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Wait Until You Hear What Scary Devil Cat Says to Intimidating Human

When a cute and cuddly cat has his back against the wall, he can easily become a “devil cat,” at least that’s what the giggly women in this video found out when they stumbled upon a stray in their kitchen. The women try to help the kitten, who obviously couldn’t find his way out, but the scared cat is in no mood for their annoying human gestures.

Like a cat out of hell, he desperately tries to scramble through the closed window, and when he can’t get out, he goes crazy, sending pots, pans and kitchen utensils flying everywhere. The hysterical women are shocked when “devil cat” makes sounds like “go away” multiple times, then stops, turns its menacing, glowing green eyes toward the camera and goes into full-on hiss mode.

Watch how this angry kitty starts talking in the video above.

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