29. John Mzee says:

    Death to all white devil slave masters

  30. John Mzee says:

    Jim crow you know what he can do

  31. John Mzee says:

    keep wondering thats what they used to enslave all black goldberg hmmmm aren't you jewish how can you use religion to justify your people were enslaved when supposedly God made it a so called golden rule to enslave your people

  32. John Mzee says:

    keep wondering thats what they used to enslave all black goldberg hmmmm aren't you jewish how can you use religion to justify your people were enslaved when supposedly God made it a so called golden rule to enslave your people

  33. John Mzee says:

    thats a made up rule

  34. Wow a powerful message. BUT… some very misleading details! For example, there's one that make a comparison "before slavery" and "post-slavery": WHAT!?!? So for this author, slavery didn't exist before about 1400AD? And, when did it end? Get some historical perspective. Sadly, slavery has been going on for eons and still is today, just in different forms.

  35. John Mzee Don't worry they're all already dead.

  36. Mansa Musa says:

    im more pissed you got 8 likes. black people love a conspiracy theory. alex jones and dick gregory got yall lookin at the wrong shit.

  37. Dee DeMusis says:

    Well said, Steve.

  38. John Lewis says:

    White man do this white man do that my wife leve me white man did it every thing the with man did it I'm your on crack the white man did that 2 I'm a bum the white man did it bull shit your black people sell u to the white man thay could have sed no and fight back but thay did not to save thare ass look back on history do not learn from it going to repeat it

  39. Thanks for straitening out those deaf dumb & blind ones. If anyone thinks the Arabs are friends to us are DEAD wrong.. They are worst than whites.. Any African Americans following their form of Islam are fools and slaves to the Arab.

  40. The way kids kill each other I am sure we hate ourselves.They also separated us by color.We don't seem to care about each other anymore.So sad.

  41. Charles Hill Are they really? We as Africans, African Americans, and black people stood by and let this happen to ourselves. When slavery in Africa started taking place, other African tribes did not come to our rescue. Instead of killing our slave masters, we huddled in sheds and let them continue to rape our women and whip us. We are just as much to blame as the races that dominate us. Instead of getting an education, many black students prefer getting high in the locker rooms or skipping. Instead of a black man proposing to a black woman, he impregnate her and than leaves. Instead of black men taking care of their children, they leave it up to the black women. The black woman is left to do it all, while at the same time falling victim to the system put in place to destroy us. We have to take responsibility for what has happened to us. Some black women no longer find black men attractive. I often think," I wish I could find a good, educated, polite, respectful black man to be with." But when I look around I see very few. We are now destroying our own families, land, and resources. Instead of stopping white people or Arabs from harming us, we sat back and left them because we thought we had something to gain. Don't forget that there were groups of Arabs and Africans who worked together as an equal team to build strong nations. Take the Moors for example.

  42. Tiffany Weston says:


  43. Steve, as you said, slavery has different forms. This is particularly true in the case of the Trans Atlantic slave trade. There is a very common mistake made in which people equate African servitude to the slavery that was conducted in the Americas. Fortunately, We have first hand primary historical documents where slaves, through their own narratives were able to explain the extreme differences between the "slavery" that they experienced in Africa compared to that of the Americas. Night and day difference.

  44. Tasneem El-Siraaj If you really study the Trans Atlantic slave trade you will find that there were massive revolts and even wars against slavery in Africa and in the Americas. The idea that Black people just let slavery happen and then just sat around and waited for White people to free them is a lie.

  45. Keith Hames says:

    The problem with blaming slavery for anything is that the financial and mental enslavement hasn't ceased. If you make less than $50,000 a year you're a 21st century sharecropper! The black community and freedom of thought have been under attack for 2000 years. Each of the issues mentioned in the article supposedly get worse each year, so why blame today's issues on a problem that could have been fixed 150 – 500 years ago, if a real plan to get it fixed were the intent. Most of the issues mentioned affect all communities, but what would the racist media say about Black Africans if it wasn't something negative. That we are the most inventive and resilient people on the planet to have survived the atrocities inflicted on us and still we rise. Ask yourself why we are fed this crap! It's a deflection so you see how sick those with real money really are. Don't you see the game… Most Black Africans, like everybody else are trying to come up, but here we go agreeing with this mind screw crap telling us we have more problems than everybody else. B.S. Keep on pushing!

  46. Adonica Jones-Parks says:

    While I agree with these effects, Wikipedia as a reference is a no-no. I also take issue with the Family factor. This is both a male and female responsibility. Don't slant it.

  47. Rodney Melvin says:

    its facts, the sad thing is the system tells us to forget this history and move on with life and all the psychological , financial and physical damage it has done. Meanwhile telling us remember the holocaust, the Oklahoma city bombing, Sept 11, the Titanic and etc etc…

  48. Please go learn your history.

  49. Angela Taylor says:

    We have to understand the root of these actions to change them. Many Blacks don't even know that many of their lifestyles are results of enslavement.

  50. Carl Henriques says:

    You have no idea what you speak of slaves were chattels personal as such could not be legally contracted for anything including marriage so no they left if sold and could not enter into a contract of marriage most of what you read on slave life is fairytale b.s. made up not to make whites look as bad please read wheeler's slave code it's free on Google play books for the truth slavery was far more horrible than you have been told

  51. Carl Henriques says:

    Atlanta blackstar we are all grown we are you still giving us the soft shill read the history every case decided in the u.s. courts is on record in the national archives and several books are available for free on Google play books if you truly want to educate yourself to the horrors of slavery start with wheelers slave code

  52. Carl Henriques says:

    And your views of history are skewed as well skewed to make American chattel slavery seem less severe but you fail to mention that slaves everywhere except the u.s. were able to redeem themselves through payment or actions where as chattels personal in the United states could never be truly/legally free

  53. Carl Henriques says:

    Wrong wrong wrong no wonder no one acknowledged writing this clap trap please let me ask when were you going to tell how us blackfolk still have a slave mentality because at the end it looks as if you are making a weak excuse as to why certain black folks are irresponsibly

  54. Erica Arlene Canada says:

    Number 5. Daaaaayam, Dayyyyyum, Daaayyyyuuuummm!

  55. Ma'at Vulu says:

    I beg to differ! I think it is you that have no idea of what it is you are trying to say! My sources of information is far more vast than a free copy of a book on google! I understand your long way of saying slaves where property and could not enter into "contracts".. I get that because I know that! Now pardon me if I sound rude but Im trying to find out what knowledge your comment brought to this post because everything I said on this thread has a merit of truth to it!! You drifting off telling me dont believe historical facts and to check out a book on google No merit and No point.. and FYI… I dont need NO "slave life fairytale" to make the white man look bad! History by his own admission lets me know just who they are

  56. Carl Henriques says:

    Offered the book which is a historical archive of all judgements in all slave cases as a start all of these books that are linked were all written during slavery both for and against,I apologize for my tone as I was not upset with you but the anonymous author but slavery was far worse than is taught and I apologize again for being wrong as to the title of the book it is "Jacob b. WheelerEsq. A practical treatise on the law of slavery. Being a compilation of all the made on that subject in the several courts of the United states, and state courts(New York: Allan pollock,Jr. New Orleans:benjamin levy, 1837) and it is a law book the same as blacks law dictionary ,it was used by the federal and state courts to decide slave cases it is far from some "old book" it is a testament against the u.s. gov't

  57. Carl Henriques says:

    A man who doesn't know his history is destined to repeat its

  58. Caroline Alicia says:

    I'm going to say it: Who cares? Our self image, the foods we eat, the decisions we make, we can't keep pointing a finger at slavery. Like the good books reads: "Work out your own salvation". Learn to look in the mirror and love your hair and skin color. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and our decisions are our own. Work hard and get a food up and sit there and pout. The only thing I care about, the only thing WE as Black people should care about and focus on now are the very real effects we cannot control: the reason it's harder for us to get loans, regardless of our credit score. Why does it cost more to buy fresh fruits and veggies than a bucket of chicken and two sides and a gallon of drink? Why do predominantly Black schools receive less funding than their predom white counterparts? Why is the judicial system out for blood when it comes to us? Eating ourselves into diabetes, choosing to not use prophylactics to prevent pregnancy and STDs. choosing to sit around and smoke weed and not to go to try in high school and go on to college . choosing to record ourselves acting like animal on WorldStarHipHop, choosing to listen to misogynistic music that glorifies self-serving negative lifestyles. Choosing to invest money on old model cars hiked up on giant rims and buying hair and outfits rather than putting money into a savings account. That's all free will and and our own freaking problem :-/

  59. Ebony Harris says:

    I was in agreement til I hear the usual single black mother bashing that seems to be the norm in the black community. Another example of black male sexism

  60. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    Jimmy Lloyd you mean as long as blacks continue to hate themselves???

  61. All that excessive force is really for White people who will lose their minds when they can't do what they want. I saw that mess in Boston. This martial law is for Whites.

  62. Gary Brewer says:

    EM you are in Nigeria, location many of your own people were sold to the slavers, went to other areas and enslaved other tribes. All history…

  63. Chrissie Chuahbine says:

    This is the most backward article I have read. Come on. History happened but that shouldn't be a brick wall to our future. The only thing holding onto to "slavery" or the idea of it is articles and thoughts like this. Be warned.

  64. Lawrence Little says:

    Someone should do an article on how coddling racial injustice of the past negatively impacts Black people, and on how Black people have never been treated worse than they currently treat each other across the entire continent of Africa. Or how blaming everything thats wrong in Black communities across America on White people doesn't do anything to fix what's wrong with Black communities.

  65. Al Bizness says:

    religion should be number one on this list!!!

  66. kunta kinte aka Toby will always be remembered i have all the moives from one to six

  67. kunta kinte aka Toby will always be remembered i have all the moives from one to six

  68. I want the movie..send me one

  69. Religion as well!! We were forced to take on their God and religion, and to this day still praying to their God!!

  70. Kali Love says:

    showing direct correlations is not blaming…

  71. I really do agree with your post.You rightfully say that we should be smart and educated enough by now to realize all the indoctrination during slavery.Yes those things hold us back today but the reason why is that we allow them to.Not saying that slavery wasn't a major keep back to the black community because it was but we perpetuate it by not realizing and striving for better.I think what probably held us back the most was that it "gutted" our culture and our moral codes.Yes in Ameirca there was between 1890s-1960s blacks married more than 50% but what kept families together wasn't a strong cultural and moral codes but that blacks unified because of strong segregation practices even after slavery up to the 60s. After segregation ended there was no culture or moral code within the black community to keep it together,so the black community that was held together by necessity during segregation times fell apart when there was no longer a direct external force to fight against.Also aiding this was unfortunate welfare programs as mentioned by someone else that made it more profitable for single mothers to have children out of wedlock.

  72. In regards to names, many black children's names today reflect their parent or parents' efforts to make them unique and do not have European origins. Secondly, far more blacks now are affected by eating fast food than the cuidine created by slaves with those scraps that have made the likes of Paula Deen wealthy. Likewise, slaves created their own language on the linguistic and grammatical structure of Bantu languages. However, we have lost our economic power due to the lack of trust in each other which I wrote about in a series of artices titled, "Building an African-American Trust," when I was a reporter for The Sojourner's Truth Newspaper on Toledo, Ohio, earning a nomination for a Press Club Award. Also, unlike when I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, the black family structure has regressed to what it was during slavery: black men having babies by multiolple women who rear them alone or have them taken away and placed on the auction block of child welfare usually places with white foster families paid to provide care for them, making them chattel once more. So, three of these six points are valid while the other three need to be re-evaluated. Finally, while slavery was reprehensible, unresolved period in our history, it created musical and other art forms unique to African slaves that have influenced and often shaped the dominant culture. Our language, music, dress, food, and even worship have been co-opted and commercialized and we ignore those who create and sell it it in our neighborhoods, shelling out our money for the designer or trendy versions of our creations. While this list gets it half right, it fails to present how we've been conditioned to behave as we do or how we can de-program our slave mentality. But perhaps the author's purpose was to present the problem and motivate us to think about solutions.

  73. Wayne Smith says:

    Curious why Jews don't have a slave mentality? They've received much

  74. Wayne Smith says:

    Jews have been victims of mass genocide and been slaves for thousands of years, so why don't they have a slave mentality?

  75. Wilo BV says:

    This is true in a Sense my brother

  76. Lawrence Little says:

    Kali Love O.K., then what about the "correlation" of the African slave trade today, where the slave traders are all Black or Arabic. And most of the slave trading is taking place in Muslim countries.

  77. Sheria Peterson says:

    I agree with a lot of this, but not all of it. Arabic is a language that is descends from other African languages. So that language was passed to those in the countries that are now considered Arab, not the other way around. Also, as someone stated in an earlier post, there was more stability in the black family from the end of slavery until around the 60s. The major changes that have decimated the black family and our communities has more to do with the drug trade, arrests, and mass incarceration that began in the 60s and beyond. It is a new means of enslavement. We have to understand and accept our responsibility in the destruction of our families and communities which include or rush to businesses that we don't own or operate, our flight from those communities in which our poorest people live, our reluctance to love our neighbors' children enough to teach and guide them, andthe fact that we are more willing to follow the white man's dollar than to save our own people. Others go back into the communities we abandoned and buy and build what we ran from. We get angry about gentrification, but why haven't more of us gone back and done that? Why do we abandon our own when we make gains? The greatest truth in this article is that we suffer from self hatred. That is what made it possible for the Arabs and Westerners to create the slave trade and it is what continues our destruction as a people. No one else gave us that self hatred before slavery, and no one perpetuates it but us.

  78. Jews were slaves…

  79. No. 2 "Food" is bull. It implicates the wrong culptrit in the menu.

    Tradional nutritionally dense foods incoporate the WHOLE animal; and in fact, the "scraps" are some of the most nutritious to eat. Problems with diet comes from replacement of healthy saturated fat w/ trans fat and of excessive sugar consupmtion.

    The book "Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food: by Luke & Cate Shanahan is a very useful resource for anyone seeking health through nutrition & break free of the misinformed-cycle-of-guilt-and-shame that is food in America.

  80. Most of these, if not all, are not legitimate arguments for any negative harms. Neutral effects, sure. Actual harms, not so much. Most of them could be weighed and essentially lose against something with a greater impact.

  81. You are wrong with you assessment…Think again!!!

  82. Camille Johnson well then don't pray to our God…get your own…

  83. Eric Kang says:

    "pets to stop acting like the pets they were trained to be" Why would this take generations at all? If you were property and now you are free, would you teach your children to act like property? All it takes is one generation for the self hate to go away.

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