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‘Boardwalk Empire’ Episode 3: ‘Acres of Diamonds’

Boardwalk Empire Season 4, Episode 3: Acres of Diamonds

Boardwalk Empire” Season 4,Episode 3 “Acres of Diamonds” airs tonight on HBO.

In tonight’s episode, Nucky is nervous about investing in a Tampa land deal engineered by transplanted bootlegger Bill McCoy. While there, he’s introduced to speakeasy owner, Sally Wheet. Meanwhile, Valentin Narcisse has something up his sleeves when he books a sexy jazz singer, Daughter Maitland, to perform at the Onyx, and gauges Dunn Purnsley’s allegiance to Chalky. Elsewhere, Eli’s son Willie, turns to Mickey Doyle and his bootleg warehouse to increase his social status at college. Gillian agrees to pose as Roy Phillips’ wife to impress a possible partner, while Harrow tries to bury his past, though not before taking care of some unfinished business with Emma.

Tune in to HBO at 9:00 pm/8 central to see how all the drama unfolds. In the meantime, watch a sneak peek of “Boardwalk Empire Season 4, Episode 3 “Acres of Diamonds” below.

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  1. Carlene De Boss George says:

    great episode tonite

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