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‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 4 Premiere ‘New York Sour’

Boardwalk Empire” Season 4 premiere “New York Sour” debuts tonight on HBO.

In the Season 4 premiere, Nucky makes a peace offering to Joe Masseria, following his battle with Gyp Rosetti, and works the odds with Arnold Rothstein. While Chalky is busy running the Onyx Club on the Boardwalk, the impulsive Dunn Purnsley clashes with a booking agent.

Meanwhile, fresh-faced federal agent Warren Knox arrives in Atlantic City to learn the ropes from agent Sawicki. Gillian seeks to obtain custody of her grandson, Tommy, while trying to find a “good” man to keep the Artemis Club afloat.

Elsewhere, Al Capone recruits his brothers, Frank and Ralph, to help him expand his business in the Chicago suburb of Cicero. Eli’s college-aged son, Willie asks Nucky for some career advice, while Richard Harrow returns to his violent ways.

Tune in to HBO tonight at 9:00 PM/8 Central to catch the “Boardwalk Empire Season 4 premiere.

Watch a clip from the premiere below.


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