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Cardinals’ Rashad Johnson Didn’t Know Part of His Finger Came Off During Game

Cardinals' Rashad Johnson loses part of his finger in game vs. SaintsArizona Cardinals’ Rashad Johnson lost a piece of his left middle finger after making a routine tackle on New Orleans running back Darren Sproles on a punt return.

Not even Johnson knows exactly what or when it happened, but Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers confirmed via Twitter that Johnson’s injury occurred sometime during his Sproles takedown:

“Johnson’s injury happened on a punt return, tackling sproles. Not sure what happened, might have smashed in ground. #AZCardinals

— Kent Somers (@kentsomers) September 23, 2013.”


Johnson pulled off his glove and the flesh was still in the glove exposing the bone down to the first knuckle. Apparently Johnson didn’t even realize the injury until he took his glove off on the sideline.


The fifth-year safety went into surgery later that day, where doctors shaved the exposed bone and closed the wound, according to Somers’ tweet:

“Drs shaved bone on Johnson’s finger and repaired. Lost about down to first knuckle

— Kent Somers (@kentsomers) September 23, 2013.”


The Cardinals lost to the Saints 31-7 on Sunday. 

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