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Berlin Marathon Intruder Photobombs World Record Setter; Gets Lifetime Ban, Jail Time

Police charge Berlin marathon intruder

Security has been tight at the world’s marathons after the Boston Marathon bombing in April. Despite this, another wacky individual has disrupted the fun. This time it was only a photo bombing.

As Kenyan runner Wilson Kipsang was about to cross the finish line of his world-record-breaking marathon in Germany on Sunday, he was upstaged by an unnamed man wearing a yellow Day-Glo T-shirt, who managed to break through the finish line tape before he did.

The ambush marketer leapt from the crowd and joined the last few strides of the Berlin Marathon, in what seems like and effort to draw a lot of attention to himself with the escort service printed on his brightly colored shirt.Kipsang of Kenya crosses finish line behind disrupter at 40th Berlin marathon

As an award, the intruder got all the attention he deserved, after race staff chased him down and turned him over to the police. A Berlin police spokesman confirmed that the man has been charged with trespassing and has subsequently been banned from future events run by the Berlin marathon’s organizers.

Although he will get his day in court, Kipsang’s glorious moment will forever be tarnished, something he didn’t deserve after running 2hours, 3 minutes and 23 seconds—a 4:42 per mile pace for the 26.2 mile course—and setting a new world record.

Watch the video of the infamous incident below.


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9 thoughts on “Berlin Marathon Intruder Photobombs World Record Setter; Gets Lifetime Ban, Jail Time

  1. What is this man's name? He should be banned from all races, forever. He was not "wacky", he was a criminal. And who was in charge of security? They should be "banned" as well.

  2. Joseph Robert Beal says:

    How can you get charged with trespassing if it's a public road?

  3. Ivan Kacunic says:


  4. Ivan Kacunic says:

    This person should be put in a stockade and have rotten vegetables thrown at him.

  5. Phil Wain says:

    Yep, there are certainly some [email protected]***heads in this world

  6. Happy Tremayne says:

    Not good, but funniest thing – google the website on his t-shirt.
    Paid to do that for sure!

  7. The press should airbrush the clot out so he gets no publicity nor his dumbass website

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