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John Legend and Model Chrissy Teigen Get Married in Italy

John Legend and his model girlfriend Chrissy Teigen finally tied the knot in an intimate Italian wedding on Saturday, where the couple proved that all those tabloid cheating rumors weren’t enough to ruin their relationship.

John Legend went the whole nine yards to make sure his gorgeous gal had a beautiful wedding ceremony.

The couple’s ceremony was held at Lake Como, Italy on Sept. 14th, where Teigen flaunted a fabulous Vera Wang wedding dress.

John Legend even serenaded her at the wedding along with Stevie Wonder—both of the soulful crooners teamed up to sing “Isn’t She Lovely.”

Legend and Teigen have been dating since 2007, so in Hollywood years they’ve been together for a good decade, which explains why neither of them had jitters about getting married.

I guess you’re supposed to get nervous before you get married but I feel good,” Legend told the crowd at NYC hotspot The Box back in August.

Teigen, on the other hand, was feeling a little shy and even having nightmares but her pre-wedding jitters had nothing to do with John.

“My jitters come from the dumbest things, like, ‘Oh my God, there are a few steps I have to go down.’ I’m having these little nightmares [that] I’m going to fall,” Teigen told Us Magazine at the REAL-volutionary Awards Fashion Week Kickoff Party. “But no! We’ve been together for like a long time now so there’s no, ‘Is this the right decision?’ No. There’s none of that.”

That’s definitely a good thing to hear considering the fact that the couple had to deal with quite a few cheating rumors before finally tying the knot.

It wasn’t long ago that John Legend was accused of cheating on his beautiful boo with some random woman from one of his music videos – we haven’t heard that one before.

Of course, even then Teigen had no doubt in her mind that Legend was loyal and the media was just feeding into a silly rumor.

“Just read John cheated on me in the uber-credible Post,” she tweeted sarcastically back in May when the cheating allegations broke out. “I’m just heartbroken as it’s definitely not typical post bulls**t.”

Even if she did have any doubts in her mind, which she clearly states she did not, John could have serenaded all the doubt away, as he also sang a tune that was written specifically for Teigen.

The song was called “All of Me” and is only one of the songs that was written about or inspired by John’s new wife.

“I will be singing for her, ‘All of Me,’ which I wrote for her,” John said about the wedding. “I wrote most of the album about her.”

All of Me,” from the album, “Love In The Future,” was such a beautiful song that it brought Teigen to tears.

“I did cry when I heard it,” she said about John serenading her with the song he wrote about her.

John also gushed about the bride as he described what he loves about her.

“She’s beautiful, smart, funny,” he said at the Galore Magazine party on Sept. 5. “She loves to cook. She loves to eat. She’s awesome.”

A huge congratulations to the happy couple!

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