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Jason Terry Clowns the Knicks: Maybe They Could Win Rucker Park Championship

Just when you thought the verbal jabs between the Knicks and the Nets stopped, New Jersey Nets’ Jason Terry returned from vacation to instigate more trouble between the ball clubs.

During an interview with Dime magazine, Terry, a new Nets acquisition addressed New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith’s comment about guaranteeing a Knicks championship.

Terry agreed the Knicks could win a championship, just not the one you’re thinking about. Here is an excerpt from the Dime interview:

JT: They would win what? What did he guarantee? They would win what? I didn’t hear that.

DimeThe championship.

JT: They would win the championship?

DimeYeah, he said 100 percent guarantee.

JT: The NBA championship?


JT: Right. Maybe the Rucker Park Championship. I don’t know, not the NBA championship. I don’t see how they could guarantee that, at all. I’m not buying it, so… I mean, it’s a bitter rivalry, you know it’s going to be intense, and however they feel over there in that locker room they are guaranteed and entitled to feel that way but we don’t want to see that happen on our watch.

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