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NFL Star Alvin Kamara Immediately Flooded with Responses After Sharing His Desire to ‘Hire a Girlfriend’ 

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara has a lot of women hollering at him right now.

That’s because the NFL star sent a tweet and said he no longer wants to be single — especially now that’s it’s freezing cold in most parts of the United States.

Alvin Kamara tweeted that he wanted a girlfriend and a bunch of women responded.


“I’m finna hire a girlfriend,” he tweeted on Thursday. “It’s too cold outside.”

And after that, the social media floodgates opened up, and the many responses came pouring in.

“I want to be his girlfriend. I want to be his photographer,” one woman wrote.

“You might as well pay me,” wrote another. “You won’t be disappointed.”

There were also some who said they didn’t need to be “hired” as his girlfriend, they’d simply volunteer. “I’ll be your girlfriend for free,” one woman tweeted.

The memes and GIFs also came swiftly.

For example, one woman showed a photo of NBA star Kemba Walker hitting a jump shot at the top of the key, obviously to imply that she was shooting her shot in the same way. Then another woman with the Twitter handle Sugar Honey Iced Tea posted a GIF of Cardi B asking “What’s poppin?”

Some women even took Kamara’s tweet like an actual job post and submitted their photos and qualifications. Plus, one of his admirers gave him an actual time limit to respond.

“If he don’t reply tonight then I know he scary,” someone wrote.

Whether Kamara actually responded to any of the women through direct message is unknown, but that may be revealed in the near future.

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