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‘Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out’ Season Finale Featuring Kevin Hart

On the season finale of “Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out” Season 5, Kevin Hart returns to lead the Black Team to a win over Cannon’s Platinum Team. Things are looking good for Hart and the Black Team when Conceited gets on the mic and obliterates members of the Platinum Team, one by one, with a barrage of disses.

In the clip, Conceited asks DJ D-Wrek to cut the beat, and calls upon Emmanuel ‘Kosher’ Hudson as his first victim. “I should piss in his dreads so y’all can call him Goldilocks,” he says. Speechless, Kosher just takes the insult and recedes back into his team. Next up? DoBoy. “Why the hell everything you like gotta be food-related?” C asks the Platinum powerhouse. “Why don’t you sit here and just tell the public? His favorite basketball team is the Denver Nuggets,” he adds. Kevin Hart uncontrollably cracks up at the joke, and with his guest captain’s co-sign, Conceited feels confident enough to take on the head of the snake: Nick Cannon.

Don’t miss the season finale of “Nick Cannon Wild ‘N Out,” Tuesday at 11p/10c on MTV2

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