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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Season 20 Episode 8: ‘The Guy Who Cries’

“America’s Next Top Model” Season 20 Episode 8 “The Guy Who Cries” airs tonight on The CW, when one of the models folds under pressure.

In tonight’s episode, after a challenge has the models exploring the streets of Los Angeles in their underwear, one of the guys can’t take the pressure and breaks down. Elsewhere, at a photo shoot, the models are splashed with paint; a few of them are out of their element and fret about it showing up in their photos.

Someone will be heading home at the end of the episode. Tune in to The CW at 9 PM/8 C to catch “America’s Next Top Model”¬†Season 20 ¬†“The Guy Who Cries,” and find out who stays and who is sent packing.

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