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‘Bridezillas’ Season 10 ‘Roxy & Mai Lee’

Roxy throws a fit on Bridezillas Season 10, Episode 18: Roxy and Mai

Bridezillas” Season 10, “Roxy & Mai Lee” airs tonight on WE, where two brides struggle to control their emotions as their day of matrimony approaches.

In this week’s episode, former “Survivor” contestant, Roxy Morris, demands perfection—and a yacht—before she says I do. When her wedding fantasy, yacht and all, faces rough seas, this rigid Bridezilla unleashes a storm of her own.

For Mai Lee, it was “hate at first sight.” When she first met her fiance, she couldn’t stand him, and it seems as if little has changed. This bride-to-be is all too eager to fight with her bridal party over, what she considers to be, the ideal wedding favors. Mai Lee can barely contain her rage when dealing with her less-than-obliging bridal party.

The drama unfolds when “Bridezillas Season 10 “Roxy & Mai Lee” airs tonight at 9pm / 8c on WE. Until then check out a sneak peek below.


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