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‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’ Invites T.D. Jakes to Bring Families Together

On the next “Oprah’s Lifeclass” Season 3, Episode 18, Bishop T.D. Jakes will offer solutions to those who have ever felt unloved or unsupported by family and friends. Jakes contends, you may be a “10-gallon person” with a large capacity for love. Watch as Jakes explains what happens when someone with 10 gallons of love to give, is born into a family of people with pint-size capacities for the virtue.


Sixteen million viewers in the United States alone tuned in for “The Oprah Winfrey Show” finale. In the historic final hour, Oprah took the stage as teacher in the world’s biggest classroom, highlighting the principles that guided her life, many of which were gleaned from the 4,561 hours of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” In an all-new series, “Oprah’s Lifeclass“, Winfrey reaches back through the show’s 25-year history to teach the lessons that matter most to her; the guidelines for fulfilling your life’s potential, breaking through your barriers, understanding your purpose, letting go of anger, using joy to fuel your life; and becoming all you were meant to be. It is the ultimate life class. Oprah will share her most personal revelations and what she thinks now about those iconic show moments and guests.

Tune in Sunday at 9/8c to watch “Oprah’s Life Class” exclusively on OWN.


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